Nemesis: Major Haley. 4 – Operation Blight and Bunker

nemesis 2

Buenos Nachos Wargamers!

This week we get airborne, with both Legion and Cygnar. Legion have some fun options in this matchup, and I’m going to go with the zanier caster. Meanwhile Cygnar are the mirror match, which is always an awkward proposition. As always, be aware of the assumptions I’ll be making about Haley’s plan.
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Learning Legion – Battle Report 2


We’re back on track after last week’s somewhat unplanned rant about Rhyas. This week will feature a battle report with Saeryn, my first game with her in fact and…. PICTURES! Yesssss, technology!
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How to Train your Warjack: RPGs as a Storytelling Medium

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For many weeks now, I’ve been talking about the ways in which your mind can get in the way of optimal play. I’ve documented cognitive biases, talked about mindfulness, about the way in which expertise develops and the pitfalls involved. And in many ways, the writing of this series has paralleled my own attempts to improve my “mind game” after a disappointing performance at the Irish masters earlier this year, particularly with regard to The Fear

Which leaves me with a problem – I think I’ve covered all of the basic psychological principles involved in learning to improve your game – Any issue I can think of right now would basically involve rehashing Deliberate Practice, Operant Conditioning, and Cognitive Bias with slightly different words. 

So, I’m going to be heading back into RPG territory for a while. This time, however, I probably won’t be talking quite as much psychology. Instead, I’m going to indulge my other passion – storytelling. 

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It’s in the Blood #6 Trollbloods as Cryx

This week I’m going to talk in general about a way of playing Trollbloods that I’ve been really enjoying lately. The lists and play style aren’t particularly revelatory or mind blowing in their originality but for me they presented a change in how I viewed my list building which has helped me build better lists and list pairs. After some general comments on what I’m babbling about I’ll talk about a specific Madrak2 list that I think is a perfect example of the idea I’m talking about.
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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 2 – The Dominar’s Diet

Welcome back dear sadomasochistic samurai ninja vampire lovers!

As promised last week, in my introductory article, I will present my lists over the coming weeks and their favourite matchups.

Let’s start big and I mean notoriously BIG! I’ll try to not succumb to the temptation to think up a new obesity-related name for everyone’s favourite famine resistant Dominar each time I am going to mention him. Actually, I like him so much that I will dignify him with his own name! So, let’s take a look under the folds of flesh and see if we can find gems of wisdom instead of rotting bits of food.
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Nemesis: Major Haley. 3 – Operation Shock and Awe

nemesis 2

Greetings from the front friends!

It’s been a busy week on Overload Online with lots of new articles. I personally got some free Warmachine therapy for my Faction ADD! In case you are not also beleaguered with limited attention, don’t forget to be familiar with what Haley is up to!
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