Stem’s Weekly Reports. 4 – So…Who Actually Wins?

No spoilers or anything!

Hello again my wonderful readers! (All 3 of you) This week i’m bringing you probably my most exciting battle report yet, featuring just about the closest game i’ve ever played in my entire warmachine career! (Can you really call it a career?)

This week i’m throwing down a bit of my infamous Kreoss 3, pretty much my favourite caster in the entire game!

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Hacking the Cortex: Iron sharpens Iron.

Cortex Banner

I’d like to claim that my protracted absence from writing here was an elaborate bit of performance art leading up to my article about slowing down Tempo.

But I was mostly just disorganized and lazy and distracted. Sorry about that.

Rather than try and pick on a thread of thinking that’s weeks old, I’m going to talk a bit about the new Iron Gauntlet format, and approaching the Gauntlet Rounds with Cryx. The new format is certainly fascinating from a theorymachine perspective, and it’s been occupying a lot of my Warmachine related thoughts.

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The Scrutator Semper Chronicles 12

Chapter Two: The Brown Land
Part Two: At The Violet Hour

It was time for the first game of the Brown Land campaign, and Stu and I had chosen a 50 point list from our monstrous 160 point reserve to fight over the contested territory of the Darkfen. The idea for this game is that Grand Scrutator Severius’ first foray into the swamp accompanied by a force composed mostly of mercenary elements is intercepted by a warband from the United Kriels, who have arrived to defend the natives. We used the Halfaug region of the Arctic Anomaly, which has a dangerous pitfall. As a Purist player, Stu could use the edges of the structure to gain cover, but could not advance into it for fear of death. As an Opportunist player, I could freely enter and move across the structure to launch surprise attacks. Any model left within the Descent would die a swampy death. We decided this was an ancient shrine to the Devourer Wurm, where fell magics were still strong.

EDIT: Photos are now up!

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What I Learned on the Forums This Week 54


Hello everyone! Back to back weeks of On The Forums this month because I’m away on vacation in Central Europe (that’s what we call it now, right?) next week so I won’t be publishing an article then. Rather than force you my most treasured fans to suffer through two weeks with no new article I’m rushing one out this week just for you. Life is a bit hectic as I’m trying to finish up work and get packed for my trip so expect more spelling/grammar errors in this article than usual as I have even less time/desire to proof read it than normal! What can I say, I’m a classy guy. I hope you enjoy this weeks edition and don’t say I never did anything for you!
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The Scrutator Semper Chronicles 11

Chapter Two: The Brown Land

Part One: Where The Dead Men Lost Their Bones

In which Scrutator Semper assembles his pawns for a grand scheme

Victus Semper, Scrutator Overseeing the Governance, Distribution, Justification, Flagellation and Sewage of Merwynn, cracked his knuckles and rose from the chair behind the desk where he spent most of his days. He strode – he always strode, he was not a man for hesitant steps – to the doors of his office and turned the key in the lock. Thus satisfied with the inviolability of his sanctum he returned to the desk and doffed the burnished mask which offered the world the haughty visage of a Sul-Menite Scrutator. The face beneath was if anything even haughtier, his thin-lipped mouth was ever downturned, his eyes could strike sparks, his nose was aquiline and pronounced.

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