Learning Legion – 35pts – List 2.



Now that’s out the way, today i’ll be presenting my second list for an upcoming event (this Saturday 28th). It’s a 35 point Steamroller, which means 1 List required with a 2nd optional list. That’s cool, because it lets me mainline some 3Lylyth straight into my veins, and have a less-powerful, more skewy Warlock backing her up for problem matchups.

I chose eVayl. I amuse myself to no end.
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Learning Legion – Quick bite!

Fellow minions of Everblight, I have returned to amaze you with further tales of exploits undertaken in his name. Or something like that.

I’ll put a disclaimer right here: I sometimes swear. It’s because I like swearing. Please don’t be angry, but if you have a real problem with it, please post a comment and I’ll do my best to cut it down just for you, you special snowflake ❤

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Learning Legion – Battle Report 1

Greetings fellow Warmahorders!

My name is Pete, and I’m going to be writing some battle reports from my point of view as a player new to the Legion of Everblight faction in order to entertain, amaze and amuse you. My motives are not entirely selfless, as I hope to be learning as I write and improving my game one step at a time, while providing you with some Battle Reporty goodness. I also play Retribution of Scyrah and I regret it every time I do. I kid. Mostly.

A word to the wise – These reports will be long! I use a lot of words, when few will do. Consider yourself warned.
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