Irish Masters 2015 News Part 6!

Hey folks it’s Siskey here again with the details of the social arrangements for the Irish Masters, which is THIS WEEK!.

Every year, the Irish Masters prides itself on being a great social venue as well as hosting a competitive and enjoyable Warmachine & Hordes event. This year will be no exception!

On the Friday and Saturday night from 7pm, we will be congregating in Kennedy’s Pub, which is just around the corner from the Mont Clare Hotel where the Masters will be taking place. We have reserved the basement of Kennedy’s which barring any catastrophe will have foosball, arcade games and darts for grudge matches to be prosecuted, as well as a great range of beverages to choose from!

Here are some directions, in case you get lost. It would be difficult, but I’m not ruling it out:

Even if you’re not attending the Masters, if you happen to find yourself in Dublin, drop in and say hello!

Peace out,

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