Irish Masters 2015 News Pt. 3!

Hey everybody! Another year another big announcement about the Irish Masters 2015, which, as a reminder, is being held on March 27th-29th in the Mont Clare Hotel in Dublin! We’ve got a few bits of news to go over so we’ll tackle them in phases.

First up, the last wave of tickets are going on sale! All of the first wave of Friday tickets have sold out as well as all of the tickets for the Saturday Hardcore. The last 16 spots for the Friday Qualifier, as well as another 16 spots for Saturday, will be available from Wednesday January 28th on the Muse on Minis store! If you’ve been waiting to get a spot in the Friday qualifier now is your chance to grab a ticket before they go!

The format for the Team Tournament has been decided! In the interest of exposing the European meta to a new kind of team event we will be running an American-style 3 player team tournament. Each team will have 3 players (duh) with no restrictions on faction or warcaster between players on the same team. Teams will number their players 1-3 before the event starts and each team member will play the player on the opposing team who has the same number. e.g player #1 on Team A will play player #1 on Team B. One time during the event a team can use their Team Feat to swap two players from their team, changing their match ups. e.g player #1 can be swapped with player #3 changing both of their opponents. There will be 16 spots for teams, so 48 players altogether, and the event will run for four rounds. Registration will be handled at the Irish Masters.

The Irish Masters is also looking for volunteers to help out over the weekend! Running all of these events for people isn’t easy and we could use judges to help us run the two qualifiers, the Hardcore and the Masters finals! If you help out all weekend we will of course waive your entry fee, beyond that we cannot really offer much more than our eternal gratitude and possibly some tasty tasty whiskey! We’re also looking for non-judging help throughout the weekend so if you want to help us out but are worried about your judging credentials we’ll have work for you too! If you’re interested in helping out in any way please contact me at

The last bit of news is that with the launch of SR2015 our Masters Finals will of course be using the new Masters format. However the two Qualifying events will remain standard 50 point, 2-list Steamroller events.

That’s all for now. As usual if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me either on here or at


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