Irish Masters News Pt. 5!

The Irish Masters is less than three weeks away! That’s pretty exciting! We have a few more announcements relating to the nitty gritty details for the event, including a finalised timetable, a new casual ticket, and a slight change in format.

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Irish Masters 2015 News Pt. 4a!

Siskey here again with more news!

Since the latest league season has been released (here it is!) I know that I’m not the only one wondering when I’ll ever have time to get some games in. There’s all this XP to earn but with an action-packed competitive play schedule when will there ever be time to earn it?

Fear not! The new league begins on the 2nd of March, so we’re slap bang in the middle of the season at the Irish Masters. I want to welcome all attendees to the Irish Masters Paths of Devastation League. As self-appointed League Commissioner, I will be recording your XP gains throughout the weekend.

All games played over the weekend will be counted for the purposes of the league. So whether you’re facing Don Hornacek or HRM Jocke Rapp I in the finals of the Masters, or playing a pick-up game against me, they’ll count towards your total. Just for funsies, I’m going to include ALL Privateer Press games in the league. So if anyone has a copy of Infernal Contraption or Level 7 they’d like to crack out, that counts too!

The upshot of all the XP gains is that you’ll have them to build a Hero. I will be running Scramble tournaments with the Riven Bonds league rules as an option, so as I’ve said before if you and 7 buddies want to play those rules fire away. I will also be taking sign-ups for interested parties.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tearing it up at the Masters!
Peace out,

Irish Masters 2015 News Pt. 4!

Hey everyone, Siskey here today to tell you about our Scramble tournaments that will be taking place at the Irish Masters! As you know the Masters is a three-day event this year, and tickets have been snapped up fast for many of the events. Have you got a free Friday, a slovenly Saturday or a still-to-be-decided Sunday ahead of you? Fear not, our Scramble tournaments are here to help!

I will be on hand all weekend long to organise 8-player tournaments on an ad hoc basis. Simply grab 7 of your best buddies and I’ll have you at each others’ throats in no time. Don’t have 7 buddies? I’ll be keeping sign-up sheets and will announce in my tannoy-like voice when your Scramble is ready to go.

As well as Steamroller 2015, we will have some very special formats for you all to choose from! If you never got a chance to try some of the wacky league rules, we’ve got everything from Shattered Grounds to Scars of Caen! If you want to see what things were like back in the good old days, we’ve got Jackhammer! Feel like trying out Spell Draft, or the Warjack/beast Bonding Rules? Why not play them in a Scramble and get it out of your system?!

Every Scramble comes with an iron-clad promise* of good times and friendships that will last a lifetime. Look for me and my beautiful assistant at the Scramble Desk!

Peace out,

*Disclaimer: Not actually a promise.

IF – An Amateur’s Attempt At Being A Good Sport

I’ve heard of a golden place, like a living Elysium, where all the Warmachine and Hordes players are relaxed and have a great time. Where rules calls are resolved with shrugs, smiles and amicable rolls of dice, rather than shrill summons of judges and bitter mumbling. It’s called the top tables, and I have glimpsed it in dreams and sometimes in the second round when I flounder and soon return to my natural home in the other half of the hall.

That other half, whether you refer to it as the drinkers’ bracket or the losers’ tables or whathaveyou, is a more grimdark place. You can generally cut the tension in the air with a knife. Every ability your opponent unveils on their bullshit 3 point model is more broken than the last. Sometimes they are actively adding new rules to the backs of their cards as you play. You can’t seem to select the right list, everything your opponent does nullifies your army. Your dice are against you, your opponent seems to know everyone on the surrounding tables and they agree with their rules calls (for our European friends, the bonus is that they are speaking a language you don’t understand!) rather than yours. With every loss you wonder why you play this game, and even the wins are bittersweet. You’re already losing, what does it matter?

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