Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report 1

Hello hello hello!

As promised in my last piece, today will be the start of a write up of NWG, a recent 35-point Tournament held in a sleepy little town called Wicklow, about 20 minutes outside of a sleepy, slightly-bigger town, called Dublin.

The day of the drive started auspiciously. I returned home to be informed by my Flatmate that there was a package for me. Opening it, I discovered my “WWJVMD” bracelet from the Chain Attack kick starter had arrived. I immediately felt the hand of the Messiah upon me.
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What I Learned on the Forums This Week 25


This gag was only really meant to last for a couple of weeks. I agreed to do it while slightly tipsy in the pub one evening after reading something especially stupid in some forum or other. Now I’ve done 25 of these things. How the hell did that happen?
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Learning Legion – 35pts – List 2.



Now that’s out the way, today i’ll be presenting my second list for an upcoming event (this Saturday 28th). It’s a 35 point Steamroller, which means 1 List required with a 2nd optional list. That’s cool, because it lets me mainline some 3Lylyth straight into my veins, and have a less-powerful, more skewy Warlock backing her up for problem matchups.

I chose eVayl. I amuse myself to no end.
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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 7 The ETC – Grand Finale

Top of the monring to y’alls. You didn’t really believe I’d write an article sooner than on thursday evening now, did you? Anyways, let’s wrap things up.

After loosing in the third round but to a very strong team our chances for decent placement were still good, so we were determined to play to the best of our abilities. We faced one of the teams from Leicester and I got to play their best player again, who happened to be running Cygnar. Our Legion and Circle both faced Cryx, with Circle playing on the hot table. Jaromir played against Protectorate.
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