Overload Online is a Warmachine and Hordes blog dedicated to all aspects of the hobby, from painting and modelling, to in depth rules discussion, even the odd Immoren themed cookery article! It’s contributors are a motley crew of Irish wargamers with too much time on their hands and a bad habit of following through on pub ideas.

Anthony/I_Avian – Anthony began his Warmachine journey on the raggedy edge between Mark 1 and Mark 2, playing just enough Mk1 to be certain that Mk2 was a good thing, and just enough field test models to lament what might have been if Mulg had remained at 11pts and Stalkers could still Leap. Some of his early trials and tribulations were documented on Lost Hemisphere, which was also home to a short “Storytime with I_Avian” series which will continue here on Overload Online. Anthony will be channeling his constant urge to talk about Psychology into a series of articles about “the mind game” aspect of Warmachine and Hordes. A short time ago, he was a Cryx/Trolls player, but he is now a Hunters Grim player.

Anthony played Cryx for Team Ireland at the WTC 2013.

Bob/ButchersDozen – Bob is the embodiment of friendliness. Its just a pity he’s a jerk! He began to play in Autumn 2011 alongside Eoin and Ethan and has been a proponent of the big red death-machine since. He plays Khador. I can begrudgingly admit he does it very well, winning Best in Khador in the Irish Masters 2013. He cooks even better than he plays though! Most importantly of all, Bob has to learn not to let other people write his blurbs.

Brian/Smorkula – Brian is a inscrutable. Brian is the Jaws of motivation. Known for his catchphrases, such as ‘Hyah, Robots, Hyah’ and ‘Randallllll, get up Randall’ Brian makes more terrain than anyone could ever use. He also plays Khador and makes a solid soup. Brian is to bald heads as Tom Selleck is to chest hair. You don’t immediately make the connection. But it makes sense. I guess… Brian, like Bob, should learn to write his own biographies! Despite popular belief Brian doesn’t actually play Warmachine more than once a year.

Eoin/VagrantPoet – Dickhead, Debater, and Dilletante! Eoin dabbled in Trolls many years ago in Mark 1 after the release of Hordes. He returned to the game in Autumn of 2011 to the unified regret of all that is good and holy. Cygnar was his first real faction, followed by Circle before buying and selling Legion after a brief but torrid affair. He returned to the Stormwalls embrace, then jumped ship for Morvahna, while swerving past Skorne. He has won a few local tournaments and loves to think about list building more than is healthy. Eoin is currently embarking on a journey into playing Menoth. He is an avid top class warnoun chaser and Faction hopper.

Eoin played Circle for Team Ireland at the WTC 2013. He is the captain of the 2014 WTC Irish team.

Sean/TrueCold – …sigh, Seán draws pictures. The graphics guy.
In the hobby since 1997, early attempts at painting and modeling were, eh, not great. Now, he laughs in the face of converting challenges! You need a Nomad to Stormclad? Done! Cataphract armour on a Wooly Titan? Done! Little scarf and pants on Reinholdt? ABSO-F@$£*&%-LOUTELY! You can find Seán building custom Warjacks for his Cyngar or woolying up some Titans for his Skorne. Follow his desperate need to convert and tweak every one of his models in “Converting The Masses”.

Siskey – Siskey became a Protectorate of Menoth player based on how many models were in the battlebox, and has continued his Warmachine career using the same discrimination and good sense. He has finally decided to bite the bullet and has taken the plunge into mixing metaphors and collecting a Hordes army, specifically Trollbloods. He may use slang such as “man”, “deadly buzz” and “hep to the max”. Do not be alarmed, this is just his way.

Stu/Valkine – Stu first encountered Warmachine in a brief stint playing Magnus1 around the launch of Escalation. Years later he returned to the game at the tail end of Mark I with a Troll starter and proceeded to lose non-stop against Legion and Cryx. He still bears the scars from those days but loves his Trolls with Stockholm Syndrome-esque devotion. His love for forums is tempered somewhat by his hatred of stupidity but he’ll still love it if you send him links to especially pointless topics. Everyone needs a hobby for their hobby. He promises that eventually he’ll write something of real substance but for now you can enjoy his weekly rants about stupidity on the internet. Moved from the pub to the internet for your benefit!

Stuart played Trollbloods for Team Ireland at the WTC 2013.


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