Storytime with I_Avian: The Misadventures of Mopey Hugh,

Part 1: The Misadventure Begins

Mopey Hugh sat down heavily. He rarely sat down any other way, truth be told.He was not a graceful man.

Mopey Hugh sighed. Heavily.

“I’m in a real bad way, Kevin. A really real bad way.”

Kev swung his boots up onto Hugh’s table, letting the salt water puddle at his heels.

“Well well well, m’boy, what is it this time? Love lost?”

Kev smirked, knowing it wasn’t.

Hugh was not a handsome man.

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Storytime with I_Avian: The Saga of Muggs and Krump

“He gave the snare gun to me! That means I’m the favourite!”

Muggs squared his shoulders and walked with as much swagger as his Pygmy frame could hold. Krump stuck out his tongue and shouldered Muggs into a tree. The two Pygs scrambled at each other for a flurry of seconds, each pushing and trying to force the other into a headlock to deliver The Dreaded Noogie.

Krump was certain he was about to win when Grim’s angry whistle cut through the muttered curses and name calling. The two Pygs immediately stood to attention, whistling innocently. Krump nonchalantly placed Muggs’ bowler hat back on his friend’s head. It was only a bit dented.
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