Krieling the Scharde

A long-time Warmachine player takes his first true foray into Hordes, with a twist! This will be a monthly series about challenging yourself in all aspects of the hobby.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a Warmachine and Hordes player in possession of a Warmachine army, must be in want of a Hordes army. It is a truth that I was a long time coming to myself. As a player who started playing right at the end of Mk1 I was bitten hard by a bias against Hordes. It seemed like easy mode, and as bad a player as I am I could still content myself that I was playing the “real” game without all the cheating that necessarily attends playing Hordes (also known as the rules of Hordes). My sole flirtation with Hordes was in buying an old metal Skorne battlegroup, as I briefly had an idea of becoming a Pressganger and one of the requirements is having a painted battlebox of each system. But then I heard how Skorne worked, that the best way to get results out of a beast-heavy force was to play them with a unit of Paingiver Beasthandlers. This was all sounding eerily familiar to me as a Protectorate player, so I pretty quickly lost interest in Skorne after a few games and they mouldered away in the bottom of my case. In the end Morghoul got tired of my rejection and abandoned me, so the Gladiator and two Cyclopses were left without even a warlock to run them.

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Converting the Masses: Sticking to a Theme: Part 1

Converting Banner

Right, sooo I have a little problem when it comes to modeling minis. I see a fantastic mini and think to myself, “He needs a better pose, more dynamic, more guns, more bling and just… more!” I can’t just open a box and put together minis from stock anymore. It’s a problem I’ve developed over my many years in the hobby. What I love the most, however, about putting together war gaming minis, is having a good idea behind it. The best way to differentiate your army from anyone else’s is a really solid theme. It makes your army look unique and well.. awesome!. Now this can be purely colour choice or it could involve a little conversion work.

Over the course of the next few articles, I will be showing you how to choose a theme and stick to it. I’ll cover the simple stuff like colour choice and basing themes, as well as the little extra details that will just push your theme from “Yeaaaaaaah that’s pretty good…” to “Mind. Blown!!!”
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Simple Scenery: An Introduction to Water Effects

Scenery Banner

Scenery is a vital aesthetic to war games, you can certainly play a game of Warmachine with books, CD spindles and other household objects as terrain and it is indeed adequately functional. The fact though, is that most war gamers will spend a large amount of time building and painting their miniatures for the look that they want. I personally believe this is because we not only want to win, but to look good doing it, and nothing complements a beautifully painted army like a beautiful battlefield to fight on.
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