Irish Masters 2014 – Lists, Pre-games and Game 1.

This weekend was the Irish Masters, the biggest Warmachine event of the year on this little rainy island. 7 of us from Cork made the trip to Dublin (which takes longer to get to than Smogcon!), 2 Legion, 1 Cygnar, 1 Troll, 1 Circle, 1 Menoth and 1 Ret.

After coming back from Smogcon and opening up my case to find my mostly assembled Khador now almost completely unassembled, and with the upcoming WTC forcing me to focus on a faction, I brought my favourite with me, Legion. I was playing pVayl, eVayl and pLylyth (Yeah, yeah, I know).

I very cannily brought my camera with me, then forgot it in the hotel on Saturday. No pictures for me 😦
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Learning Legion – Smogcon List Testing!


It has been another few weeks and I’ve been slacking. Rest assured the rest of the Moocon reports are in the works, I’m just trying to remember what actually happened in each of my games.

For now, I thought I’d try and gather some thoughts on 3-lists I’m going to be practicing over the next few months, with an eye to using them as my 3-list picks for Masters events going forward.
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Learning Legion – Moocon 2013 Tournament Report – Game 1.

I’m back again! Real life and vacation swallowed my gaming time but I marked my return by taking part in a local 50pt, 1 day Steamroller.

“But Pete!” I hear you cry, “What could possibly be more real than seeing your enemies driven before you and hearing the lamentation of their women?!?”

Booze. Blizzcon. More Booze.

I found myself somewhat short for this tournament as my normal tournament crutch, eVayl, was in the paint shop getting made all pretty like, so I went all hipster with my lists.
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Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report 1

Hello hello hello!

As promised in my last piece, today will be the start of a write up of NWG, a recent 35-point Tournament held in a sleepy little town called Wicklow, about 20 minutes outside of a sleepy, slightly-bigger town, called Dublin.

The day of the drive started auspiciously. I returned home to be informed by my Flatmate that there was a package for me. Opening it, I discovered my “WWJVMD” bracelet from the Chain Attack kick starter had arrived. I immediately felt the hand of the Messiah upon me.
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Learning Legion – I return!

I’m back! The fog has lifted, the earth has shifted and raised the gifted. If anyone can tell me what that’s from without googling it, you may have 1 internet Pete Point*.

So! I’ve been away. Night-shift, illness, a shift-change and general laziness have led to a break from spewing my thoughts on Legion here. Fear not though, hopefully I’ll be back to semi-regular posting!

Today, I’ll be discussing one of my 35pt lists for an upcoming tournament in a town (city?) called “Wicklow” which is apparently a place in Ireland that has a Hotel and some people? I don’t know… Ireland.. tis a strange place.
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Learning Legion – Quick bite!

Fellow minions of Everblight, I have returned to amaze you with further tales of exploits undertaken in his name. Or something like that.

I’ll put a disclaimer right here: I sometimes swear. It’s because I like swearing. Please don’t be angry, but if you have a real problem with it, please post a comment and I’ll do my best to cut it down just for you, you special snowflake ❤

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