Learning Legion – Battle Report 2


We’re back on track after last week’s somewhat unplanned rant about Rhyas. This week will feature a battle report with Saeryn, my first game with her in fact and…. PICTURES! Yesssss, technology!

Let’s get started.

Legion List:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight (*5pts)
* Harrier (2pts)
* Raek (4pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Angelius (9pts)
* Angelius (9pts)
* Ravagore (10pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt) (1pts)
1 Spell Martyr (1pts)
Strider Deathstalker (2pts)
Strider Deathstalker (2pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)

A fairly standard Saeryn list, made up from the models I have available at the moment. A massive battlegroup for Saeryn to play with gives her multiple threat vectors on the old Blight Bringer, a Spell Martyr for dropping that crucial Breath Stealer and the minimum number of targets for my opponent to go after on Feat Turn.

My opponent, also named “Pat” (This is the Pat after whom Pat the Shredder is named) plays Trollbloods and has been hardcore practicing with eMadrak recently. His Trolls are wonderfully commission painted (Indeed, you’ll see his Mountain King in the most recent No Quarter).

Trollbloods List:

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender (*5pts)
* Swamp Troll (4pts)
* Dire Troll Bomber (10pts)
* Trollkin Runebearer (2pts)
Kriel Warriors (Leader and 5 Grunts) (4pts)
* 1 Kriel Warrior Caber Thrower (1pts)
* Kriel Warrior Standard Bearer & Piper (2pts)
Krielstone Bearer and 3 Stone Scribes (3pts)
* Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder (1pts)
Trollkin Champions (Leader and 2 Grunts) (6pts)
* Skaldi Bonehammer (3pts)
Trollkin Fennblades (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer (2pts)
Fell Caller Hero (3pts)
Fell Caller Hero (3pts)
Trollkin Champion Hero (3pts)

Hot diggity-dang that is a metric buggerload of Trolls. I’m well aware of Saeryn’s ability to deal with infantry but man.. that’s a lot of tough, a lot of trolls and under Madrak’s feat a lot of free attacks. There’s so many buffs being stacked that the Minimum Unit size isn’t making the units lose out a lot, because it means he can fit in a lot of buff heroes, making them punch above their weight and threaten multiple model types.

Game 1!
Scenario: Chemical Reaction
Legion goes second and picks table side. Trolls go first!


BAM! Wow the centre of that board is empty. Note: More terrain!

This is Top of 1, my opponent is going first, which is why the Champions have moved slightly forward. So I’m going to go into my deployment thoughts for a bit! Bear in mind, this is my first EVAR game with Saeryn.

So I identified the initial threats I would have to deal with when facing this list, and attempted to deploy counters to them as best I could. The Fennblade’s speed was going to cause me jamming issues in that zone, and if those Champions got a charge off, I’d be in trouble. The Raek went on that side as a Blight Bringer target for those Fenns, as did the Spell Martyr so I can get that Breath Stealer on the Champions when I needed it. I put an Angelius on that side because it’s opposite both the Objective and the Bomber, that would be his targets. There’s a Forsaken for management over there.

Scythean goes in the middle so he can threaten everything, and the Ravagore goes next to him for the same reason. Also, he’ll be Saeryn’s back up, in case some Run – Feat madness happens. The Goobers are Saeryn’s best friend, making her effectively DEF 21 vs Shooting (16+2 from Force Barrier + 2 from Concealment + 1 from Tenacity). It is important to note here that Saeryn can see every Warbeast in the Battlegroup at this moment. That allows her to put Upkeeps and Tenacity on everything.

The Deathstalkers took the right flank, because the Kriel Warriors are easy for them to eliminate – Note: I forgot about Steady!

I put an Angel + Forsaken there as well, because repulsing trolls out of a zone seems fun.

Trolls – Turn 1.

LOTS OF RUNNING. Best way to describe this is that the ground thunders, the table rumbles and my beasts look very unsettled by the amount of blue flesh coming their way. Everything moves forward. Fennblades spread out ready for some Mini-featage next turn and to avoid some shooting. The Kriel warriors run into the other zone and spread. Bomber, Swamp, the Stone, Madrak and his Runebearer advance centrally.

Legion – Turn 1.

Well, I advanced very cautiously here. I moved Saeryn to the Objective, put tenacity on almost every beast I own. Respawn when up on the right Angelius, Banishing Ward on the left (I dropped this when I, in a moment of genius, realised I was playing Madrak). The Scythean moved to about 4 inches off the left zone. The Raek backed off into the forest nearby so he wasn’t in the Fennblade’s charge range. Ravagore went next to Saeryn and boosted a shot at the Bomber, missed, and it scattered in front of the Krielstone, stopping it from advancing straight forward that turn.

The Deathstalkers killed 2 Kriel Warriors between them. The angels fired but were out of range. I was being extremely cautious this turn as I was wary of allowing too much into my lines for the feat to hit. The Goobers moved up and put down their cloud on Saeryn, catching themselves, the Shredder, Ravagore and the Angelius.

Trolls – Turn 2.

It’s threat range time! The Fennblades minifeat and charge/run and I’ve made a terrible mistake. I’ve left Saeryn on 0 Fury, assuming she was safe from the piddly shooting threat of my opponent, and left her in charge range of a single Fennblade by 1/2″. My opponent throws bloodfury on them, gives them +2 MAT from the Fell Caller and charges them in. A single Fennblade makes it onto Saeryn, and one makes it on to the Ravagore. The rest spread out to try and avoid retaliation.

At this point, I’m really sweating it. My opponent needs an 8 to have a Dice -2+4d6 attack on Saeryn. There is a very good chance that I have thrown the game before it begins and I shall have to fall on my Deathspur in shame. He rolls a 5 and I’m let off.

The rest of his turn involves jamming zones. The Fennblades have taken my Zone by storm, his Champions are behind them in the zone and there’s a Fell Caller Hero hanging around behind the Champions. In the right zone he’s got the Warriors, Champion Hero and Fell Caller.

The big dice roll. Bottom of Troll Turn 2

Legion – Turn 2.

Woooo, I survived! I didn’t throw the game away like a numpty. Still, Saeryn is engaged by some Fennblades, I’ve got Trolls all up in mah bidniz and I’m staring a Madrak feat turn in the face. This is a long turn ahead of me.

Or I would be, if I wasn’t playing Saeryn! Boooya! I start with the Raek. He advances into the first rank of Fennblades, jumps into the back rank, kills the Officer and the Drummer. The Scythean advances, kills a Fennblade (Tough roll failed), animooses himself and goes to work. 3 attacks later and there’s 3 less Fennblades. The Spell Martyr moves close to the Champions for the Breath Stealer. The Left Angel charges over everything, kills a Champion with his armour piercing attack, then buys more. Miss, Bounce, 2 damage Oh well, should’ve repulsed. I would’ve scored.

Captain Hindsight: Don’t get carried away when you’re on a killing rampage. Always keep an eye on the prize. Unless a killing rampage is the prize. In which case, kill away, kill loud and kill hard you beautiful killing bastard.

The Ravagore wants to free up Saeryn, but it also kind of wants to shoot something. I decide to concentrate on wiping out the Fennblades, so he moves up and kills the last 2 of the front wave. The Forsaken on that side takes the fury off the Scythean. The Harrier animooses and charges a Fennblade, gets him and no tough again! There’s only 4 Fennblades left now, but I’ve got nothing that can get to them. Ah well, that’s ok for a turn!

It’s been very exciting on the left side, now it’s time for the right zone. The Deathstalkers aim and take down another warrior a piece. This clears the way for my Angel to go in, without activating Saeryn first, so I can Blight Bringer on him, seeing as the Raek did so well on his side. Go in the Angel does, overtaking his way through the Kriel Warriors like they were made of blue Lurpak. Unfortunately, he finishes just outside of reach range of the Fell Caller Hero, so he can’t buy his last attack on him. The Forsaken moves up and eats her Fury-os. The healthy and nutritious breakfast cereals that Forsaken can’t get enough of.

The Shredder spams MOAR TENACITY. and moves up.

It’s been a pretty brutal turn so far. I’ve wiped out the majority of a Fennblade unit, the Champions are down a member, most of the Kriel warriors are dead, and I’m about to feat.

I activate Saeryn, Feat, she walks away from things, gets so everything is in her Control Area (I think the Raek was just out, but the Angel was covering him). She’s managed to walk right outside the Spell Martyr’s control, which makes me sad, but she’s cool. She kills a Warrior with Deathspur, drops a Blight Bringer on the right hand Angel, and dumps all her fury but one. I called this fury the “Madrak hits and doesn’t crit” fury. The Goobers cloud her up and I pass turn.

Trolls – Turn 3.

Well, here’s Madrak’s problem. He has like 6 ranged attacks in his whole list and Saeryn is stting at DEF 21. He shuffles around a bit, tries a Lickitung (swamp troll) attack on Saeryn and does not roll the 16 he needs to drag her to her death. Madrak throws his axe and misses.

The rest of his models kinda move around a bit a try to engage my beasts. The remaining 3 Fennblades engage Saeryn and my Raek. The rest of his models reposition and prepare to try and weather another turn of attrition. A bomb from the Bomber scatters on to the Goobers and kills one, and his buddy runs away.

I pop my feat. No regrets.

Legion – Turn 3.

The game is looking pretty sewn up now, so it’s time to stay the course and continue wittling down the Troll Army, while trying to score some points.

My Raek frenzies and kills the Fennblade engaging him. That’s all good. The Shredder frenzies too, and he goes after another Fennblade and eats him. The Harrier frenzies, and kills another. Great success!

Between the frenzies and the Forsaken, I’m ok on Fury! Great success. The Deathstalkers aim and kill off the last Fennblade engaging Saeryn and the Ravagore is now free. I decide at this point to hold the Left zone with the Raek and Scythean, and commit everything to the right zone. The Left Angel changes the Bomber and Whiffs like a champion, not even crippling an aspect. The Scythean moves up, boosts a shot on Madrak and misses, scattering to nowhere. The Forsaken on the right charges the Trollkin Champion and with 5 fury manages to Tough him twice. Drat!

The Right hand Angel repulses, but my opponent has blocked the angel. I’m only able to shift the Swamp Troll and Fell Caller Hero about half an inch each. I have failed to clear the zone. This is mainly due to inexperience with the list. I could’ve removed that Fell Caller easily, but I didn’t check the Angel’s angle. Rookie error. As it was, I’ve now exposed my beasts to counter attack, and I didn’t score for my trouble. Ugh. Maybe it’s not so sewn up after all.

Saeryn slaps a Breath Stealer on Madrak (Again, inexperience – I should’ve done this before I shot with the Ravagore.) She retreats enough so that every beast is in her Control and she’s safe from harm.

Losing the initiative.

Trolls – Turn 4.

Well, my beasts are vulnerable, and that’s all my opponent needs. His Swamp Troll drags in the Shredder and beats it to death. Madrak kills an Angel, the Bomber beats the other Angel to death. The Champions kill the Raek and his solos kill a load of my solos. It’s a quick turn but it’s got him right back in it. He is on one Fury though, and I may be in with a shot.

Legion – Turn 4.

Well, that turned around fast. I really messed up in a couple of ways, that I’ll go into in the after action report. I’m a little bit tilted as I got ahead of myself and made some silly mistakes. As it turned out, I was about to make some more.

Saeryn advances and boosts a Breath Stealer at Madrak, missing. Shit. Then she Deathspurs and misses. Yowsers. The Ravagore should have moved in front of Madrak to at least make him waste fury chewing through it, but instead it aims and fires (Immunity to continuous has been on all game) and burns Madrak’s fury. I try a couple of pot shots with the Deathstalkers but they’re pointless.

Trolls – Turn 5.

It’s a quick turn. The Runebearer puts a free Blood Fury on Madrak, Madrak charges Saeryn, crits and one shots her.

I done goofed.

After-Action Report.

A great game – a game that realistically I should probably have won. We played a random Scenario next (Incursion) and I won handily. It was a good learning experience. I felt like the meanest bastard in the world popping that feat and watching my opponent forlornly shuffle his beautiful little Troll buddies around. All he wanted to do was smash things!

I like how the list handled, though I’ll probably try the Ravage to Scythean swap that JVM favours just to see how it rolls. The Ravagore didn’t do a whole lot here or in the other game and he’s not great as a late game piece (ok, he’s still POW 16×2 initials but a Scythean is POW 17!). This was the first game I’d played with Angelius’ as well and man they are awesome. Coming from Ret I’ve not had the joy of experiencing high-POW armour piercing, and let me tell you, it is fuuuuuuuuuuun.

Mistakes made: I left Saeryn in charge range of a Fennblade with 0 Fury on her when the opponent’s caster has Blood Fury. That’s probably a bad thing.

I abandoned the left zone where realistically there was no need to do so. I got greedy for CPs even though I had 0 at the time, and I lost it because of that. I was way ahead on attrition for the whole game, and a few mistakes in a row lead that to me ending up having to make a bad play.

I switched between attrition and assassination when I was already winning the game. This is bad. Make a game plan, stick to that game plan, only change it drastically if a 90%+ opportunity arises or you’re already behind. There was no reason for me to switch tacks mid-game. I could have dominated the left zone, killed my opponents objective, and forced him to commit to me, instead of forcing myself into a losing situation.

Remember – Saeryn doesn’t like Rathrok to the face.

That’s all for today folks! Thanks for reading and as always, any questions, comments or corrections, please throw them in the comments!


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