Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 11 – Ze brick woz ‘is shtick

Hello baseball fans, after some time I am returning to the old article formula and I want to talk today about someone who needs no introduction, yet I’ll give him one, after all, there is a word limit to fill. He has the highest batting average of the entire Hordes and Warmachine league with a recordsetting RBI score often bringing his entire team in. His success is tied to having not one, but TWO big bad baseball bats and ofc a ballbusting tier list! So then, refill your cheek with tobaccy, set your cap straight and scratch your pair, we’re talking Xerxis!

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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 5 The ETC – Eternal Testicular Conundrum

There is hearsay some people prefer to call it the European Team Challengepionship but that is laughable in my eyes. This year was the start of a new era, since the former organizer went bankrupt with most of the participants’ ticket fees in his pocket allready. A noble team of guys, namely Rich, Tony, Darran and Jamie took it upon themselves to save the event and even offer it free of cost this time. They deserve huge thanks from the community for this.

Due to some scheduling collisions and vacations I ended up hiring Polish mercenaries for my team, so Team HukuLu consisted of another Martin from Slovakia with Legion, Jaromir and Adam from Poland with Retribution and Circle respectively and me with Skorne. I went with Rasheth and Mordikaar in an attempt to cover as many matchups as best as I could, while we also had eVayl, pLylyth, Ravyn, eVyros and eMorv with eBaldur on the team.
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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 3 – The Skorne Pope, a Ghost, and a Titan walk into a bar…

Welcome back everyone, I hope your flesh hooks are hanging well today and everything else is dangling just fine too! As you can see I was forced by life-changing events (mainly overwhelming lazyness) to move to a bi-weekly schedule. Since I’ll take part in the upcoming ETC next week, this schedule will last at least for one more week.

This week my second favourite caster gets the spotlight together with his trusty sidekick as well as some statues and my favourite beast of them all. I will follow the structure laid down in last week’s article so take a comfortable seat and focus your eye lazorzz on the article.
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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 2 – The Dominar’s Diet

Welcome back dear sadomasochistic samurai ninja vampire lovers!

As promised last week, in my introductory article, I will present my lists over the coming weeks and their favourite matchups.

Let’s start big and I mean notoriously BIG! I’ll try to not succumb to the temptation to think up a new obesity-related name for everyone’s favourite famine resistant Dominar each time I am going to mention him. Actually, I like him so much that I will dignify him with his own name! So, let’s take a look under the folds of flesh and see if we can find gems of wisdom instead of rotting bits of food.
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Martin’s Martial Martyrdom: Part 1

Hello fellow Warmachinists and Horders. My name is Martin and I have been honoured with the chance to share some of my thoughts regarding Skorne with you on this most formidable of blogs!
I have started playing Hordes towards the end of Mark I with a pause during the transformation process until the dust had settled and the Faction Books started appearing. Finally, last year, I started my travels to take part in bigger tournaments, mainly in the UK. I was fortunate enough to steer the Empire to victory at this year’s Smogcon as the overall Masters winner in addition to going undefeated in both qualifying tournaments, as well as the Irish Masters a month later. Unfortunately, the string of victories has been torn at the recent UK Masters courtesy of the Dragonfather. The battle reports can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. Continue reading