Steal this List

Steal this list

There will often be strange or even cookie cutter lists posted on this site. This section will contain a summary section, which displays the list, with a brief discussion of the model choices and perceived strengths and weaknesses. This allows use to reference for example the Sorcha/Mercs list, etc. And if you are so inclined lets you borrow some lists and understand how they were constructed so you can go about honing them or your own lists.

MercSnowNaries (Khador, 50 points)

Sorcha1 +5 warjack points

-Spriggan, 10 points

-Sylss Wyshnalyrr, 2 points

Greygore Boomhowler & Co., maximum unit, 9 points

Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters, maximum unit, 10 points

-Koldun Kapitan Valachev, unit attachment, 2 points

Great Bears of Gallowswood, 5 points

Alexia Ciannor & the Risen, 5 points

Aiyana & Holt, 4 points

Gorman Di Wulfe, 2 points

Saxon Orrik, 2 points

Eiryss2, Angel of the Retribution, 3 points

Reinholdt, 1 point

List Discussion

This list wants to abuse freezing grip because stationary is an incredibly powerful effect, and trust me, infantry machine isn’t as dead as you might hear! Auto hitting risen are especially brutal. The accuracy means never missing a harm or blind bomb, etc. The plan is to free upkeep fog of war walk forward, cast freezing grip at the furthest forward infantry unit, then wind rush back. Mercs are super efficient when they always hit, and are pretty tough to kill compared to many faction infantry, while offering a real alternative to cookie cutter Khador. I quite like this list against jam lists. Reinholdt is there to lucky charm Sorcha every turn so that along with Sylys makes her not need to boost to hit, so she can still back off.

This is a copyrighted list of Vagrant Poet. If I find that you have sold it on eBay I will break into your house and tear your wife in half!

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