Musings of a Mercenary. Part 1 – The Question.

Hey folks, Harry here, or John Q., as you probably don’t know me from the PP forums. I’ve been playing Warmachine for about 5 years now, and one of the things that got me immersed in the game quickly was the richness of the Iron Kingdoms as a setting. Anthony and I have been friends for near on twenty years now, and have gamed together for most of that time, so when he mentioned his idea for an IKRPG game based around a mercenary company I was instantly interested.The idea of these little narrative write ups is to give an insight into how the game is developing from my character, Jannyth Carhannon’s side, alongside Anthony’s own articles from the GMs point of view. Hope you enjoy!
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What I Learned on the Forums This Week 21


It’s been a slow week on the internet and I’ve been busy with my actual work since apparently this doesn’t pay me an real money. I’ve replaced one of my usual rants with a second Hero Thread this week to make up for the slowness. Hope you enjoy!
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Nemesis: Major Haley. 5 – Returning of the Wandering Wordmonger

nemesis 2

It’s been a while! Life has been hectic! You can believe I was moving house, and work has been hectic, but the truth, the real truth is more reductive.

Not unlike my actual face.

So let’s get back in the driving seat! Let’s dust off and get back on the horse! Let’s …something something wagon? This week we are covering Trollbloods and Retribution of Scyrah. For Troll bloods there are easier answers, as a Troll beast brick is basically unshootable, and very good against Cygnar. So we’ll discuss some other lists with an honourable mention or two.

For Ret I’m going to discuss the subtleties of the ‘easy button’ against two stormwalls. Not that it’s a difficult matchup if you’re careful, but it bears some thought on the matter! Of course, as always, be aware of the assumptions I’ll be making about Haley’s list.
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How to Train your Warjack: Avengers! Ensemble!

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Session One of most RPGs is Character Creation. From my experience, 90% of groups approach this as an individual sport, rather than a team one. Players come to the table with an idea formed in their mind about what they want to play – a combination of careers that can do some cool stuff (“I want to be a gun mage/ mage hunter”), or a personality (“I want to play an ex-solidier embittered by the war”, or a (narrative) archetype (“I want to be the heroic leader”)

However, I like to bring my groups down a different path – I like to do character creation with an eye towards creating an ensemble, instead of a collection of characters. I’m not saying that this is the “right” way to do things (RPGs are for each group to create in their own desired image), but I find that this approach leads to better stories (of the type I like to tell) that take best advantage of the RPG medium’s particular quirks.

Disclaimer: To avoid writing “in my opinion” and “in my mind” and a hundred other synonyms throughout the next several articles, please just assume they’re there.

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