Starting Armies: How do the Factions of Warmachine play?

Startin Armies

Who can we use? What are they like? First of all have a look at my overview of the game as a whole.

This week I’m going to discuss how the armies of Warmachine play. That is what models they often play and what that feels like on the table so that you can make an informed choice as you start the game. Next week we will discuss the Factions of Hordes.

The Factions of Warmachine are varied and very well-balanced against each other, though some Factions have an easier time when playing their “typical” models against other Factions, again fielding typical models. The individual warcasters/warlocks also provide a huge variety of playstyles and armies that can be explored. However, ultimately, each Faction has a flavour and a certain approach, as well as distinctive feels and similarities throughout their suite of options.
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Nemesis: Major Haley. 5 – Returning of the Wandering Wordmonger

nemesis 2

It’s been a while! Life has been hectic! You can believe I was moving house, and work has been hectic, but the truth, the real truth is more reductive.

Not unlike my actual face.

So let’s get back in the driving seat! Let’s dust off and get back on the horse! Let’s …something something wagon? This week we are covering Trollbloods and Retribution of Scyrah. For Troll bloods there are easier answers, as a Troll beast brick is basically unshootable, and very good against Cygnar. So we’ll discuss some other lists with an honourable mention or two.

For Ret I’m going to discuss the subtleties of the ‘easy button’ against two stormwalls. Not that it’s a difficult matchup if you’re careful, but it bears some thought on the matter! Of course, as always, be aware of the assumptions I’ll be making about Haley’s list.
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Nemesis: The Lich. 9 – Innocuous and Soulless


“How far forward did you run those sentinels?”

“The full ten inches.”

“Excellent, I run this arc node up then activate Lich. He’s going to cast excarnate on the nearest one.”

“Measure range please.”

“It’s definitely in ten”.

“But is it in… FIVE!?”

“F—-ing soulless!”
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Retribution 2: Assassination Rahn

Last time we looked at some of the core Retribution models and units. For the next three articles I’ll be going through my Masters lists in detail, discussing why I chose certain models, how those choices played out for me in practice before the Irish Masters, how they performed during the tournament, and what changes I am looking at making based on my competitive expeience with the lists. On to list number 1!

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Retribution Part 1: Retri-basics

So I recently had a good run at the Irish Masters with everyone’s favorite genocidal elves, the Retribution of Scyrah. I managed to pull out a record of 5-1 after six very tough games which gives me the dubious honor of explaining how exactly I did this. Lucky me.

This week we will be looking at what the Retribution has to offer as a faction and where its shortcomings lie. I’m going to take you through what I think our cornerstone ‘jacks and units are and why they ended up in multiple lists. In the following weeks I’ll be going through the specifics of my lists and the decisions I made while building them, as well as the changes I’ll be making to them based on both my Masters experience and the spoilers we are starting to get from the next Warmachine book.
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