The Best of the Forums 1


This weeks update is brought to you while I’m hopefully relaxing next to a lake and reading a very classy piece of literature. This week instead of my usual vitriol I’m focusing on some amazing threads from the Forums that have been around for a while but that you, gentle reader, might not be familiar with. I hope you enjoy.

Morvahnna the Dawnshadow: Its really not fair… by Skillit 

This thread was started soon after the release of Morvahna2 and is still the best source for interesting lists and dojo for her. While the opening post is Skillit explaining how he plays her and what he thinks is the best build the rest of the thread is a very interesting read. The first couple of pages cover all of the early ideas people had on how to play her and it’s cool to see how that evolved but really the meat of the interesting debate is in the more recent posts where people discuss new ideas and lists they’ve built for her. This is the sort of thread the forums need more of.

Also, go listen to Lance’s Morvahna2 song at the end of MoM ep. 72

Ask Neuty about Legion by Neutralyze

This leviathan of a thread runs for an epic 75 pages at the time of writing and has probably expanded by at least one more. I’ll be deeply impressed if you read all of it but even starting 5 pages back and reading through some of the discussion is worth while. Obviously if you have any questions about Legion ask them here and receive advice from Everblight’s designated voice.

Genteel Gatorfolk by Faultie

Now we journey into the wonders of the Miniatures and Modeling forum and there are some old and epic threads here. This one might just be my favorite. Faultie’s Gatormen Gentlemen are a sight to behold and I desperately await his next update.

He has opera glasses! Seriously, that shit’s amazing!

Lava Trolls by Zreef

Another goodie on the topic of army themes. Words cannot do the lava trolls justice. From the moment I saw them I knew they would be epic. The warbeasts are definitely the best bit but the War Ship is pretty epic as well.

Cygnar to the Max!!! by Agamemnon

We journey into the lands of madness now with Agamemnon’s ludicrously large Cygnar collection. While it’s sheer size is impressive it’s his six six legged Storm Striders and his amazingly converted Stormwalls, of which there are six of course, that make this thread truly awesome.


Stormhammer: the Assault on Sul by Mercykiller 

Last but definitely not least is my other favorite themed conversion idea. This one I always describe as Khador done as if it were Cygnar. Then after the person stares blankly at me for a few minutes I try and explain what I mean by that. Mercykiller did something that never would have occurred to me: he took the characters from Cygnar and put them into Khador. His Khador models are all done up in blue with tons of lightning bits attached and I think Nemo as Kharchev is just an inspired decision.

That’s all for this slightly abbreviated update. I hope you enjoyed examining the wonders of the Forums for once rather than the shit. I’ll be back next week in my usual rage filled glory.

Edit: Sorry for the delay, I am apparently unable to work the automatic publishing thing on Word Press. Go me!


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