Learning Legion – Quick bite!

Fellow minions of Everblight, I have returned to amaze you with further tales of exploits undertaken in his name. Or something like that.

I’ll put a disclaimer right here: I sometimes swear. It’s because I like swearing. Please don’t be angry, but if you have a real problem with it, please post a comment and I’ll do my best to cut it down just for you, you special snowflake ❤

It’s been brought to my attention that I failed to introduce myself properly last week. In all the excitement of my first post I utterly failed at basic social etiquette. I shall fall on my rapier in shame.

I’m Pete – I’ve been playing Warmachine for about 2-3 years. I started with the Retribution of Scyrah and now I play Legion. Sweet, let’s get on with it. Oh you want more? Fine.

I’ve always enjoyed Wargaming, but mostly stuck to electronic options. I’m a huge fan of turn-based strategy games and spend a lot of time throwing things at my monitor when my X-Com Soldier misses from 3 feet away. I used to play 40k and Fantasy many years back but never really go into it in any meaningful way and gave up for 10 years or so.

Eventually I moved to Ireland for work, and found a group of like-minded individuals and we began table-topping once more. RoS caught my eye for two reasons, firstly they looked pretty sweet and secondly, nobody was playing them at the local store. To me, that was a boon, so I dived into Rahn and the Mitten-Men.

After 2.5 years of Ret, I picked up a Hordes faction (after a failed attempt at Trollbloods and Menoth). I like to say I chose Legion because of the Beasts and how they look, but really it’s because JVM is so dreamy (Obligatory JVM reference has now been made).

That’s enough about me so let’s get on to why you’re here! This week is going to be a little different as it introduces something I plan to slip into a normal rotation of posts every now and then. I’m posting it today because I don’t have a camera (yet!) with which to dazzle you with pictures of my unpainted Legion. Instead, what I’ll be doing is posting some lists, giving you a brief rundown of my experiences with them and then posting up some things I’ve learnt.

So… It’s kind of like I’m writing a battle report, but I’m putting in far less effort!

I have a real job. Don’t judge me.

List 1:

Rhyas – Rearguard (NQ36)
Tiers: 4
Rhyas, Sigil of Everblight
* Shredder
* Scythean
* Typhon
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen (Leader and 9 Grunts)
* Blighted Nyss Swordsmen Abbot & Champion
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Blighted Ogrun Warspears (Leader and 4 Grunts)
* Warspear Chieftan
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Warmonger War Chief
Warmonger War Chief 

Games played: 10-15
Wins: 5-6
Beat: Kreuger + Baldur + some sort of Menoth chappy and a couple of Khador or Ret things like Ossyan.
Lost to: Guns. All of the Guns. Mainly guns painted in blue, wielded by twats in tricorne hats with smug grins.

 Rhyas?!?! What’s a Rhyas?!

Rhyas is a really bad Warlock. Ok, that’s a little unfair,  I’ll go into that more later. This is the list that I actually started playing Legion with and as far as Rhyas goes, it’s a reasonably effective way to play her. This is how JVM likes to play her, according to a couple of the posters I have of him on my wall (Number 2!)

The benefits of the Tier are what really make the list tick. ADing, Stealthed for Round 1, Ogruns running 12″ (Dash) really puts the pressure on the opponent and when it’s followed up by SPD 7 POW 11 Stealthed Weapon Masters with Cleave, Side Step and Overtake it’s really quite terrifying. Add in Rhyas’ Feat (more on that coming soon!) and you’ve got a 8 point unit putting out 3 attacks each (assuming each attack kills) with a 10.5+Feat Teleport+Overtake(twice) threat range. The killing potential is huge.

Not only is the killing potential fairly major, but you’ve got a strong scenario presence in 13 8 box medium based models that cause terror (Amazing!), hit pretty hard and fairly accurately, half of whom have Set Defence. You get up into the opponent’s board edge Turn 2 and you say “Move me and you better be fearless while doing so”.

The problem comes with realising that potential and capitalising on your scenario presence. The first issue is that if you don’t go first, and your opponent has these things that were recently invented called “Ranged Weapons” (or “crutches” as I like to call them), you’re going to get every possible shade of shit shot out of you.

Diag. A – Cygnar gunline.

The second issue is that nothing in the list is particularly difficult to remove if your opponent dedicates a small amount of attention to doing so. Despite the Ogrun’s size and stature, they’re only 12/16 and 12/17. While they have 8 boxes, boostable guns will take them off the table at an alarming rate. Swordsmen, despite their 14/13 statline, will fall over to any real attempts to off them and losing the Abbot (it became a game of wits between me and my Cygnar opponent to play “Find the Abbot”…phrasing?) lowers their power level quite considerably. Typhon is ARM 18 max, Scythean ARM 19 and there’s very little Rhyas can do to heal them if they get shot up.

Good points are that it’s fast, it’s full of medium bases, half the list causes Terror (never underestimate this!) and it hits very, very, very hard when it is allowed to.

The really problem is Rhyas’ woeful Fury 5. This, for me, is the real shite in the pudding, and it segues nicely into my section on Rhyas!


Rhyas? More like…Why-as! Am I right?! Anybody? No? Ahhh fuck ya.

I like Rhyas. She’s a cool character, her artwork is great (Read: she’s a sexy elf with a Katana) and her model is terrible. The problem comes with her implementation. She has 3 spells: Dash (Pretty nice, I was casting almost every turn), Rapport (Nice upkeep, turns a beast into MAT 8 RAT 6, Rat 6 Sprays are cool on Typhon) and Occultation (Model/Unit stealth – nice). So she has 2 upkeeps and 5 fury. Then she casts Dash, leaving her on 1 Fury. Even if she drops Occultation, she’s sitting on 2, which is not safe.

Next, she doesn’t have Pathfinder. I know. Read it again, then look at her model, read her fluff, look at her card, read the fluff again, back to the card, think about sexy elf ninjas, read it again, then check the card. No… pathfinder. She has the potential to be immune to Free Strikes in 3 different ways in a turn but she can’t move through a fucking wood? Give me a break.

Finally, her Feat. Her feat requires models activate in her control area to gain an extra melee attack and they can be placed anywhere in base to base with their target, the first time they damage with a melee attack that turn. If you’ve been paying attention, that means 10″. Ok, that’s fine, and it’s actually pretty ok right? They activate 10″ away, they charge their 9-10″ threat, *biff* a dude in the face,  *bamf* – they teleport through, *whammo* they stab something else. Gravy. But what is this? In order to Teleport, they need to actually damage an enemy model, while in her control area? You heard me shout right? They have to actually remain within 10″ of her to get the teleporty goodness.

That means either you ignore it, by having them take the extra attack and be happy, or she’s so close to the enemy lines she’s tickling their necks with her weird floaty scarf things and if she’s that close, you better be killing everything within 20″ because if not, she’s a dead lady. But wait, there’s more! If you move Rhyas up, charge a heavy into their Heavy (which is 11″ away and you stay at max reach range) you get your extra attack AND you can teleport to get the juicy stuff behind. Unfortunately because she has 5 fury she can’t actually force the damn thing anymore unless it cut its own threat range short, or ignores the teleport.

One point I will make is that her feat does make the Swordsmen bonkers good at killing infantry. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking multi-wounders even, 5 of them will kill a unit if you get the charge and feat done properly.

But it’s not all bad. Firstly, she can literally one shot heavies. I’ve had her taken an opposing Typon off the table in a single charge attack. Sure, it’s rare, but boostable damage on Critical Decapitation is hilarious – Crit on the charge attack is 4d6 – 5 on Typhon, a damage roll of 24 does 38 damage. Teehee.

She has a metric buttload (proper measurement systems only!) of special rules that make her immune to all sorts of things – free strikes, CRA+CMAs, Back Strikes – and one that make her slap back if she’s missed in melee Riposte. The word is pronounced “ri-pohst” or “ri-poste” by the way, not “Ree-posé” or “Ree-posit” or “Reeap-oos”. Please don’t make me riposte you right in the balls.

What annoys me the most about Rhyas is that with a little tweaking she could be good. 6 Fury. Pathfinder. Reach? A feat that wasn’t so reliant on her worst feature? As it is, she’s just a touch mediocre for me, which is a shame, because I want to love her.

Conclusion (for now!):

I knew I shouldn’t have started with Rhyas. It sets me off because I want to play her and I want to win and doing both is often mutually exclusive in my experience. I didn’t even talk about the games I played! I’ll do it later, maybe.

In all seriousness, if you’re looking for a caster that is cool, is a ninja, can have Mage Hunter Assassin like excitement but with buyable and boostable attacks and +3 POW, but suffers from some serious balance issues, give her a go. If you get a good matchup, you can have hilarious fun teleporting things around and slicing up everything, but if you get a bad one it’ll feel like you’re wading through blancmange while 12 hungry shredder pups chew on your ankles and some Gunmage arsehole shoots you repeatedly in the face while cackling maniacally about how easy it is to kill all your toys. Then they’ll kick you in the shins, take your juice box and call you a “stupid-face”.

Moving on!

Well… I never planned to rant about Rhyas for 1500 words so I’ll not move on today! I apologise if I drifted a little off topic, it’s a weakness of mine I’m working to resolve, but I hope you at least got some insight into Rhyas and her failings, and what works about her.

I’m currently on a serious pVayl kick, learning all about this mysterious tech called “Out of activation movement” and “Having really good beasts”, so expect some reports and stuff on her next week!

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them into the comments. I promise to monitor them for at least the next 12 minutes.

Cheers for reading 🙂


One thought on “Learning Legion – Quick bite!

  1. Hey hey,

    what a strange coincidence xD i started playing warmahordes with ret too Oo,
    and for Rhyas yeah… at first i was like yay its Garryth! only this time he/she had a good feat xD
    just to realize damn another warcaster thats too cool for school 😉 but sadly wont be very competetive 😦
    Why can’t we have 1 Minon Ninjaelve warcasterwarlock that works for legion
    and retri combining the pathfinder and stealth of garryth with the “metric buttload” and the feat of Rhyas


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