Learning Legion – I return!

I’m back! The fog has lifted, the earth has shifted and raised the gifted. If anyone can tell me what that’s from without googling it, you may have 1 internet Pete Point*.

So! I’ve been away. Night-shift, illness, a shift-change and general laziness have led to a break from spewing my thoughts on Legion here. Fear not though, hopefully I’ll be back to semi-regular posting!

Today, I’ll be discussing one of my 35pt lists for an upcoming tournament in a town (city?) called “Wicklow” which is apparently a place in Ireland that has a Hotel and some people? I don’t know… Ireland.. tis a strange place.

Let’s get to it!

The 35pt list:

Lylyth, Clip-Clop Sideways-Bow-firing Ridin’-Dirty Gangster of Everblight
– Typhon – 12
– Scythean – 9
– Shredder – 2
– Succubus – 2

Striders w/UA – 9
2 x Deathstalker – 4
Shepherd – 1
Spell Martyr/Feralgeist – 1

They see her rollin’.

What does the list do well?

Many things! Firstly, it’s fast. You’ve got ADing Striders + Solos, who you can deploy against any sort of infantry and they’ll do well (except Deadeye’d Gunmages. Fuckin’ Cygnar). Lylyth herself with her 12″ Trampley-shoot shenanigans, and SPD 8 Beasts. Secondly, it’s really, really good at assassinating. Lylyth can put 3 shots out at 24″ threat. Then Typhon can Walk and Spray 16″, or charge and spray 19″.

Don’t want Striders? Drop them + Feralgeist/Spell Martyr for full Raptors. You get less shots, but you get Weapon Masters!

It mulches infantry, the combination of Lylyth’s 3 shots and extra sprays, Typhon’s 3 sprays, Scythean and your Strider package, means that units will disappear unless they are ridiculously tough (Trollkin Warders!). However, the feat gives you not only 2 bites at the tough-infantry cherry, it also allows you to engage them with your own heavies whenever you choose.

You almost always get the Alpha on opposing heavy pieces, simply because you can Feat on them (and them alone if needed!) and close the gap with your Scythean. Don’t be afraid to boost that POW 12 from Lylyth either, she can put a dent in things herself!

Let’s talk about the feat. I think building Clip-Clop Lylyth around the feat is a bad plan. It’s situationally useful and you may get some use out of it in most games, but stuffing your list with models just because they have bows is going to lead to sadness. Instead, use it like a mini-Kaelyssa feat. Say to yourself “These select, important models will not get a full activation next turn.”

Always remember: Hitting something with the feat and leaving it is generally not better than just killing it.

So, say you feated on something, what does this mean? It means your ARM 19 Scythean’s probably safe because your Opponent isn’t charging it. It means Typhon with Excessive Regeneration on isn’t going anywhere. It means Lylyth’s safe too, seeing as she’s on ARM 19 and DEF 14 and probably immune to non-magic ranged attacks. It also means your opponent has to decide whether to sacrifice board position with his heavies and shoot, over just advancing them.


What does it have issues with?

Arcane Shielded Colossals: Well, any armour-buffed colossal. You’re capping at POW 17 and you can’t fit the Blackfrost Shard in the list to help that. You’ve got no way to remove Arcane Shield, and at Dice-5 your valiant Scythean is going to do very little. Best bet? Feat on it, charge the Scythean in and hope he can cripple a side. Try to make sure the Scythean can position himself so he’s only in a single Colossal Arc, meaning it has to either turn, and sacrifice its attacks, or swing at it with a busted arm. Alternatively, use your Assassination threat to force them to move the buff to their caster. Even more alternatively, just kill their caster. Lylyth3 has great assassination threat from lots of angles and it can be very hard to hide your caster from a 12″ Trampling huge base. Even with a friendly huge base to sit behind.

She a biiiiiig woman: There’s no getting away from it. Lylyth3 is a chunky mistress. What I’m saying is, she got a badonkadonk. Junk in her trunk. She looks like one of those rap guy’s girlfriends. She got a fat-ass.


On an obvious note, this means she’s impossible to hide, easy to get a bead on, and can cause you serious movement related headaches if you’re not careful. Make sure to not block her in on deployment – make sure her big tonka-truck hips can fit past Typhon, is what I’m getting at. This also means she’s pre-deployed. I’d like to try and convince you there’s some super secret tech here, how I like to put her in specific places for each match-up, depending on the phases of the moon and the current feeling of my waters, but realistically I just put her in the middle of the fuckin’ board every game. She’s fast, she doesn’t seem to care that much where she goes turn 1 as long as her beasts activate in her control area and she can Trample without stepping on them.

Being a Battle Engine also means no terrain benefits. That’s no concealment, cover or elevation. That is why you have a Shredder and Escort upkept for free from turn 1. That +2 ARM, coupled with the +1/+1 DEF/ARM from Tenacity is very important to her survivability.

However, it’s not all bad. As a Battle Engine she’s immune to knockdown, which is great. She can’t be pushed, pulled or slammed, which is also great, but she can still be TK’d, so be careful (eHaley will ruin her day.. like that’s new or different.)

Turn rundown.

Turn 1: Cast Escort. Trample Lylyth 12″ forward. Run beasts in front/beside her.  If your opponent has AD troops, shoot them and cast Windwall. If he doesn’t have AD troops but has lots of guns, cast Windwall before you trample. Hide Shredder, Succubus, Shepherd behind her spacious behind. Walk forward Striders, kill things. Or run them if there’s nothing to kill. Put Tenacity on everything.

Turn 2: Check if your opponent is on low focus/fury and within 24″ of Lylyth. Consider assassination if you can apply Lylyth and Typhon to their face. Abort assassination. Pick important targets. Apply feat shots to them. Kill other things. Position Scythean and Typhon for next turn.

Turn 3: Check if your opponent is on low focus/fury and within 24″ of Lylyth. Consider assassination if you can apply Lylyth and Typhon to their face. Abort assassination and continue playing attrition and Scenario.

Turn 4: ??? Win game.


50, is the magic number.

So, expanding the list to 50pts is a problem. Mainly because at 35 points Lylyth does a LOT of work herself and she can generally do enough work that she’s not overly threatened by retaliation. At 50 points, she has to be really, really careful. There’s so many things that can kill her. Also you may want to free up Typhon elsewhere, especially if you’re running Lylyth2 or pVayl as one of your other lists. You also need to up your game versus Colossals.

On that basis, what we need to do is add protection for Lylyth, replace Typhon, add something to help with Colossals and keep the core of the list the same.

Variation 1:

Lylyth 3, Arbitrary Title of Everblight
– Archangel
– Naga
– Shredder
– Succubus

Striders w/ UA
Legionnaires w/ UA
Max Spawning Vessel
Deathstalker x 2

Welp, that’ll do it. Archangel + Lylyth it’s a SPD 8 and with the Naga’s Animoose it’ll certainly be able to deal with any Colossals it meets. It also has a great gun (I know right?!?), allowing it to pop forward 4″, fire ze missles, and pop back to its starting spot. The biggest shame is that Lylyth lost her free charges from bow shots from her Prime version.

Legionnaires provide a screen for Lylyth, tactical Legionnaire placement allowing you to dictate charge lanes and they can be good jam (mmmm, jaaaam), especially with Farilor (who you can drop if you’re not a fan). You’ve still got the Striders and the Deathstalkers for max infantry shooty shooty.

Be warned: If a single person says “But you could take two ravagores” I will punch them in the dick.

Variation 2:

Lylyth, Tricked Out Low Rider of Everblight
– Naga Nightlurker (5pts)
– Shredder (2pts)
– Angelius (9pts)
– Angelius (9pts)
– Ravagore (10pts)

Blackfrost Shard (5pts)
Max Blighted Nyss Raptors
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Here, we’re going a bit heavier on the beasties and maximising our anti-armour and scenario play. Double SPD 9 Angelius’ with Repulse, and Lylyth’s ability to do ridiculous repulse shenanigans (Repulse, ride-by, combat action, repulse, ride-by, repulse) means no zones are safe, unless they have a Colossal in them. And that’s why you brought double SPD 9 Angelius’ with a Naga AND the Blackfrost Share, and a Succubus.

We’ve dropped the Striders for Raptors, for some extra Weapon Master attacks, but they can be swapped out again depending on preference. I’d consider the Striders if you want some more anti-infantry presence, dropping Raptors and the Feralgeist lets you bring a Deathstalker with the unit too.


really like G-unit Lylyth. I think she’s champion, grand, the tits, the bee’s knees, the dog’s testicles. She’s fun to play, she’s hilariously fast and she encourages a Page 5 mindset like no other Legion caster and she rewards high-risk gameplay.

If you’ve been wavering, do what I did. Get a huge base, sellotape pLylyth to it and give her a try! Just don’t give up, it’ll take a few games to get the hang of her, but when you do, she’s hugely rewarding to play with.

So rewarding, she might just be a Smogcon Caster for me :O

But more on that later! For now, I should do some real work, so goodbye fellow Legionnaires, until next time!

*internet Pete Points can be exchanged for various Goods and/or Services, including jokes, pints and, if you collect enough, the honour of me not calling you the C-word for a whole day. BIG PRIZES.

Super special “Read to the bottom” bonus:

My painting monkey is working hard. Here is my Stinger, this is before final finishing touches, but showing off the scheme. I’ll get a better photo next time around:




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    • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! 1 Pete Point for you Todd, for recognising the lyrical genius of one Mr. Rock. Not to be confused with Mr. The Rock, an altogether more awesome individual.

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