Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report – The Finals!

So! I’ve left you in suspense long enough (read: I was slacking), so it’s time for the Finals.

I was up against Pat, my old nemesis and frequent practice partner. Pat had two lists on his sheet but really he only had eyes for the sultry mistress of utter bullshit, eHaley.


Game 4 – Incursion –  No killbox, sadface.
Opponent: Pat
Faction: Cygnar

Points: 35/35
Major Victoria Haley (*5pts)
* Stormclad (10pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4pts)
Storm Lances (Leader and 4 Grunts) (11pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)

Haley with a bonded Stormclad (Old-skool is the new-skool etc), Standard Cygnar Support Package (SCSP), and some sweet horsies! Pat’s list was fully painted and put my bare metal to shame. PAINT FASTER PAINT MONKEY-DAN.

I chose eVayl because I like to have a chance. Last time we played this matchup we had an insanely close game that ended with Haley on fire and on 3 boxes, engaged by a Heavy and a Lesser Warbeast, dominating a zone for the win by 5-3 on Scenario.

I warn you, this report is not quite that epic.

I win the roll to go first with a 7! Hooray tier benefits.


Standard eVayl deployment. There’s a small forest to my right, and a patch of difficult terrain to my left. Nothing hugely important.

My opponent deploys with the Stormlances to my left, the standard core on the middle, and Haley only slightly off-set from a building that’s a few inches up from the 10″ deployment line.

Round 1:

Legion: Admonition on one Angel, refuge on the other, advance Vayl. I advance Vayl enough so that I think I’ll be just out, but so it doesn’t look it. MATHS should have been used here, but numbers are evil and make me want to cry.

I run the Angels forward one on the middle flag, one on the right.

So, I made a huge, game altering mistake in my first 3 activations, which really isn’t something you want to be doing against eHaley when she’s cupped sensually in the palms of a Cygnar master. I ran both my angels forward (I was going for speed) and after I’d finished, noticed I’d got them the wrong way round. The one with Admonition was safe by the Flag on my right and the one with Refuge was sitting in the middle of the board staring down a bonded Stormclad… shit.

The rest of my stuff advances cautiously enough so that I can sacrifice scenario presence on Haley’s feat turn and avoid losing attrition. I feel ok doing this because Haley can’t dominate safely in this Scenario versus eVayl because of Vayl’s huge assassination potential. This means I have time to catch up on Scenario, while still allowing me to use the hit and run nature of my heavies to hopefully tip the game back into my attrition favour.

The important thing to be able to do while fighting eHaley is to weather the storm of her Turn in which she feats, followed by your shitty turn, followed by another one of her Turns. Generally, if your list can survive that, then you’ll be able to swing it back into your favour as her personal power goes way down. In general, this means losing no more than 2 heavies in those turns. Something I’ve just pretty much guaranteed I’m not going to succeed in doing.

Hi my name’s Pete I play with dragon-saurs.

Cygnar: Well, Pat’s no slouch. He advances Haley and feats, gives 4 to the Stormclad and it removes the Angelius that I done goofed with. Everything else advances aggressively so as to be in position to capitalise following my half-turn.

Round 2:

Legion: The flag by my right Angelius disappears. As if to rub basing flock in my table-top wounds.

We check feat first and the Ravagore that is about 1/4″ out of parallel with eVayl is out but Vayl herself is in. The only other “in” thing is the second Angelius.

Here is where mistake 2 turns up. Pat tells me to activate the second Angelius. I look at the table again, see the Ravagore (out), see Vayl (in) and go “Vayl’s totally out of the feat, I can win right here!”. I advance the Angelius 7″, to within Vayl’s control (Walk 6″, Oraculi 10″) and within 8″ of Haley for the Feat, Icy Grip, double Oblit.

Myself, Pat and the Judge watching the game gasp, as Pat slaps his head. We all think Vayl is out of the feat, despite just measuring it. We sit there for 30 seconds before we remember.. Vayl’s in the feat… and I’ve just lost another Angelius.

The remainder of my turn attempts to do damage control, as I shuffle models around, fire a Ravagore at some things and generally act depressed.

Cygnar: The Stormclad gets 4 Focus and Haley does a Zoidberg and wubwubs behind the building, poking her face out. Pat softens up the Angelius with his Gunmages. The Stormlances go into it and it dies. Then the bonded Stormclad goes into the Scythean, it also dies, and now I’m 3 heavies down and I’ve killed 0 models.

Round 3:

Legion: I try to pull it back, the Ravagore throws the Stormclad (should’ve just beaten it up) out the way. The pot fills itself up on Handlers and spawns a Stinger. The Stinger charges and kills a Stormlance that’s in the way of my Harrier. The Harrier runs onto the middle flag, about 7-8″ away from Haley. Unfortunately, I’m unable to clear LOS for the Harrier through the Gunmages. I feat anyway, put the Oraculi into a Stormlance and try a single Oblit, but I miss and fail to kill her with my one shot.

Cygnar: Ravagore dies, Haley goes completely behind the house, my opponent scores two points and it’s trudging towards the end of the game.

Round 4:

Legion: I spawn another Stinger, kill another Stormlance, Oblit a gunmage or two and pass.

Cygnar: We shake hands!



What would JVM do? Probably not come second.

I’m pleased with how I did, especially considering these were games 4, 5 and 6 with eVayl. Goes to show what a powerhouse she is. I’m a bit disappointed with my Finals performance, but to beat Pat with any caster you have to play well, to beat him with eHaley you have to play near perfect, and I was shockingly shite.

I’m hugely pleased I managed to give 3Lylyth a run out, even though it wasn’t as much as I would’ve liked. I’ve started adapting her to 50 points, and my next write up will likely be about one of my lists with her. I’m leaning towards either a Flying Circus list with double Angel + Seraph, or just adding max Raptors, Anyyssa and a Spell Martyr and upping her into maximum anti-infantry.

Pat finished first (this being the final and all) and walked away with the First Place Trophy, as well as a thoroughly deserved Best Painted prize, as his Cygnar were looking truly gorgeous!

So that’s it for NWG! A successful first tournament outing for my Legion, and hopefully a sign of things to come. My next major tournament will likely be Warpcon in January, so I have some practice time before then. After that, it’s tournament season in Ireland and the UK, with Smogcon and the Irish Masters all in short succession!


One last point before I go! In the latest episode of Overload on Air (audible here: http://museonminis.com/overload-on-air-episode-002-this-time-its-electric-bugaloo/), the Cork meta caught some Flak for perhaps not being as competitive as we could be.

I’ll just leave this here:

1st. Cork – Cygnar 4 (7)(11)(108)
2nd. Cork – Legion of Everblight 3 (11)(5)(91)
3rd. I.Avian – Cryx 3 (10)(14)(102)
4th. Cork – Protectorate of Menoth 3 (8 )(5)(103)
5th. Cork– Trollbloods 3 (7)(14)(97)

Suck my balls Dublinites!



2 thoughts on “Learning Legion – NWG Battle Report – The Finals!

  1. Thanks for the fantastic reports Pete. The event was smoothly run and a pleasure to participate in, with great sportsmanship from all of my opponents! I will certainly be back next year, despite it being held in Wicklow. 😛

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