Learning Legion – Battle Report 1

Greetings fellow Warmahorders!

My name is Pete, and I’m going to be writing some battle reports from my point of view as a player new to the Legion of Everblight faction in order to entertain, amaze and amuse you. My motives are not entirely selfless, as I hope to be learning as I write and improving my game one step at a time, while providing you with some Battle Reporty goodness. I also play Retribution of Scyrah and I regret it every time I do. I kid. Mostly.

A word to the wise – These reports will be long! I use a lot of words, when few will do. Consider yourself warned.

You’ll see me using pLylyth a lot (because she’s cool!), pThagrosh and soon, pVayl. Basically I’m a Warlock Hipster. You may even see a smattering of Rhyas, with a touch of Saeryn for flavour. You’ll also see Typhon a lot. Because Typhon.

Typhon is my waifu.

Every now and then, Captain Hindsight will pop into the middle of the Battle Report and provide you with my “after-action” view on particular moves. He’s the super hero that we both need and deserve and totally isn’t stolen from South Park.

There’ll also be a bit before each report talking about my list, what goes in where and why. I do a whole truckload of list theory while I’m at work, so my lists will often change week to week. It won’t go into great detail, but if there’s interest I can do some non-report write ups of my list theory.

My first report is from a game I played last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos as it was late and the store was close to closing, but I’ve done my best to paint the scene so you can visualise it.

My opponent was Pat, a local Cygnar player, top Cygnar at the Irish Masters, a frequent opponent (you’ll see him pop up in my reports a fair few times) and total joy to play against. I can count the number of times I’ve beaten Pat on one finger but every time I play against him I learn something. Sometimes it’s things that should be obvious, like eHaley is bullshit, Siege loves armies made entirely of medium bases, and eHaley really is total bullshit. Most of the time it’s something that will improve my game.


We spend a lot of time after each game talking about what could have been done differently and where it all went wrong. This is one of the best ways to improve your game and I strongly advise everyone to do this if you want to focus on getting better. Just make sure to take what was said into account next game!

My list is a cut down version of a 50point pLylyth List that adds in full Warspears and a Naga. It hits hard, has two great heavies, can crack armour and mulch infantry. I try to conform to Steamroller restrictions whenever I’m building lists, so you’ll often see me bemoan that I can’t take Typhon in every list. I’m still unsure of his position in this list, but I really do love him under the feat. Scythean is there because Scythean, a reach heavy with boosted attack rolls versus a Parasited anything is awesome. Shreddy for Tenacity, Raptors for awesome, Deathstalkers for infantry killing, Forsaken and Shepherd and Martyr are fairly self explanatory.

List theory points: Swap the Shepherd and the Martyr for a second Forsaken. I lose medicate, which is nice with Lylyth’s very limited fury pool, but I gain another Forsaken. Definitely something to think on for future matches. Going up to 50, I’m thinking I may want more bodies over more large/medium bases.

Terrain: Completely inconsequential.
Points: 35
Scenario: Close Quarters

– Typhon
– Scythean
– Shredder
Max Raptors
2 x Deathstalker
Spell Martyr


– Rowdy
– Squire
Stormblades w/ UA + 1 Weapon Attachment
Max Stormlances
Alexia Cannor and The Risen
Stormblade Captain


I deployed Lylyth and her beasts in the centre. Forsaken and Martyr to her right, opposite the infantry. Deathstalkers Centre-left, opposite the other side of infantry and a forest them to hide in, Raptors on the left flank.

He deploys the Stormlances opposite the Raptors. The Stormblades and Zombies in nice conga lines in the centre, and Rowdy on my Right. His advance move puts the Stormblades up the table a bit more.

Round 1 – Fight!


Raptors take the left flank, spreading out and being all cagey like. Deathstalkers advance into a small forest, are out of range of the Advance Moved Stormblades. Typhon and my Scythean run up the centre, Lylyth walks up an drops 3 fury, Shreddy walks up and drops a Tenacity on Lylyth out of habit, with the Forsaken on the right, Shepherd behind them, and spell martyr running forward to the Forsaken’s right.


Stormblades run up the centre. Zombies spread to cover a lot of the table. Rowdy goes to my Right. Junior puts Arcane Shield on the Stormlances and moves up a bit. Stryker casts Deflection, moves up to a wall that’s a few inches off centre, then he shuffles him back a few inches after asking about Typhon’s threat range. Stormlances get an Assault order and go after my Raptors in an epic Horsie vs Ulk battle, only one of them is in and misses his pewpew lance shot on my Raptors.

Round 2 – Engage!


I reeve! Soooo furious. We have a quick chat about whether I can pull off an assassination with Typhon that would involve charging my own model in the back to spray through it, leaving me unengaged for 2 more sprays. With 3d6+5 from the feat I’d be relying on 11s to hit, followed by POW 14s, which would be 3d6-8. Even if I can land Parasite, it’s still an average of 5 damage a shot, missing at least once, which leaves him alive and me dead. We agree it is a bad idea.

Instead, I decide to focus down some of the infantry jam that’s heading towards me. Mmmmm… Jam. Lylyth pops a boosted shot into a Stormlance and  bushwacks into a nearby forest.  She slaps Parasite down on the Lances. I decide to hold the feat for next turn.

The Shreddy puts Tenacity on Lylyth as I’m a big scaredy cat with only one fury. The Raptors walk to engage as many of the Stormlances as possible, 4 of them being able to engage 4 Lances and between their 8 attacks, manage to bring down a whole Stormlance, leave one on 1 box, one on 3 boxes and one on 4. In hindsight, I maybe should have charged, but they only would have been able to engage two of the Lances, and while those two would definitely have died, it would’ve left me taking 3 charges from them, instead of one.

My first Deathstalker decides she wants to knock off both the Weapon Attachment and the Banner from the Stormblade unit, and proceeds to roll snakeyes on the first shot. Curses. The second Deathstalker aims and snipes the 1 box Stormlance, and kills another Stormblade.

My Raptors weren’t nearly as effective as I’d hoped, so I’m going to have to commit Typhon. I walk him up to be directly behind the Deathstalker that missed her shots, and he fires his sprays. First one kills both Stormlances thanks to a couple of boosts, second one kills 3 zombies and another Stormblade, third one is just out of range on the Weapon Attachment. The Stormlances pass their command checks and now I’ve exposed Typhon. While Rowdy is out of Charge range, he’ll get his feat attack and it means Typhon is very likely to drop. I pull my Scythean back to be about 5-6 inches off from Typhon, safe from most retaliation but able to retaliate onto Rowdy himself, rile him to 4 and take it off with the Forsaken. My Shepherd plays with her staff.

Captain Hindsight says:

Post-game discussion with my esteemed opponent revealed a trait that I would do well to shake. I am extremely conservative with my heavies. This might seem very strange to flag as a problem, but it’s actually costing me in trades, rather than helping me. In this situation, and in previous games, my opponent has suggested that he would be much more concerned if I was ultra-agressive with the Beasts, rather than defensive. He can’t reliably kill both in a turn, and it may give me better options to retaliate. One to ponder upon!


I know that this turn is going to hurt, I’m just not entirely sure how much. A lot of his slower infantry is still out of range to charge, he’s got lots of Zombies in the way, and Rowdy is a long way away.

He starts by pooping out some more zombies and jamming some stuff up. He then activates Alexia, does some zombie shuffling to jam, throws out a few zombie attacks that miss, and pops a Weapon Master Zombie (wonderfully converted for the current league) into charge range of my Scythean. The Super-Zombie charges the Scythean and rolls poorly.

He activates Junior and puts Arcane Shield on Rowdy. He activates Stryker, puts Positive Charge onto Rowdy, and camps the rest after popping his feat. Rowdy runs into Typhon for free (he’s so rowdy). Hmmmm, this is not looking good. The Stormlance charges Typhon he’s up at POW 17 from the Charge and Rowdy’s positive attitude, and he rolls a 15. Typhon takes some serious hurting. The remaining stormblades activate and run into positions where the Feat will give them attacks against Typhon, the Scythean and a couple of my Raptors.

Then his feat kicks in, the remaining Lance and Rowdy swing and Typhon is Ty…gone? (I hate myself.) I was expecting to lose him, but I was hoping it would take a few more attacks. Oh well! The Blades go, some shuffle around aimlessly, one kills the Deathstalker where Typhon was, a couple swing on Raptors and kill one, and 3 hit the Scythean, knocking out his body.

Round 3 – It’s all gone Pete Tong!


Losing Typhon makes me pretty sad, but I reckon if I can take out Rowdy, finish of the Lances, kill most of the Stormblades, Alexia and Stryker… I’m in with a shot!

My plan for this turn is to remove Rowdy, that means feating, shooting, parasiting him, bushwhacking away (teehee) and applying Scythean. This is exactly what I do. I then proceed to buy a shot into the Stormlance and boost damage, forgetting I need to heal the Scythean. Go team!

The Forsaken walks forward and splodes, killing a zombie. Nice.

The Shepherd walks to within 3 of the Scythean, I go to Medicate and my opponent declares a counter charge with Rowdy, who is unengaged. Balls. He misses the attack. Balls averted. I clear 3 boxes from the Scythean.

The Scythean does some spinning on the spot to make sure none of my own models are in his front arc. Two initials into Rowdy both hit under the feat, and he Bloodbaths to kill 3 Stormblades and a Zombie. 4 bought attacks later and boxcars on the last attack, and.. Rowdy is on 4 boxes.

The Shredder comes to my rescue, walks into Rowdy, Boosts damage and eats him on the first attack. Go Shreddy. (Technically, Shredders can’t eat Warjacks. I see this as an unintentional design oversight, and choose to believe they can eat everything).

Nom nom nom.

Objective 2, finish off the Lances. My Raptors kill a few zombies, a few Stormblades and leave the Lance on 1 box. I forget their Light Cav move (Not such clever girls). My remaining Deathstalker aims, shoots into combat and snipes that Lancer, she snap fires and shoots another Stormblade.

I achieved 2 of my objectives this turn, and the table is looking ok. There’s a lot of zombies about, but that’s mostly jam (though the Weapon Master every turn is doing my head in). The Stormblades are running out, the Lances are dead, Rowdy is dead, and I still have 3 Raptors, a Scythean, a Shredder and Lylyth.


Time for more retaliation! Junior continues swanning about (puntacular) at the back, putting Arcane Shield onto Stryker. He moves onto his Objective and activates Battle Plan: Massive Camp. At ARM 25, I’m pretty sure I’m not killing him any time soon. Alexia keeps pooping dem zombies out, walks them into my stuff. 3 combine to miss my Forsaken, the rest miss everything else. She makes a Weapon Master and lines it up on the Scythean. The Weapon Master charges the Scythean and does a bit more, then the remaining couple of Stormblades finish it off. Now I’m super screwed, with no high POW on the table, even if I manage to kill Junior, I have no way of cracking his armour and the objectives are close enough that he’ll be able to do a Stryker-run on me if I move to my own.

He dominates this turn for 1 point.

Round 4 – Endgame.


Losing the Scythean has put paid to my plans, so it’s time for drastic measures. Two of my remaining 3 Raptors walk to range on Junior, and the leader remains engaged by the Stormblade Captain Solo. The leader Ulk-smashes (yessssssssss) the Solo, Raptor 1 misses Junior, Raptor 2 does 2 damage. Curses! My Shredder eats some zombie brains (payback!) and Lylyth runs towards my objective.


Alexia makes a few zombies, as we’re running out of living models. She makes a weapon master. Said weapon master charges the Shredder and oneshots him. Poor Pat 😦 (My Shredder is named after a different Pat – so called because “Other Pat” is a mouthy little bastard who never stops grinning or eating.)

Stryker overboosts for 10, damages himself for 18, and I win.

I wish. He overboosts for 10, damages himself for 10, casts Velocity for 2 as there’s models in the way and gets a lane on Lylyth. He charges, boosts his charge attack and misses. Buys, boosts, hits. He’s at Dice + 11, my opponent gleefully boosts damage and hits Lylyth for around 23 points of damage. She explodes and we shake hands.


A loss, but actually a fairly close one all things considered. End table state showed Stryker, Junior and Alexia essentially standing alone versus Lylyth, 3 Raptors and some support. I ran out of ways to effect the game the way I needed to.

I made a number of mistakes. I traded Typhon for 3 Stormlances and some single wound infantry. While it wasn’t necessarily a terrible trade to get rid of so many heavy hitters, and it did let me take out Rowdy in retaliation, realistically, it was a bad move. I must start using defensive animi (animooses?) on my beasts, rather than Warlock. Def 14 can make all the difference.

My deployment was all wrong. I should’ve gone opposite my Flag and been dominating from Turn 2. Force my opponent to commit to shifting her, block Lylyth with some bases (Scythean) and I’d be able to force the game on my terms, rather than playing on his.

Alexia – This undead-loving, zombie-hugging, corpse-collecting cow! I still haven’t worked out a way to deal with her. My normal process is to ignore her. Kill the good living models and not care about the zombies as they’re only MAT 4 POW terrible,but the jaaaaaaaam. I feel like I’m wading through cheese.

List – Higher model count. I’m thinking I need to drop the Raptors and find me some Hex Hunters. More attacks, more models, feat makes them super accurate and the list is very low model count.

Points to take away:

  • Be aggressive, be be aggressive – More aggressiveness with beasts forces my opponent to make decisions about what to kill when, and allows me to dictate (hurr) the flow of points trades.
  • More models – Had a real problem blocking lanes, it was very easy for my opponent to get to my important stuff at the back.
  • My Shepherd is awesome – Seriously, since I started playing Legion my Shepherd has a ridiculous kill ratio and now she’s dodging MAT 8 Cygnar ‘jacks. She’s more effective in Melee than Rhyas (oooooooh snap).

My next report will either be a game I played before this one – pThagrosh vs Kaelyssa at 50 points – or a game I’ll play tonight, versus a mystery unknown opponent who emerges from the mists! I hope you enjoyed reading about my shameful display!



7 thoughts on “Learning Legion – Battle Report 1

  1. During your Round 2, you said: “Lylyth pops a boosted shot into a Stormlance, bushwacks into a nearby forest and lays down a Parasite. She throws out another shot and drops a Stormblade.” How is Lylyth managing to shoot both before and after moving? Bushwack lets you shoot and then move, not shoot and then move and then shoot again.

  2. yay keep on writing those reports 🙂
    I’m also starting with legion atm and im really looking forward to read how your adventures are coming along 🙂
    Might you do some reports with the Warspears? one of my favourite unit in legion


    • I’ll do you one better, once my second unit arrives, you shall have a report featuring not one, but TWO units of Warspears! Both with the UA!

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