Hacking the Cortex: WTC Post Mortem. (AKA I should probably be dead)

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And we’re back from the WTC!

First and foremost, it was an absolutely spectacular weekend. Amazing fun on every possible level. A thousand thanks to everyone who attended (for being awesome) and especially to the organizing committee for making it all happen. Have no doubt, we will be back next year for Poland 2014.

Seriously. Wow. I had high expectations for the event, and they were firmly shattered by how good it actually was.

After 24 hours of recovery, I feel like I’ll be able to provide some kind of cogent report on how my games went, and what I’d do different next time. While we were there primarily to have fun, I think that most of the others on Team Ireland would agree that we could do better next year, and we’ll be preparing hard to bring our best games to Poland.
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