Team Northern Ireland Player Profile #1 – Adam

As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m deserting President and country and playing for our Northern brethren this year at the World Team Championship in Poland. Since the lists are released this week, I thought it was a nice time for all the players to introduce themselves and their lists. First up is Adam. If you can imagine this entire post with a soundtrack of “The 100 Best Action Movies of the 1980’s”, you’re on the road to achieving Adam-awareness. Take it away, Adam.

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Hacking the Cortex: Imagination is more important than knowledge

Cortex Banner

Tempo is really hard to write about.

Instead of sharing something half baked, I’m going to talk about something I’ve just started lecturing on – Creativity. As I was researching the lectures, my mind started its inevitable wander into “I wonder how this might apply to Warmachine.”

I’ve been doing a lot of testing of outside-the-Cryx box lists in recent months. My Terminus list is but one of many that have gone through the paces, and there are many more lined up now that Vengeance models are starting to exist. As has been noted often recently, basically everyone worth worrying about at a tournament has a plan for “standard Cryx”, and I’m not entirely convinced that “Cryx Harder” is enough any more. It can work, but that only means the anti Cryx meta has to anti-Cryx harder. And so, I’m looking elsewhere, and thinking a lot about Creativity itself and how I can harness my own.

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The Sky is Falling 1: List Chicken is Here

There has always been list chicken in the game. There have always been skew lists and counters, high Arm and high Def, Madrak2 trollblood swarms and Runes of War, and the list goes on. People have always complained about list chicken. That is not the purpose of this article. I find that for most people the issue is tied to list-building. Their plan is to cover certain Factions with one list a piece. It is often my own.

I’m not sure it makes sense anymore.

Today I’m going to outline my experiences with it recently, and where I think it all began.
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