Nordicon Tournament Report Part 1

Heading Beyond The Wall

On this Emerald Isle of ours, conventions are most often run by college gaming societies, with some notable exceptions. These have great advantages to them, they can often get a space for less than the going rate, and they have a ready stable of volunteers to help run the thing. The risk with them is that priorities and expectations among the organisers can change. Up in Belfast, the Queen’s University convention is called Q-Con. Back when I went to it first in 2007 it was mainly a gaming convention, but with quite a lot of anime and cosplay going on. Last year, the convention had grown but only in terms of these two elements. Wargaming in particular as a space-heavy pastime was feeling marginalised. So they broke away and formed their own convention just for them, called Nordicon. It uses the same amazing space as Q-Con, but instead of people in Sailor Moon costumes it’s exclusively wargamers.

As a member of Team Northern Ireland for the upcoming WTC, it was my duty and delight to attend. Bright and early on Saturday morning, Stu Who Learns From Forums and I were collected by Noel and we began the journey. Talk on the way up was about the Northern Irish meta, what lists we were bringing, and previous misadventures regarding the North. We got up to Belfast in good time, and then proceeded to drive at random (I had unwisely proclaimed I knew the way to Queen’s) until we found our location. Convenient parking and a short walk brought us to the fantastic Student Union building, and we were ready to go!

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Starting Armies: How do the Factions of Warmachine play?

Startin Armies

Who can we use? What are they like? First of all have a look at my overview of the game as a whole.

This week I’m going to discuss how the armies of Warmachine play. That is what models they often play and what that feels like on the table so that you can make an informed choice as you start the game. Next week we will discuss the Factions of Hordes.

The Factions of Warmachine are varied and very well-balanced against each other, though some Factions have an easier time when playing their “typical” models against other Factions, again fielding typical models. The individual warcasters/warlocks also provide a huge variety of playstyles and armies that can be explored. However, ultimately, each Faction has a flavour and a certain approach, as well as distinctive feels and similarities throughout their suite of options.
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Nemesis: Major Haley. 6 Part 2 – Time Shift Ain’t No Thing

nemesis 2

This week on Nemesis, we’re laying a trap. We’ve always been able to set up traps for collosals, but against Haley2 she will trivialise and de-tooth your counterattack. And there isn’t much you can do about it. Butcher3 is an exception. He should get to move 6” in his maintenance phase independent of activations. Even crossing a wreck, you’ll get to where you want to go. Today we are talking about the math, and our assumptions about how the matchup will play out, and where we can expect the pieces to be in relation to each other.

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Nemesis: Major Haley. 6 Part 1 – 1st Army Problems

nemesis 2

Greetings and salutations!

As a brave and loyal Khadoran, you have heard horror stories of witches since the day you were born. Tales of crows and talons of steel, fables of women eating still beating hearts underneath the light of the three moons, fear and monstrosity in the unknown corners. Today, comrade, we will discuss the greatest of horrors for a stalwart man of the Empire. Today, we discuss the witch of time.
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Beating Stagnation – A Hammer by any other Name

Maslows hammer states (in its popularized form) – “When all you have is a hammer all your problems begin to look like nails!” This refers to the idea that if a person can only view situations in one way, each situation starts to be addressed in the exact same manner. I have been collecting and playing Khador since I began playing some three years ago now and in that time I have not strayed from the Big Red Machine in any real way – not in any way that would give me a screwdriver or a saw or anything that is not one huge honking hammer. I have, in short, succumbed to faction stagnation.
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Nemesis: The Lich. 3 – In Support of Battle Heels


“Lich moves forward and measures control, just guessing command on that stationary bile thrall.”

“Sure, go for it.”

“Okay, I excarnate on that pikeman nearby, boosting to hit… And that’s a bile thrall.”

“It’s not stationary either…”


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