New England Team Tournament Report Pt. 2

For the final three rounds of the tournament I played Miserable Meat Mountain in every game. For every game I also deployed one of each of the units of Warders and Champs on the flanks with my BG and Krielstone in the middle. Just assume that deployment in every one of the following battle reports. I also got increasingly tired as these games went on, and started having a few drinks, so my already shaky memory is even worse for these. Sorry about that but I tried to include all the really significant moments.
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New England Team Tournament Report Pt. 1

This past weekend I played in the New England Team Tournament at Captain Con and went 4-1 over the course of the day with my team, Dark Omen 2, finished fifth out of 24 with a 3-2 record. My team was Shane York playing Khador with Sorscha2 and Vlad1 and Matt K rocking his Convergence with Mother and Father. It was an absolute blast even if playing 5 rounds in one day made me a zombie. I thought I’d do a bit of a write up about my games hitting on the highlights. These won’t be comprehensive but hopefully they’re interesting and apologies to my opponents if I forgot your name or something relevant from our game. I was pretty jet lagged and tired for a lot of the event. Plus my memory for names is just appalling. In summary: I’m the worst and here are some battle reports.
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The Scrutator Semper Chronicles 16

Chapter Two: The Brown Land

Part Six: What The Thunder Said

Battle lines had been drawn, and what had been isolated skirmishes was now all out war for the Darkfen. Unless they can push the Trollbloods and their allies out of the marsh, the Menites’ plans lie in ruins, and the city of Merwynn could be under threat. The United Kriels need to show their strength to gain allies in their constant quest for survival.

They clash in the Darkholm, the forbidding forest which clings to the Darkhills which surround Merwynn. Grand Scrutator Severius leads his men without fear, but is this a fight the Menites can win?

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