Finding Feora

The Seven-Month Itch

My name is Siskey and I am a Kreoss player. Any kind of Kreoss, it doesn’t matter( there are only three…Ed.), I’ve played him lots of times now. I’ve used every spell on those cards, feated, charged, whiffed, been assassinated and assassinated others. I’ve done it all, with those three. In the run-up to the Irish Masters this year, I decided to play the three incarnations of Kreoss and so played nearly nothing else for four months. Now, with the World Team Championships looming close, my natural choice for lists has settled on my two most familiar casters. It helps that they’re very good in their own right.

But as a Protectorate player, I’m feeling limited. Committing to playing nothing but Kreoss in competitive play has started to grate a little. The High Exemplar and the Intercessor are great, don’t get me wrong. But there are twelve other warcasters out there that I haven’t played in a serious game in months now. I’ve begun thinking of the aftermath of the WTC as my post-Kreoss phase.

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Nordicon Tournament Report Part 2

Game 2 vs VagrantPoet playing Protectorate

The the major downside of winning your first round, in the second round you have to try to do it again, and against someone you know was good enough to win the first time! At least I had a whole lunch break to decide what I was going to put on the table for this game. VP was playing Feora2 and the High Reclaimer.

The Feora2 list has the Judicator, a Reckoner, a Vanquisher and a Devout, Rhoven & Co and some Zealots and support elements including a maximum Choir. The High Reclaimer list includes Bastions, Idrians and lots of other nasty surprises. The way I see it, my Kreoss3 list should do well against his Feora2, and my Kreoss1 list is necessary if he puts High Reclaimer down. If we mix and match outside of these two match-ups, things could get real messy. In the end, however, I consult my little green book and I see that neither of these warcasters are the Harbinger of Menoth (it’s always worth checking), and so it says Kreoss3. I bite the bullet and put him down, figuring that I need the heavy-hitting either way.

Et voila! It’s Feora2 versus Kreoss3.

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