New England Team Tournament Report Pt. 1

This past weekend I played in the New England Team Tournament at Captain Con and went 4-1 over the course of the day with my team, Dark Omen 2, finished fifth out of 24 with a 3-2 record. My team was Shane York playing Khador with Sorscha2 and Vlad1 and Matt K rocking his Convergence with Mother and Father. It was an absolute blast even if playing 5 rounds in one day made me a zombie. I thought I’d do a bit of a write up about my games hitting on the highlights. These won’t be comprehensive but hopefully they’re interesting and apologies to my opponents if I forgot your name or something relevant from our game. I was pretty jet lagged and tired for a lot of the event. Plus my memory for names is just appalling. In summary: I’m the worst and here are some battle reports.
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The Scrutator Semper Chronicles 12

Chapter Two: The Brown Land
Part Two: At The Violet Hour

It was time for the first game of the Brown Land campaign, and Stu and I had chosen a 50 point list from our monstrous 160 point reserve to fight over the contested territory of the Darkfen. The idea for this game is that Grand Scrutator Severius’ first foray into the swamp accompanied by a force composed mostly of mercenary elements is intercepted by a warband from the United Kriels, who have arrived to defend the natives. We used the Halfaug region of the Arctic Anomaly, which has a dangerous pitfall. As a Purist player, Stu could use the edges of the structure to gain cover, but could not advance into it for fear of death. As an Opportunist player, I could freely enter and move across the structure to launch surprise attacks. Any model left within the Descent would die a swampy death. We decided this was an ancient shrine to the Devourer Wurm, where fell magics were still strong.

EDIT: Photos are now up!

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It’s in the Blood #11: Calandra

It has been a while since I wrote one of these, sorry about that. As you may have gathered from my previous run of articles I have been playing Runes of War pretty consistently for over a while now and I’ve finally begun to burn out on it. I’ve just gotten tired of playing it so I’m looking to pick up a different warlock and play them instead. One of my all time favorites and a warlock I’ve always considered one of Trollblood’s best is Calandra but I’ve never quite figured out where she belongs in the faction. With that in mind I thought I’d explore how to build Calandra into a list pair for competitive play. Warning, this first article will be heavy on the theory and a bit rambling in tone.
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