Irish Masters 2015: First Details, New Format!

The 2015 Irish Masters will be held on March 27th-29th in Dublin city centre. We’re just finalizing the hotel details right now and those will be available very soon. But we’re mixing things up this year with a brand new format very much in the vein of the US convention scene and we wanted to get this information out to you as soon as possible! In addition to the core Masters event we’ll be having several side events to suit people’s tastes. The Irish Masters is also pleased to announce that it is a qualifier for the European Invitational to be held at Clog Con next December. Not only will the winner get to become an honorary Irishman they’ll also get free entry to Clog Con and the chance to compete with some of Europe’s finest players!

Tickets to the Irish Masters will be 40 Euro which will cover entry into all of the events. Tickets will go on sale Friday the 19th of December. 

The Format:

This year the Irish Masters will be switching to a qualifier system. We will have two qualifiers, one on Friday and one on Saturday, for a Masters top 16 on Sunday. The Qualifiers will be 64 players and standard 50 point Steamroller events. They will last 4 rounds with the top 8 qualifying for Masters. Taking the top 8 after four rounds means that some 3-1 players will qualify so don’t drop out just because you lose early! Every player is guaranteed a spot in at least one of the two qualifiers. The top 16 on Sunday will be the standard 3-list 50 point Masters event. Players will only be allowed to pre-register for one qualifier so that everyone gets a shot at playing in a qualifier, however, on the actual day of the event any empty spaces will be available for those who want them.

Since most people will only get to play in one qualifier and we don’t want people sitting around bored all weekend we’re going to have other non-qualifier events alongside the main events. There will be 8-Man Scramblers organized on the demand all weekend, both standard Steamrollers and Spell Draft formats will be available. If anyone is interested in playing in one of those they just have to drop by our Reg desk and when we get 8 interested players we start an event.

In addition to those there will be two other big events: a 50 point Hardcore and a Team Tournament. Hardcore will run on Saturday opposite Qualifier 2 while the Team Tournament will run opposite the Masters on Sunday. Qualifier 1 will be the only big event on Friday but there will be much socializing (read, pints) going on all day!

Full details on purchasing tickets, event bookings, and the hotel will be made early next week.

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