Where’s my MoMy, big changes for Overload Online.

I’m going to keep this short and brief. The jist is that we are joining forces with Muse on Minis. All of your favourite authors, and me, will be posting regularly (hopefully more regularly than lately) on the main MoM wordpress account.

I will personally be moving most of the archives over to MoM aswell, but that doesn’t mean the Overload Online site will be closing down right away. Maybe in a year or so once everything is moved and our authors are settled into the main MoM site we might shut this site down.

For now please find us under the tag Irish on Muse on Minis.

Our podcasts and articles will hopefully continue to amuse and entertain you from our new host!

Stay Classy,
-Eoin Brennan, VagrantPoet

9 thoughts on “Where’s my MoMy, big changes for Overload Online.

  1. I am sad, your site is so much easier to find stuff on! And comments! You can comment! I’ll miss the interactivity.

    • Efforts are being made to fix Muse’s frankly terrible article functionality. I for one was unwilling to swap over without improvements and given that Siskey and Vagrantpoet are now the editors in charge of Muse content it should improve quickly! You can always find us on the Muse forums for a comment-like experience. We’re self obsessed attention whores so we’ll always happily engage in inane discussion on what we’ve written (or anything else really)!

  2. Where shall I learn what is learnable on the forums this week? I sure as heck don’t want to learn it from the forums.

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