What I Learned on the Forums This Week 60


The WTC lists were released last week and of course everyone on the forums was super excited and supportive of their respective faction’s lists. Well, most people were. Some people were insufferable assholes about it but that’s the way of the internet I suppose. We’re running slightly long this week so a few of the complaints have been ignored. If you want the full forum experience assume that every so often I complain about all Troll players taking Warders. Also conveniently I make no mention of Merc WTC lists because apparently the Merc player base doesn’t give a shit about the WTC. Instead they’re too busy nit picking and bitching at recorded games from the NoVA open because they’re asshats. I for one am insanely excited about the WTC and spent most of my time looking at the lists and not reading the forums. Thankfully enough people complained about stupid threads that I didn’t have to find them for myself. That makes my life so much easier when it happens!

Iron Gauntlet is a travesty because of neglecting Mercs and Minions!

The new Iron Gauntlet was clearly systematically and thoroughly designed by Privateer Press to spit in the faces of their most loyal fans. The people who play those downtrodden and neglected factions of Mercs and Minions demand better treatment in the Iron Gauntlet system! Merc players can’t take Cephalyx into the Gauntlet Rounds and Minions players deeply struggle to build anything resembling competitive lists at 75 points in general even before having to build that list out of their three 50 point lists. Think of all those poor people who play both Gators and Pigs? They have no options in this format. If PP really wants Iron Gauntlet to be the peak of competitive play they shouldn’t have designed this mess of a system that screws over the two most powerful factions in the game. Mercs and Minions were tearing up the competitive scene before this unfair and ill thought out change. If PP really wanted to punish these factions, and their players, they should have just issued an errata. In protest everyone who plays the M&M factions should build three lists that are utterly incapable of being combined in the Gauntlet Rounds. Then qualify for the Gauntlet and get disqualified for being a shitty list builder. That will show PP what’s what!

Eiryss2’s restriction hurts Cygnar and Khador players!

Having your opponent cast upkeeps on your units sucks. Why they get to use their spells in the manner the rules intend them to? I want their spells to only last on their turn and not shut me down at all. Actually having Fear of God do anything is a shitty play experience. The problem is my one stop solution to all Upkeeps, Eiryss2, is restricted to just one list so I can’t solve my upkeep problems in all situations all the time. I would really appreciate it if PP released some kind of melee Eiryss (maybe call it a Tullg?) and let me play that in my other list. I hate having to react to what my opponents spells do and would prefer to just play my turn regardless of any of their abilities and buffs. Also Denny1 with Crippling Grasp is OP as shit and I’m going to whinge about it a lot because that’s the whole reason I want this changed. One ‘caster with one spell is totally sufficient justification for me wanting a whole new model introduced to negate my opponents upkeeps all the time. Ideally give me one better than Eiryss2 since she costs a lot at 3 points and isn’t actually all that survivable at DEF 16. Hard decisions are hard PP, please remove them from the game.

Hordes have no problems with Crippling Grasp whatsoever because they can take the Thrullg. Shit is unfair man.

Cygnar WTC lists are all super bland.

You may have hoped that the WTC lists for your faction broke the competitive mold and challenged you to look at models in entirely new ways but you were foolishly optimistic in that hope, especially if you play Cygnar. The Cygnar, or should we say Mercnar to be accurate, lists are basically all one of the Haleys or Siege. There’s basically no variety in them. I just skipped over the actual lists when I saw the caster because I was so disappointed in competitive players I couldn’t take it. I doubt there were any interesting differences between the various lists since all of those ‘casters have a set competitive list that is all that anyone ever plays. Clearly everyone just photocopied that one competitive list from each of the ‘casters without any innovation. Sure I didn’t actually read any of the lists and so missed the vast differences between each and every list that actually shows interesting faction diversity but that’s hardly important. There are only eleven lists with Storm Lances in them so clearly there’s none of the excitement from last year. If only I could afford to travel around the national meta. Then I would champion the under dog and teach everyone about how amazing my favorite ‘caster pair is. For sure that’s what would happen.

Mark II is to blame for a lack of ‘caster diversity!

The ‘caster balance in the current rules set is an absolute travesty! You can only play a handful of ‘casters and hope to be competitive because all the others are massive piles of dogshit. If your PoM pair doesn’t include Harbinger you’re bad at the game. The same with Haley2/Siege which is the only viable pairing in that faction and has always been. There is literally no reason to play anything outside the box and there is no such thing as ‘casters coming out of obscurity and becoming popular. High Reclaimer? Sure wasn’t he a staple of competitive Menoth lists for the past four years? This lack of diversity is true of all the factions like Cygnar, Cryx and Legion. Those are all of the factions that exist in the game. You’d have to be a moron to break the mold and play something like Testament. The Testament is so bad. The only thing he has is a Feat that’s a worse version of Lich2’s Feat. Otherwise he does literally nothing because Revive is a spell that does not exist. Some nerd might suggest that Severius1 should see more play but you should probably explain to him in small words why he is mistaken. Mike Puryear doesn’t know anything about Menoth does he? I’m sure he’s just mistaken and will really appreciate the enlightenment you’re about to bestow unto him.

The handful of Sevy2 players at the event are clearly not of sound mind. Why would anyone play this guy in a meta with lots of medium based infantry spam?

Necrosurgeons are underpowered!

Cryx is sorely in need of some viable choices that aren’t Banes or Satyxis. With that in mind we should buff the Necrosurgeon so that the Mechanithrall package can be viable in competitive play. What if Necrosurgeon’s could make Brute Thralls for the unit? Brute Thralls would be more expensive than generic McThralls are and since Necrosurgeons never have more tokens than they can use in a single turn this won’t alter the balance of the unit much. Anyway, the whole point is to make this underplayed and noncompetitive but fluffy choice more valid in the current tournament scene. Buff Cryx recursion!

Hero Thread: Vengeance Pieces at WTC by Longshot

This week we journey beyond the realms of the Big Boards to the bizarre land known only as MOM. This thread started with Longshot’s breakdown of the number of occurrences of models released in Vengeance in WTC lists. That alone is pretty sweet but throughout the rest of the thread he gives every Mk. II supplement the same treatment. It’s a fascinating read.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 60

  1. I agree in spirit about the Iron Gauntlet whining, however overall it is a pretty terrible competitive format for reasons that aren’t usually mentioned. I love challenging and competitive formats but this year’s iteration is far from that – even more so than the first season.

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