Team Northern Ireland Player Profile #1 – Adam

As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I’m deserting President and country and playing for our Northern brethren this year at the World Team Championship in Poland. Since the lists are released this week, I thought it was a nice time for all the players to introduce themselves and their lists. First up is Adam. If you can imagine this entire post with a soundtrack of “The 100 Best Action Movies of the 1980’s”, you’re on the road to achieving Adam-awareness. Take it away, Adam.

In the Beginning…

I blame my father.

When I was six he beat me 5-0 on World Cup Italia 90 on the Sega Mega Drive. When I cried he laughed and told me to ‘wise up.’

He bought me a t-shirt that read ‘second is first loser’ and made me wear it during any public showings.

One time, he fell off a swing into a river and blamed me for my sub-par swing pushing technique.

With the flavour of my childhood presented in the examples above, how was I ever going to avoid becoming super competitive when I took up Warmachine & Hordes? How was I going to resist the call of the ultimate litmus test in the shape of the World Team Championships? And how was I to control my covetous eyes from the power faction that is Minions?

‘It’s impossible’ you are no doubt saying dear reader, ‘Minions are da best 4eva’ I’m sure you’ve added after a half a breath summarised in this instance with the use of a colon. In a purely syntax sense of course – not a biological one.

And so I, Adam Fox, find myself with lists locked counting down the days to the WTC 2014 in Poland. As a member of the Northern Ireland WTC team, one of my partners in crime Siskey, aka Sisko 3000, aka Mark Knopfler 2.0 put a request on our super-secret Facebook chat for a member of the team to talk through their thoughts on list creation for the event. As a Minions player, who was better than I to do it? I have the hard decisions, the impossible questions and the highest opportunity cost.

The Lists

I’m playing Rask.

With the first list fully detailed above we move onto the second one. No doubt, by the time this article is published, lists will be out and I’ll be even more internet famous as not only the guy that gets destroyed on every episode of Overload On Air but as ‘that dick that took Barnabas to the WTC.’

Why Barnabas? He’s the reason I play the game. I couldn’t get into any of the factions when I first started playing W&H until I stumbled upon this chap and he’s what got me hooked and as a result is the reason I have the friends I do now. So I owe him. And he’s ‘pure belter’ as we say in Belfast (no one says this in Belfast).

The list is as follows:
Bloody Barnabas (+6)
*Ironback Spitter
*Bull Snapper
*Bull Snapper
Gatorman Posse max
Gatorman Posse max
Gatorman Posse max
WrongEye & Snapjaw
Viktor Pendrake

‘Come onto me all ye (gunlines) who seek death!’ would be one poor way to describe this list.

As obscure as Barnabas may be on the world stage, I do think it is a fine example of the evolution of a list through a combination of player comfort and the needs of a team.

As Team NI discussed different match ups and possibilities, it was clear we had some gaps in the form of coverage for the ‘gunline’ factions. Ret, Cygnar and to a lesser extent Legion all needed another option and, paired with the all-conquering silence (Rask), Barnabas can really cause these factions some issues.

This was combined with my strong fan boy desire to take Barnabas in place of the more conventional (for minions) option of Maelok.
I’ve reinforced the old gator’s ability to deliver a sizeable portion of gators to the fight with the inclusion of Wrongeye and Snapjaw who can make it there too with that classic submerge caper we’ve all used/ saw used. They also add some much needed punch for the beefy enemies. Overall however the list doesn’t like to see armour and this is something I’ll have to keep in mind during list selection. That and ‘how many times have I played Rask?’

The rest of the list is mostly self-explanatory aside from the battle group which has probably raised an eyebrow/ snort of derision. Its creation stems from my preferred play style with Barnabas. When I first started using him I was very defensively minded. At the turn of the year I played a few casual games in which I purposely used him in an overly aggressive manner and it was not only incredibly enjoyable but it worked (to an extent at least).

I now regularly play Barnabas high up, especially in zonal scenarios, whopping folk in the face in a slaphappy fashion . He’s surprisingly good as an anchor and at 13/21 with spiny growth and engaged he’s hard to get rid of as well. Add in the ever hilarious counter charge which everyone forgets about (mainly me) and he can cause real headaches from a scenario perspective. I think this playstyle was permanently cemented in my head after my first round match against Martin Hornacek at the 2014 Irish Masters. Although I eventually lost the match, I was able to put real pressure on him and afterwards he remarked that I was the best player ever. He’s probably forgotten saying that but it definitely happened.

The bull snappers hand out spiny growth and act as transfer targets sitting well back form the fight. The spitter is there to take advantage of the feat and open charge lanes with his corrosive gops. He loves to see those small bases shield walls. Unless they’re Assault Kommandos. They can F right aff.

So there’s a short insight as to why you’ll see Barnabas at the WTC. No doubt with this explanation in tow you’ll see why Team Northern Ireland is a hot favourite to scoop first place and has such celebrity backing as Danny Glover, Jesse Ventura and the bad guy from the first Karate Kid film.

To Poland!

Adam Fox (a.k.a the stylish one of the group).

Tune in soon for the rest of the team’s introductions!

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