New England Team Tournament Report Pt. 2

For the final three rounds of the tournament I played Miserable Meat Mountain in every game. For every game I also deployed one of each of the units of Warders and Champs on the flanks with my BG and Krielstone in the middle. Just assume that deployment in every one of the following battle reports. I also got increasingly tired as these games went on, and started having a few drinks, so my already shaky memory is even worse for these. Sorry about that but I tried to include all the really significant moments.

Round 3 vs Team Kobra Kai: Meat Mountain vs. Rasheth Chain Gang I forgot my opponents name this round too because I’m a terrible person. played by Wade Viera (props to Shane York for the name reminder). His list had a Sentry, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Krea, a unit of gators, a unit of nihilators, two agonizers, a tyrant commander and some pain givers. Relevant terrain was a hill in the middle of the table and a hill on my right. The scenario was Destruction.

For reasons beyond understanding I actually quite enjoy playing against Rasheth.

I got the second turn in the game. My opponent deployed his beasts centrally with Nihilators on my left and Gators on my right. First turn everything ran forward, as per usual. He Feated second turn, which was probably too early, and killed a couple of Warders with Gators and a couple of Nihilator charges. My turn two I counter Feated, killed two Gators, a handful of Nihilators, and pushed into the zone. I managed to get a few swings on the Sentry and nicked him for a few points. His turn three he put his Sentry and Gladiator up into my Warders and killed a handful of them, the Nihilators did nothing and the Gators wiffed pretty badly. On my turn I mostly killed the Sentry with charging champions and had Mulg kill the Gladiator. I also put up Runebreaker to deny Train Wreck, and because I had spare Fury due to hot dice, so he couldn’t get to more of my infantry. I put a few Warders in melee with the Bronzeback to try and block his access to Mulg. Grissel walked onto the hill on my side of the table to be both relevant and relatively safe. She sat there basically all game. I killed a few more Gators and mostly ignored the Nihilators. On his turn he managed to clear a Warder out to open a lane to Mulg, who he shot with a few Sunder Spirits the first of which did no damage but the second did a few points, and killed him with the Bronzeback. The Bronzeback still had enough attacks to kill a Warder. The Sentry wiffed a lot on the champs that were engaging him. On my turn two champs still in melee with him plus a charging Fell Caller killed the Sentry off. Grissel fired her Quake gun to knock down the Bronzeback and two champs from the other unit charged the Bronzeback and spiked their damage pretty hard. The Axer then charged into the Bronzeback but had to spend all of his Fury to finish him off leaving Grissel with no transfer target. Rasheth came up and threw a few Sunder Spirits at Grissel but left her with 5 or so boxes left. The last gator walked up to her, since he had no charge lane, and wiffed on her. My opponent then conceded as Rasheth was within walking distance of 2 champs, 2 Warders and an Axer with no transfers.

My opponent Feated way too early in this game. By Feating early on he gave up his ability to counter my ARM skew in the later turns. I think he was worried about my alpha with weapon masters and underestimated the amount of ARM I would stack in later turns. It was still a close game but some good dice on that Bronzeback allowed me to shut him down completely by taking all of his heavies from him while still having at least 8 of my heavy infantry still alive.

This round Dark Omen 2 continued our heroic 3-0 victory procession. Things were looking up for us!

Round 4 vs Dark Omen 1: Meat Mountain vs. Haley2 played by Alex Buganski. Alex’s list was Stormclad, Thorn, Silverline Stormguard, Gun Mages + the Dude, Nyss, Anastasia, Eiryss1, Squire, and Junior. Scenario was Two Fronts.

There was a big pool of water in the middle of the table and a forest on my left at the near end of my zone, most other terrain was pretty irrelevant. I think I went second but I’m not sure, the scenario was a super slow one so I wasn’t too worried about it. Buganski put his Nyss on my left and his Gun Mages + Silverline on my right. Anastasia went on the left while Eiryss came up the middle. The ‘jacks were deployed centrally. On turn one Alex ran his ‘jacks towards my zone and Haley towards his while I moved everything forward keeping my beasts pretty central. This game was super slow as Alex used TK and Time Bomb to slow my stuff down while I just walked forward and ground up against him. The right flank really went my way as the Silverline struggled to kill my Warders and my Fell Caller’s Sprays blew them off the table. On my left side he threw 10 man CRAs at my Warders which was unpleasantly successful at killing my dudes. His Stormclad killed a few guys as well while Thorn arcing spells shut down my retaliation. He forgot to Feat on his Turn 2 which let my Champ kill his Anastasia by rolling a hard 9 to hit her and let me get into position to better endure his Feat. Realizing attrition was slowly going against me in my zone I pushed Grissel up to Alex’s zone and charged Mulg into the shallow water in the middle of the table killing Eiryss and threatening his objective and Haley. I cast IG and put Haley in my control area. He charged his Stormclad into Mulg and killed him while almost clearing my zone. Haley backed up but had to spend too much Focus on the Stormclad, and was out of Squire focus, so he couldn’t TK out of Inhospitable Ground which meant he didn’t get very far from Grissel. Grissel got Harmonious Exaltation from the Runebearer, cast Dash, walked forward and hit Haley with a Quake. Boosted damage, took the Spray, boosted damage and Haley was dead.

Anastasia has Pathfiner and Parry which is some bullshit let me tell you.

Alex got way farther up on attrition than I thought he would and the control element of Haley was super miserable for me. Time Bomb sucks when you’re playing Champs. The not-live scenario limited a lot of my fear about it and let me grind out the slow game greatly reducing the power of his Feat. Anastasia was a scary prospect until I killed her and the big CRAs from Nyss were definitely the better idea than taking plinking shots at Warders. Getting Grissel up near Haley puts her in a ton of danger, though, and him having to blow all his Focus to guarantee a dead Mulg (you really don’t want a slightly alive Mulg) was a bit of a problem for him.

Despite my victory my team fell 1-2 to the other Dark Omen team. Matt’s game was super close while Shane got blown up in a pretty rough match up but did managed to drop his other list into it so he wasn’t list locked in the final round.

Round 5 vs. Team Muse on Minis: Meat Mountain vs. Ocean’s 18 played by Nigel. I was actually supposed to play John DeMaris’ Menoth but they Team Feated to swap me and Matt. Nigel’s list was Sorscha1, Behemoth, Koldun Lord, Widowmakers, Widowmaker Marksmen, Epic Alexia, Epic Eiryss, Kell Bailoch, Reinholdt, Dougal Macnaile, Gobber Tinker, Orin Midwinter, Min. Outriders, Great Bears, Gorman di Wulfe and Aiyanna and Holt. I think that’s everything… I gotta be honest this was the fifth round I played this day and I was absolutely wrecked so my memory of this will be hazy. The scenario was Incursion.

Nigel deployed his Outriders on my left, Behemoth and the Widowmakers on the right and the solos just fucking everywhere. I knew about this list but having never seen it played I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a forest on my left between the two flags and a wall on my right in a very similar position. I ran forward but was very wary of going too far forward due to Sorscha’s assassination potential. The right flag disappeared. He used his shit ton of Snipers to take a Warder a turn pretty easily. He Freezing Gripped the Warder unit on my left pretty much every round, one Warder had Toughed making him a great target for getting the rest, shutting down that unit and tagged Mulg with Black Oil two turns in a row. I pushed my army left to compensate for the lost unit of Warders due to FG while his Outriders moved to encircle my army. The Great Bears + Aiyanna’s Harm blew up a few Warders and were immune to retaliation thanks to Sorscha’s Feat. One turn Sorscha left herself open with no camp without Wind Rushing back and I decided to go for the kill. I pushed Grissel forward with the Axer and gave her Pathfinder from the Fell Caller because she was hiding behind the Forest. Unfortunately the Runebearer was engaged after making a Tough check the previous round from a Thrall charge so I couldn’t get him into range to Harmonious. In hindsight I should have tried to spray him clear with the Fell Caller but I completely spaced that at the time. Grissel cast Dash and walked forward to shoot Sorscha but was a quarter inch out on the quake. The deviation missed Sorscha. The Spray hit and blew up damage leaving Sorscha on 4, my Crescendo tagged her but I was out of Fury to boost the damage so I needed a hard 11 to kill. I rolled a 9 and left her on two. Grissel died in response.

Gorman di Wulfe is a traitor to the Gorman name, I won’t forget his slight against me so easily next time!

The control element of Oceans was pretty rough in this game. I think I worried too much about his assassination given that I can camp a couple of Fury so I left Grissel too far back to snipe out relevant and annoying solos with her gun which would have helped a lot. He did a good job of prioritizing his targets and the Freezing Grip on that one unit of Warders shut me down pretty hard. Tons of Snipers are pretty annoying when your list relies on stacking a lot of ARM.

We got 0-3ed this round playing into some pretty rough games. Our complete devastating loss did mean that Aaron Wale got into Masters though and he’s an awesome dude so I’m definitely happy about that.

Overall Captain Con was an awesome event and the NETT was a blast to play in. My opponents were classy guys and I had great close games every round. Definitely think about going if you get the chance.

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