Stem’s Weekly Reports. 4 – So…Who Actually Wins?

No spoilers or anything!

Hello again my wonderful readers! (All 3 of you) This week i’m bringing you probably my most exciting battle report yet, featuring just about the closest game i’ve ever played in my entire warmachine career! (Can you really call it a career?)

This week i’m throwing down a bit of my infamous Kreoss 3, pretty much my favourite caster in the entire game!

The list;

Intercessor Kreoss + 5

– Fire of Salvation 9

– Reckoner 8

Avatar of Menoth 11

Choir of Menoth (Min) 2

Exemplar Vengers (Max) 11

Holy Zealots (Max) 6

– Monolith Bearer 2

Vassal of Menoth 2

Vassal of Menoth 2

Mikanos the Mechanik! 1

Wracks 1

My Horse is Amazing

Good old Michael Kreoss and his horse have almost never let me down! This list hasn’t changed much since its inception, the glorious 3 heavies and Kreoss’ power piece vengers make for some serious hard hitting. Coupled with the standard Menoth support makes this list absolutely shine!

In the past 9 tournament games i’ve played with Kreoss, i’ve only lost once! So i’m pretty confident in my play with him. 

But can I keep it up?

My opponent for this week, is little Jack! A young lad that converted from nameless wargame featuring buckets of dice, about 8 months ago. He’s got some serious talent for a kid thats only been playing that long!

He’s playing the absolute monster that is Butcher 3, meaning we’re playing a matchup we’ve played almost religiously, week in, week out.

The Butcher Unleashed 

– War Argus

– Spriggan 

– War Dog

Iron Fang Pikemen (Max)

– Black Dragon Officer & Standard

Kayazy Assasins (Max)

– Underboss


Eiryss 2

Madelyn Corbaeu

Great Bears of Gallowswood

Saxon Orrick

Yuri the Axe

Tactical Arcanist Corps


We’re playing incursion, which I feel is heavily in Jack’s favour. We roll off and jack elects to go first. I choose the side of the table that hasn’t got a large forest to get in my way!

Jack deploys his Iron Fangs off to my left, with the spriggan, T.A.C, Madelyn, Butcher and his dogs in the middle, with kayazy off the to right and great bears heavily flanked. The widow makers, eiryss, yuri and saxon all get AD’d into the forest.

I counter deploy with the Vengers off to the left facing off against the Iron Fangs, Kreoss and his jacks in the middle, Zealots off to the right, and support behind Kreoss’ Boys.Image

Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned!

Khador Turn 1

Jack shockingly gets everything on the move, the widowmakers and eiryss advance aggressively to immediately start threatening my zealots, saxon throws pathfinder onto the kayazy, who then sprint through the forest. The Great Bears run around the forest, flanking even more. Butcher energisers for 3, and then runs up the middle.

The spriggan and T.A.C follow suit, with the iron fangs finally nestling up behind the wall to my left. Pretty standard stuff!

Protectorate Turn 1

Kreoss Allocates 1 to each jack in his battlegroup, and Avatar of course rolls 4 focus this turn. I start with the choir calling passage on all the jacks, and staying right where they are, I daren’t bring them any further up the board, lest they get sniped out by widowmakers. Each jack then runs, only going 9 inches of their possible 10, so the choir can still call on them the following turn. 

The zealots go, calling greater destiny and warding, then running up the board. I’ve a plan for the kayazy next turn, so I’m more than happy for Jack to engage me with them. Kreoss goes, putting warpath up on himself, holy ward on the vengers and advancing behind the wall. The vassals call enliven on avatar and fire of salvation. 

Finally the Vengers run onto the hill, comfortable that iron fangs have no way to charge them over the wall, and mikanos runs base to base with the reckoner, as I need something able to get onto the left hand flag should the opportunity arise.



Menoth Forbid That Wrack Blow Up.

Khador Turn 2

The right hand side flag disappears!

Jack allocates 1 to the spriggan and the butcher keeps the rest. The kayazy receive pathfinder from saxon, and proceed to minifeat and engage my zealots heavily. The widomakers then advance, and take some potshots at my vassal, managing to kill the 1 behind Fire of Salvation which procs Righteous Vengeance. 

The Great Bears continue to swing around to my right.

Eiryss and Yuri advance to the edge of the forest, the black dragons mini feat and shield wall, bringing themselves over the wall. The T.A.C develop a cloud bunker for butcher and his support to sit behind, and one of butchers dogs runs to tempt a vengeance procs. 

Jack passes the turn and its time for me to get to work!


Dare I Make a Jammin’ Joke?

Protectorate turn 2

So this turn is definitely feat turn, Kreoss has got major plans for that lovely line of kayazy, so I allocate just 1 to Fire of Salvation and drop Warpath, avatar rolls just 2 focus this turn. 

Fire of Salvation takes his vengeance into a kayazy and kills him, Kreoss then goes first, pulling off a wrack and taking a ride by. He comes over the wall, feats and boosts death sentence into and engaged Kayazy, thankfully hitting, he then throws ignite onto Fire and warpath onto himself. Kreoss then boosts a Crevasse into the kayazy to the far left of the conga line, hitting on the reroll. The spray catches 3 more kayazy, killing 2 of them thanks to rerolling to hit! The reckoner takes a warpath move just to the right.

Kreoss finishes his ride by back over the wall. The choir advance and call battle on all 3. The reckoner then aims and shoots into the Argus, killing it and proccing vengeance for butcher. Fire of salvation goes, using his imprint and warpath move, he manages to clear a few kayazy and widowmakers. 

The vassal calls enliven on avatar, who then remove the last models contesting the middle flag and parks on it. The vengers go, I send 1 into each group of 3 Iron fangs, killing all 3 charge targets. I then have Mikanos the Mechanik sprint a full 12 towards the left hand side flag. 

The zealots finally go, calling fervor, and advancing where possible. After all the bombs have been dropped, they’ve managed to kill eiryss, leave yuri on 1 box, kill a few more kayazy, including the underboss.

I pass the turn and we go to 1-0 on scenario. I feel like this turn was damn successful!



That Could’ve Been a Lot Worse!

Khador turn 3

Butcher keeps all his focus this turn, madelyn moves a T.A.C up with intrigue, and butcher advances with vengeance. The T.A.C go first, charging into avatar, the first one plinks him for a point and triggers enliven. My plan is to bait butcher into over committing to kill 2 jacks, so the 3rd can assasinate him next turn. So Avatar enlivens near to the Reckoner. 

Yuri the axe goes, charging fire of salvation and doing some reasonable damage.

The butcher now goes, Energising for 2, charging Avatar and casts impending doom. He brings in 1 venger to his back arc, both avatar and the reckoner, and a second venger in his front arc. His charge attack immediately wipes out avatars shield, followed up by 3 flashing blades and he’s scrapped Avatar, killed the Venger, and left the Reckoner on a single box! 

A flurry of mad dice has left Butcher camping 5, a lot more than i’d of liked! The Butchers last Argus had charged Fire of Salvation, and manages to snipe out his cortex to the box. This is going from bad to worse for me!

The kayazy go, killing a few Zealots, followed by the Great Bears taking a charge. 1 manages to just get in on Kreoss over the wall. The other 2 suicidally charge the wrack next to him. Needing 8’s to hit, the charging Great Bear hits twice and does a huge amount of damage! The wrack blows up, taking 2 Great Bears with it, and dropping Kreoss to just 2 boxes! Dear lord.

Jack ends his turn and we stay on 1-0 for scenario.


What just happened?

Protectorate turn 3

Its time to try and pull this back! Kreoss is sat nearly dead, and I realise that attrition is hugely in jacks favour at this point. Mikanos goes and runs on to the left hand side flag. Securing me another CP. 

Kreoss takes a ride by, needing 4 attacks before that great bear stops rolling tough! I’m on full tilt at this point, finishing my ride by within range of the wrack, pulling off it and healing with every focus I have left.

Fire of salvation and the vengers make the best attempt they can at clearly out the middle flag, but leave a T.A.C and the war dog contesting. The zealots finish of the kayazy, and enliven goes up on fire of salvation.

I end the turn and we go to 2-0 on scenario.



Theres still chance….Right?

Khador turn 4

Jack is way ahead at this point. And with his feat out of the way, I’ve presented him with a dodgy assassination. Butcher can arrive at a naked Kreoss, but with only 2 focus to spare. So Jack (rightly so in my opinion) decides to push his advantage on scenario and attrition.

The last remaining T.A.C charges F.O.S, proccing enliven. Followed by butcher charging his own Iron fang. To then energise on to the flag, and kill mikanos! The Spriggan advances around the wall, followed by  Saxon attempting to snipe out the monolith bearer, but missing!

Jack ends his turn, and we end up at 2-2 on scenario.


Come Back Here!

Protectorate Turn 4

I know that theres a slim chance I can still win on scenario. But its going to take some serious doing. Kreoss keeps all his focus.

The choir go and run, 1 getting within range to contest the left hand side flag, The zealots finish off the very last few kayazy and saxon orick.  Fire of salvation kills the T.A.C that is contesting the middle flag. Finally, Kreoss, after having healed up from imperishable conviction, pulls off a wrack and runs on to the middle flag.

I end the turn and we go to 3-2 on scenario (To me).



Its Down to the Wire!

Khador Turn 5

Jacks got a simple turn, he puts 3 onto the spriggan, and butcher keeps the rest. Butcher goes into the contesting choir, and of course they flee! 

The spriggan and iron fangs go into poor old fire of salvation, killing him. The war dog runs to contest, and Jack ends his turn, dominating the left flag!

We go to 3-4 on Scenario (In Jack’s Favour)

Protectorate Turn 5

Sure enough, Jack has left me with a very cheeky way to win on scenario! Kreoss keeps all his focus.

The zealots go and throw bombs at the models in Kreoss’ way. Thankfull they manage to clear the way. Kreoss then goes, running on to the same flag as butcher, taking a free strike on the way from an Iron Fang.

Thankfully Jack doesn’t roll doubles, and Kreoss makes it to the flag.

Because i’m the active player, scenario goes in my favour, and I dominate to win!



Well…This is Awkward.

This has to be the closest game that me and Jack have ever had. And probably the closest game I’ve ever had!

It’s very humbling to see a list written specifically to tear apart Butcher, be ripped to shreds by the man himself!

Jack has come on incredibly since he started playing this game, and my games against him have become harder and harder as time has gone on. Watch out, because this lad is one to watch!

Overall I was pleased with myself, being able to claw back a game where I had such a bad turn (Partly down to outargeous dice), but most of all, I was pleased with little Jack, reminding me that you’re never too big to be taken down a peg or two!

Keep it up Little man. 

Theres something special coming this weekend…

You’ll all be pleased to know, our friendly neighborhood outpost is holding a tournament this weekend! So expect and extra special edition of Stems Weekly Reports next week!

And although you’ve probably missed this weeks tournament, Juance in July is coming up! So whether you’re on for the tournament, or just need fresh recruits for your next tournament, use the discount code, OVERLOADJUNE to get an additional 5% off your online orders! 

Join me next week, where I most likely get assassinated by a Wrack!


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