Stem’s Weekly Reports. 3 – Here Comes the Boom.

Another week! 

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to yet another instalment of my wonderous battle reports.

They must be the highlight of your week by now, they certainly are mine!

This week, as I may have hinted at previously, I’m playing with the new kid on the block.

Reznik the Wrath of Ages isn’t even out yet, but he’s making waves around my meta at the minute!

The list;

Reznik, WoA +4

– Reckoner 8

– Devout 5

Errants (Max) 8

– UA 2

Piper 2

Covenant of Menoth 2

Rhoven & The Honour Guard 4

Epic Eiryss 3

Choir (Min) 2

Gastonne Crosse 3

– Vanguard 4

Tristan 3

– Redeemer 6

Vassal of Menoth 2

“So what’s he got?”

My Reznik list has gone through several iterations in recent weeks. As with any caster he’s proving to be a bit of a struggle to dial in.

Theres a lot of things Reznik wants in his list, and he always feel extremely strapped for points. Its incredible the difference between being 4 jack points and 6. Thats a free vassal!

Reznik seems like a damn competent answer to most of the hordes lists going around recently. He brings the accuracy buffs required to deal with legion and circle (As well as the all important RFP) and he also has enough infantry clearing to deal with those blasted dude spam troll lists!

Speaking of which…

My opponent this week is Nathan Hoole! A household name for all you podcasters out there!

Nathan has been playing trolls recently, and he’s brought along Grissel 1, but not your typical meat mountain list. What an innovator!


– Storm Troll

– Pyre Troll

Warders (Max)

Krielstone Bearer (Max)


Kriel Warriors (Max)

– UA

– 3 Cabers

Long Riders (Max)

Fell Caller

Trollkin Sorcerer

Bog Trog Ambushers (Min)

Swamp Gobbers


We’re playing destruction, which is pretty good for both of us. A nice central scenario that both our lists should enjoy. We roll off and I choose first turn. Nathan leaves me the side of the board with a wall in my AD zone, and a hill toeing into the zone, with some forests off to either side.

I deploy Reznik central. With Piper, the 2 juniors and their battlegroups off to the left. Rhoven, the reckoner and the devout of to my right. Support in the back line, and errants AD’d centrally.

Nathan Puts his Warders on my left flank. Longriders on my right, Kriel warriors and stone in the middle, along with Grissel and his support pieces.



Thats a lot of trolls!

Protectorate turn 1

My 3 Battlegroups divvy out focus as required. The errants run up, most of them getting onto the hill. Piper advances, calling tough on them, and the book gives no knockdown. Rhoven and the honour guard run, followed by Reznik himself advancing, putting death march on the Errants, and lamentation on himself. The Choir call passage on all 3 jacks, who then all go and run.

The Vassal puts enliven on the Reckoner, Tristan whacks fortify onto the Redeemer and Gastonne puts up moving shadows. Eiryss runs into the forest on the left, ensuring she has LOS to anything that would end up in the zone.

Trolls turn 1

Nathan has The warders run up on the left flank, followed by the longriders doing the same to the right. The Kriel Warriors get pathfinder from the fell called, call for additional speed and run. Grissel advances, putting hoof it on the warriors, and dumping all her fury into the stone.

Both beasts rile and run to generate fury, the stone pops aura and runs, and Nathan passes the turn.


Got all these Trolls in my grill!

Protectorate turn 2

Nathan has flanked heavily in his first turn. I know that if I stay super central this turn, I’d have plenty of breathing room from warders and longriders, The POW12’s from my feat certainly aren’t enough to endanger the high ARM flanking units. So theres no better time than now!

Reznik throws 2 into the reckoner, upkeeps both, tristan upkeeps and puts 3 into the redeemer, and gastonne upkeeps, keeping 3 for himself.

Reznik goes first, advancing over the wall and into the nice gap i’ve left him, feats and sits pretty! Eiryss goes next, aiming and killing one of the warriors engaging my frontline of errants. The explosion from the feat also kills the warrior next to him.

Next up the choir call Battle on my warjacks. Followed by the reckoner boosting a shot into the warriors engaging my right hand errants. Killing him, and the feat killing the guy next to him.

The redeemer stands still, throwing shots into one of the caber tossers, who toughts a few times by dies to the last shot. Gastonne Goes, advancing and putting two shots into a warrior, who depressingly toughs twice! No run n’ gun for me.

The errants get tough from piper, and then advance into the remaining kriel warriors. Between shots, melee attacks and quick works, I leave nathan with just 1 caber tosser, 1 warrior and the UA left!

Enliven goes up on my reckoner, followed by rhovens boys running in front of it to road block the longriders. The book puts up no knock down and both shield guards get next to reznik.

Overall i’m pretty damn pleased with this turn. My feat has carved a massive hole in nathans army, and staying so central means he’s going to struggle to do a lot of work next turn.


I had some warriors. Once!

Trolls turn 2

Nathan takes in his fury and gets to work.

Grissel goes first, putting the storm troll animus onto the two remaining Kriel warriors, and feating. The kriel warriors then go, removing a few errants. The Pyre troll then shoots into errants, missing, but scattering to leave 3 of them on fire! The storm troll goes and shoots into the errants also, but unfortunately misses.

The Warders go, taking a run charge order, 1 goes into the objective, 2 into errants, and 1 runs to engage eiryss. Over 3 attacks nathan manages to kill the objective, but I sacrifice and errants to keep it alive.

The longriders go, only 1 of them manages to make it into anything, killing the errant. Everything has activated at this point, and they all hoof it jam me up further.


We jammin! (That joke will never get old)

Protectorate turn 3

I’m pretty sure i’ve got an opening to go for an assassination this turn. Due to the nature of Nathans list, grinding it out it going to be an enormous slog, and i’m pretty confident in rezniks ability to end out games!

I have to clear out the channel between reznik and grissel, so the vengeance on errants gets spent on just that. After clearing a few kriel warriors out, I drop all upkeeps and keep 7 focus on reznik.

The choir call battle on all my jacks, and the redeemer proceeds to put several shots into the stone, causing a few self sacrifices. Gastonne goes, putting two shots into it also, followed by the errants clearing out the remaining few models blocking my way.

With all the shots i’ve put out, i’ve killed the entire krielstone unit, and cleared the channel for reznik to get his job done! Unfortunately due to the feat, Reznik can’t cast creators wrath, but he should be good to go anyway!


You should be concerned…

Reznik goes in, burning through his focus and killing Grissel, with some help from takedown!

Nathan said after the game that he thought flanking so heavily with warders and longriders was a huge mistake, and I agree. If Nathan just forces models down my throat I’ll struggle greatly to deal with them. The additional breathing room he gave me, allowed me to get way up on attrition, and subsequently swing through to assassinate Grissel.

Personally, I’m super excited for the release of Reznik 2, bringing something fresh to the faction, and being such a gorgeous model gets me giddy like a schoolgirl!


Which Reminds me!

Currently at the outpost, you can preorder the big man himself and get him as soon as possible.

And as an extra special treat, from me, to you, Use the discount code; OVERLOADJUNE, and the lovely gents at the outpost will give you a further 5% off your order! Use the savings to get that free Vassal you’ve always dreamed of!

Join me next week where I most likely get assasinated by a Swamp Gobber!

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