Stems Weekly Reports. 2 – He has what now?

Merry Wednesday everyone!

It’s a glorious day, and to help you all get through those mid-week blues its time for another one of my weekly battle reports. Which i’m sure after just 1 week has you all waiting with baited breath for the next one.

This week i’ve been trying to settle down into playing my lists that i’ll be using for the enormous amount of upcoming events. To the past 2 tournaments i’ve brought along Kreoss 3, High Reclaimer and Severius 1. I’m afraid to say that old man severius is getting the boot, to make way for a man with more horses and larger muscles! But we’ll talk about that another week….

For this week I wanted to get some more High Reclaimer practice, and settled down to play a game against our resident goatee sporting circle player Owen!

Owen’s a gentlemen that plays some pretty oddball lists sometimes, and said that he wanted to play Grayle, without thinking to ask what Grayle even does, and knowing how good High Reclaimer usually is against circle, I decide to go with High Reclaimer.

The List;

High Reclaimer + 6

– Devout 5

Bastions (Max) 8

Holy Zealots (Min) 6

– UA 2

Vengers (Max) 11

Idrian Skirmishers (Max) 10

– UA 3

Aiyana + Holt 4

Gorman 2

Orin Midwinter 2

K.E.S 3

So, clouds right?

The list is another take on the Protectorate forums favourite High Reclaimer list, which you don’t have to search long to find a thread about it! The list features fantastic feat targets, incredible utility pieces, and an incredible ability to play into scenario, attrition and assasination!

The Game;

Owen’s Grayle list looked a little something like this;




-Argus Moonhound

Wolves of Orboros (Max)

– UA

Skinwalkers (Max)

– UA

Tharn Bloodpack (Max)

Blackclad Wayfarer

Lord of The Feast

Shifting Stones

Wolf Lord Morraig




The scenario is outflank, I win the roll off and decide to pick the table side that has a couple of nice walls for reclaimer to sit himself behind.

Owen deploys his wolves, morraig and the skinwalkers off to the left, with grayle , lord of the feast and battlegroup in the middle. The blackclad and Tharns go on the right.

 I counter deploy with my vengers on the left, as they have the easiest time traversing around those walls. The Idrians go in front of them. High Reclaimer, Orin, K.E.S, the devout, aiyana and holt all go in the center, with zealots taking up the right, ready to jam into the ranged aspects of Owens lists, bastions nestled up behind them. I pop prey onto the skinwalkers so idrians can make a mockery of them!

Circle Turn 1

Owen gets the usual first turn funkiness going on, Everything runs to position and Grayle throws Storm Ravager onto Lord of the Feast (What could this possibly be for?), The warpwolf warps for armour and not a great deal happens this turn.

Protectorate Turn 1

So, having discovered that Grayle has wind blast and settling into perhaps one of the worst matchups ever, I’d better get some serious work done!

Owen’s overextended his skinwalkers, so the idrians go first, popping 1 of them, and putting some damage onto a Tharn. They then go to ground. Because of Grayles wind blast I have to be a darn sight more defensive with clouds than I want to be, so high reclaimer tentatively advances, dropping clouds in a very reserved line. 

The Zealots go, minifeating, calling warding and running, followed by the bastions and vengers positioning behind the cloud wall. My solos all advance up behind the cloud wall with gorman dropping a cloud on reclaimer himself. Importantly orin walks and Null zones in a position where should grayle wind blast, he won’t be able to strip the cloud thats on reclaimer. at 16/15 with a shield guard and all the LOS blocking models, Reclaimer should be pretty safe. 


Circle turn 2

Owen Upkeeps storm rager. The stones go first, porting lord of the feat, who then shoots into some idrians, but unfortunately misses thanks to go to ground! The argus moonhound goes, marking a few idrians for more accurate shots. The Tharns take an assault and battery order (Damn copy cats) not achieving much with their ranged attacks, but killing a few idrians with their charges. 

The wolves of orboros go, charging into yet more idrians, filling reclaimer up with some more precious souls, The skinwalkers run up behind the wolves, and owen places both beasts in the right hand zone, moving grayle into the left hand zone. Owen passes the turn.



We jammin’!

Protectorate turn 2

So I’m pretty jammed up this turn, and I can’t afford to commit small amounts to the zone with how explosive this scenario can sometimes be. I fed owen 5 idrians last turn, which has given me enough for a free ashes to ashes with a boost. 

The zealots go first, praying fervor and positioning to get out of the bastions, and safely drop bombs on the Tharn, they managed to kill 2 of them with bombs. The bastions then go, charging through and finishing off another 2. 

Aiyana and Holt then go, Aiyana throws kiss onto the skinwalkers and Holt puts one of them in the ground. The Idrians then go, taking an assault and battery order. They proceed to shoot all but 1 Skinwalker off the table, then charging into lord of the feast and some wolves. 

As is typical for the Idrians, they flee! Hooray!

Reclaimer then puts a boosted ashes into the wolves, getting 3 bounces and killing the 4 of them hit. And then dropping clouds in front of himself. The Vengers then go, smashing into the wolves, killing an outrageous amount of them with impacts/charge attacks. 

Gorman goes and plonks himself behind the clouds with Reclaimer, with the devout walking into shield guard range of Gorman and Aiyana. Orin walks up and drops null zone really aggresively, ensuring that Grayle can’t remove the clouds next turn. 



Negate the Jammin’

Circle Turn 3

Owen has a huge opportunity to start scoring on scenario this turn, however it won’t come without a price! Storm rager gets upkept.

The Wolves of Orboros go, minifeating and removing 2 Vengers. Wolf lord Morraig kill the final Venger in the zone. The remaining Skinwalkers goes and kills one of the Idrians in the zone. Lord of the Feast proceeds to walk up, Threshering and killing several Idrians, and knocking down K.E.S. He then shoots into Orin, hitting and buying a melee attack, killing him. 

Grayle himself then goes, putting a gallows into K.E.S, which drags him out of the zone, afterwards Grayle walks into the zone. The remaining Tharn go, killing a few zealots. The Argus goes, putting some attacks out and filling up on fury. Finally, the warpwolf Advances to be in a more central position. Owen Passes the turn and goes to 2-0 on scenario.


This could be bad…

Protectorate turn 3

With the nature of this scenario (and most scenarios) whoever scores first is immediately at an enormous advantage, and while I feel I can easily begin to push hard into the right hand zone, Owen will probably take the scenario win before me. With Grayle only on 2 transfers, I decide that assassination might be the best way forward.

Gorman goes first, advancing and blinding the warpwolf. Aiyana and holt, kissing the wolves and removing 1 of them with Holts guns. High Reclaimer goes next, charging and killing 2 more wolves in the zone. He then throws ashes into the wolf closest to Grayle, boosting to hit, and bouncing onto Grayle. Reclaimer boosts damage but the damage roll is pretty dismal and he only manages to do 3 boxes. 

Reclaimer feats back the 4 vengers to the very edge of command range, and puts a cloud on top of himself. I know that if this assassination doesn’t come off, high reclaimer might well survive with the -2 to hit from the cloud.

The Vengers go, charging into Grayle. 3 very good hits drop him to 4 boxes and burn through his transfers, unfortunately the 4th one misses! The Devout goes and kills the Blackclad, followed by the bastions charging the remaining Tharn, and 1 gets into the Warpwolf. 

Realistically I should’ve done this first, as the Warpwolf was only on about 3 boxes by this point. Having been Grayle’s only transfer target, adding the bastion charge into the equation, Grayle would probably be dead by this point. Unfortunately, the bastion comes up snake eyes and misses anyway!

The other bastions kill the last Tharn, and the Zealots run to spread themselves across the board, some of them getting in the way of Reclaimer. 



At least it wont be a gallows grove that kills me…

Circle Turn 4

Owen decides its his turn to assassinate!

Wolf Lord Morraig and the last Skinwalker spend their activations clearing the way for Grayle, who feats, and puts Storm Rager on himself. Charging into the two Zealots, killing them with his initials and getting into Reclaimer. Unfortunately, buying several attacks, Grayle fails to hit a single one of them! (Thank god for that cloud)

Protectorate Turn 4

Lets close this out now shall we? Aiyana walks up and kisses Grayle, who proceeds to get executed by High Reclaimer.



Consider yourself reclaimed!

Another super tight game that came down to assassination! 

This game is a testament to how “Hard counters” can effect how lists can play. Grayle didn’t cast wind blast a single time during this game, however just the threat of it was enough for me to “Throw away” models than normally i’d be able to protect. 

However, playing bad matchups is the only way you can test the true mettle of a list. 

Should reading my battle reports make you want to play any of the lists you seen me mention, where better to get them from the same place as me?! (I’ll sign the blister if you want)



Check out my buddies at and use the super secret code; OVERLOADJUNE, and you’ll get 5% off your online orders! 

They’re still running a competition this month, so anyone that places an order online gets entered into a draw to win £250 store credit! (I’ll even sign the voucher!)

So go check them out already.

I’ll see you next week, where I most likely get assassinated by a stormcaller.


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