What I Learned on the Forums This Week 51


Hey folks! A couple book-keeping things to open with this week. This series has been going on for over a year now and I’ve written over 50 of them. That’s a good run. Unfortunately my year ahead looks to be significantly busier for me than the year already passed. That means I’m going to need to take a more relaxed publishing schedule for On the Forums. I’ll be switching to a bi-weekly format starting now, so the next article will be published on the 29th, which should help me keep writing these without being exhausted. I’ll also try and do more special editions when big news hits, like the Templecon Edition earlier this year, to supplement the absence of regular content. Who knows, this might actually allow me to write some other non-Forums articles. With that out of the way let’s get to the raving madness:

The new Errata was the worst nerf to Morvahna2’s Feat ever!

This new formation errata was the worst attempt to nerf Morvhana2’s Feat yet. It doesn’t stop her from keeping models back out of formation and then using them as a point of origin for returning the rest of the unit to play with her Feat. PP tried to give Morvahna2 a big hit with the ol’ nerf bat but they completely cocked it up as usual. I’d like to say I can’t believe they would have messed that up but honestly it’s to be expected. Why would they even consider targeting the Feat in the first place? The real problem with Morvahna2 is Scales of Fate so they should be targeting that instead! Starting with a shitty Feat-nerf is a rookie mistake PP. You hate to see it happen. I guess in some ways it interferes with Morv2 players who keep a lone model back out of formation to cycle Carnivore on to or to buff with Pendrake or the Gatorman Witch Doctor but that really seems like a fringe thing. Probably not a big deal at all, certainly not enough to drop a wide reaching errata on the game. I wish PP consulted me on these things before they did them, then they wouldn’t do such foolish things. I obviously know what PP’s intentions are even better than they do.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t affect Lich2 at all either! Get it together PP!

Buffs and de-buffs should be treated in the exact same way!

Remember that errata we just talked about? The one that some n00b called DC seems to think is meant to encourage people to keep their units in formation? You know what’s super bullshit about it? That you can still de-buff units even when they’re out of formation! It’s such shit that I can get hit by Crippling Grasp but not be able to Battle Lust my own dudes. Did PP playtest this change at all or are they just shooting from the hip like usual? Treating buffs and de-buffs differently is pointlessly confusing and does nothing to benefit the new ruling. It’s not like negating de-buffs on out of formation units would actively encourage people to play their units with one model out of formation. There isn’t a faction in the game that relies heavily on de-buffs that would be screwed by basically never getting to target units with their spells again. The player leaving the models out of formation would have to give up on their sweet buffs that they may or may not have to do it! Think of how disastrous the payoff would be of having to choose between War Cry or Battle Lust versus getting Crippling Grasped. I could clock myself just contemplating that puzzle. Why would PP not put a clause in their new rule that would actively encourage the behavior they’re trying to stop? I’m baffled frankly.

Bitching and Moaning is the only way to get things done!

Have you ever noticed how the Forums are full of brainless PP worshipers? There’s almost no real criticism of this clearly flawed company on their boards and when someone tries to point out that things could be better they get shot down. You bitch and moan about how Minions got screwed in Gargantuans and someone has the gall to say they like Shamblers and suggest that you may be wrong about Midas. What a suck up. These people clearly don’t have the interest of the faction in mind. If Farrow want to get any good releases they have to stop kissing PP’s ass and start bitching and moaning. PP obviously listens to all the complaints they get on their forums and uses them to guide their design decisions. That’s why after so much bitching Retribution finally got good releases in Vengeance and it’s why Mercs have such awesome colossals. Minions players have universally been too positive and after the slap in the face that was Gargantuans it’s time to rise up and claim what is ours by universal human right! We deserve better releases and if PP isn’t going to give them to us we’re going to be miserable shits until they change their mind! Who’s with me!?

Troll players complaining about the Mountain King and then getting the Night Troll is the exception that proves the rule, right? Right!?

Hero Thread: The curse of the Talion Charter by Evincar

I love cool conversion projects and this one is definitely cool. Talion pirates converted to be all undersea monster-things with lots of tentacles’n shit. Very cool idea and well executed. The Rockbottom with crab legs seems especially inspired.

Pig-tectorate of Menoth: Farrow painting blog by Tyranius

I also love factions pretending like they’re other factions. Still only a few models in this thread so far but the idea of doing pigs up as if they were Menoth is pretty awesome and what’s been done so far has been good. Hope to see more in this vein.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


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