Hacking The Cortex: Spacetime.

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And so my ramblings shall continue on the topic of Tempo.

So here’s another thing about tempo.

In non-scenario games, tempo is 100% about The Pendulum. However, when you’re playing with a scenario (and you should be, always), there’s a second element of tempo – the rate at which you or your opponent is scoring scenario points.

And that’s all about board position. (Which is where I got the title from. Spacetime. Geddit?)

If you begin to score first in a scenario, you force the opponent to commit to killing your dudes and, additionally, to putting his chaps in harms way (I know, my writing’s weird today, isn’t it? I’m in an odd mood). In terms of Tempo, this increases it a lot. Or, more accurately, it means the opponent has to Do Stuff (increasing the tempo as he swings the pendulum) but not back up (not slowing your swing down).

The next thing that occurs to me about Tempo and Board position is that you can acheive an increase in tempo without actually scoring control points – those aggressive first turn runs by very fast armies? Those are increasing tempo via the mere threat of scoring CPs.

Basically, you increase tempo by being really far up the board.

That was a pretty simple principle. No great insight there, but that’s what happens when I decide to write these articles like I write new theory – throw it all at the wall and see what sticks. I promise, at the end of this Tempo series there’ll be a more considered article with all the weird stripped out.

Well, I’ll try.

Short one this week. There are many ideas a percolating, so keep commenting. It’s really helping.

Know yourself, and go in swingin’,

(Wait, I totally failed to make a pendulum pun about my sign off last week!)



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