What I Learned on the Forums This Week 49


Hello dearest reader! Sorry for the lack of an update last week, real life got in the way. I am unfortunately burdened with the undesirable task of telling you that there won’t be a new On the Forums next week either because I’ll be partying in central Europe. Now that I’m rich and famous from my blog writing career I don’t have as much time for you little people anymore. It’s all fancy European parties and crazy drug fueled raves for me. I don’t even read the Forums anymore. I have a team of crack Chinese analysts do that for me. They’re the best in the business I hear and while sometimes their Syntax is a little off I’m sure they’ll do a good task.

Defensive Strike is shit and Devouts are overcosted.

In Mark I Prayer of Battle lasted one round, Defensive Strike got +2 to hit and boosted damage, the model hit suffered -2 to their attack rolls and there was no way to avoid it by sacrificing your movement. You might think I’m ranting about how ridiculous Mark I was but you would be incorrect. Instead I’m ranting about how unfairly the Devout was nerfed since Mark I. Now the Devout just gets to make an out of activation attack against a model that walks up to it. This is some pretty ridiculous bullshit if you ask me. Why did the Devout need all of the aspects of this ability nerfed? He’s a point over costed now, almost as if the fact that he can become a MAT 8 P+S 15 warjack was included in his cost, which is totally unfair. If you compare him to other shield guard models that are only 4 points, like the Aspis, he’s only generally higher ARM, better in combat and has the extra bonus of making your warcaster immune to spells. That stuff is hardly worth the extra point! Clearly Devouts need a buff.

This guy almost certainly had nothing to do with the nerfing of Defensive Strike. Why would he?

Warping Strength is hardly ever worth it.

Circle really suffers from a lack of hitting power because the highest P+S they’ve got is a measly 17 on Ghettorix. Purebloods are only P+S 14 while Ferals are only slightly better at 15. How is the faction meant to deal with high ARM models with these terrible stats? Sure the wolves could warp for +2 to their strength vastly improving their hitting power but they would be giving up so much that it’s basically never worth it. If you want to kill a heavy target with your Stalker it’s really important that you warp Berserk so that you can get an extra attack if you kill them. Ghettorix really needs to warp Hyper Aggressive to get the most out of his activations. Sure you could Primal one of your heavies to make up for their shitty POW but the Frenzy basically means they’re auto dead the next turn. There’s no real point in initiating the piece trade by sacrificing one of your heavies to kill one of your opponents so it’s basically a wasted animus. Seriously why would you ever give up one round of useful activations to kill a heavy. In conclusion, Circle are bad and Forced Evolution is the only answer to high ARM in the faction.

Morghoul2 is totally legit but Rasheth is gimmicky

Morghoul2 is obviously a super terrifying assassin and while he’s not the best warlock in Skorne he’s not the bottom tier. The bottom of the barrel for Skorne obviously belongs to Tubby McButterpants and his ghost loving buddy Mordikaar. These two are super gimmicky in ways I will totally neglect to specify because they’re probably just obvious to everyone. They’re not consistently good like Morghoul2’s assassination run! Twelve inches of mostly linear threat that ignores free strikes is totally legit! Being the best at what he does really makes Morghoul2 a serious competitor while Mordikaar with his strictly better in every way Feat is just a gimmick. Maybe Despoiler will be enough to redeem Mordi but Rasheth will remain bad. I should probably have opened with this last confession but instead I’ll slide it in here towards the end: I have basically no play experience with either Mordikaar or Rasheth. That’s probably okay, though, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that actually playing with models is bad because it can negatively affect your analysis of how those models would perform on the tabletop.

Don’t even get me started on his Crane Style, it’s almost as legit as his Peek-a-Boo skills.

Butcher3 basically beats Convergence forever

The big bad Butcher3 is basically the best thing in the game and I’ve got this list that I’ve perfected over tons of games that proves how amazing he is. I took Pagani’s list and I’ve basically improved it to be the best, and possibly only, pure Dudeswarm Butcher3 list around. Convergence has no answer to this list because no competent player, of which I am one, would let any of their proposed tactics work. Getting Magnetic Hold on Butcher? Psh, that will never happen. Dragging him to his death at the hands of a Prime Axiom? I’ll block off all of your drag lanes trivially. None of Convergence’s infantry clearing will work on my models because I’ll place them perfectly to avoid any AOEs or Sprays. It’s pretty easy to spread out 40 models so that none of them can be hit by multiple attacks and all of them are still relevant on my next turn. Butcher3 can just kill the world anyway so I probably don’t need all those other models in my list do anything but eat up Convergence attacks. Let’s not even bring up crazy Lucant ARM skew stuff. All those P+S 13 IFP are just going to blow up all of his dudes for sure. If for some reason they fail I’m sure Butcher3 can kill the entire Lucant list on his own. He’ll also have his Juggernaut that definitely won’t have been dragged to its death at any point before it gets to charge the Prime Axiom. You’d have to be some kind of moron to lose to Convergence as a Butcher3 player.

Hero Thread: Troll Sins Confessions by Sardonic Artery

This thread is actually from a while ago but it just got revived by someone and rekindled my love of it. This is the sort of thing that every faction forum should have. It’s a thread where people post up the stupid shit they’ve done in games. Usually it’s forgetting a rule and playing a rule hilariously incorrectly for a tragically long time. There’s some real gems in there but it’s not just about being funny. Too often people get their undies in a bundle about whether or not people are ‘playing correctly’ or of their games are ‘clean.’ This thread is a great way for everyone to admit that we all fuck up and get things wrong and that’s okay. It’s always going to happen, don’t shit the bed every time you hear about someone making a mistake. Unless it’s Jake Van Meter, we hold him to a higher standard because of his dreamy eyes.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 49

  1. Next week’s article should be “What I Learned As An International Playboy This Week”, with nightmarish photos of your escapades.

    • That tactic seems definitely 100% totally legit. Why would i comment on it? Unless it’s to point out how you didn’t say Moar Banez at any point and so have clearly been replaced with some sort of doppelganger.

      • See, you are halfway through
        an additional section of a What I learned on the Moar Banez Forums.

  2. Funnily enough I won on scenario against Butcher3 after I stopped his advance with Magnetic Hold. He still killed everything near him, but after I sniped Eyriss with my Monitor there was no way he could get rid of the upkeep.

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