What I Learned on the Forums This Week 48


Man I really left this until the last minute! I don’t know about you guys but I’m only just waking up after that crazy one year anniversary part for What I Learned on the Forums This Week. I’m sure we can all agree that things got a little out of hand. I may have signed up to some sort of secret cabal determined to destroy the Forums so that a new better internet discussion community can take it’s place. I’m not sure, though, the last week is all a bit of a blur. I’m sure they’ll send me there newsletter to let me know what’s up. Now let’s see what was happening on the internet while I was celebrating Andrew W.K. Style.

Thor is killing competitive Dwarf play!

You can’t bring two Dwarf lists to a tournament because Dwarves need Thor to compete and he can only be in one list! Clearly some sort of Epic Thor needs to be made to resolve this problem for Dwarf players! Playing without Thor in one of your lists or else playing a second list outside of the Dwarves is clearly not a satisfactory solution. Every possible list pair should be competitive for Mercs with no regard to the actual complexities of building a pair of competitive lists for Mercs with character restrictions. At least we can all agree that PP won’t respond to this so it’s just dreaming. Wait, hold on, do you feel that? It’s the sound of the persecution of Searforge purists by the general populace rearing it’s ugly head in this thread. This entirely innocent and loving group of players has been unjustly looked down upon and criticized by the general player base for no reason and this is just another sign of them doing their usual thing! Searforge Purists have done nothing to deserve the criticisms they’ve received, they’ve definitely never been insulting or extremely aggravating to the Merc community at large. I’ve certainly never been told that I play Mercs as a faction rather than a contract because I lack imagination and an interest in the theme and fluff of the Iron Kingdoms. Anyway, the lack of a new Thor is just part of PP’s constant neglect of Rhulic players who have only gotten 6 releases since Mark II hit, only a handful of which were hyper competitive. PP clearly doesn’t care about Rhulic players at all for some reason and is never going to give them the models that they actually need. This is clearly PP’s fault for not giving Searforge the models I think it needs to compete and not on me for limiting myself to a narrow contract for aesthetic reasons. What did this thread start out as again? I feel we’ve kind of lost the plot here…

Hallo, I am Thor’s identical twin brother…Thor. Our mother was terrible at coming up with names. Yes…that’s it. No further questions!

Legion is definitely still getting a lesser Warlock.

I will tolerate no discussion of the idea that Legion might not be getting a lesser warlock in this new book! I don’t care how many people tell me that JVM talked to PP and was told that there won’t be one. Everyone knows that he’s basically a glorified internet troll with a dubious track record on these things. The only reason people are getting lesser warlocks is for the Hordes: Tactics video game that hasn’t even been officially announced and they wouldn’t leave Legion out of that. Sure Warmachine: Tactics won’t be out until much later this year and will still be adding extra content from the stretch goals for several months after that but once they’ve finished that I’m sure Hordes: Tactics will just materialize with little effort on their part. After all, how hard could it be to actually make the game content once the engine has been made? If for some reason this does take too long they’ll probably have to delay the lesser warlocks’ release so that they coincide with the game announcement. If that happened we’d see a recall of all of the already purchased lesser warlocks and since that hasn’t happened Legion is clearly getting a character lesser this book! Mystery solved, now let’s talk about how the new lesser is going to be all about Nephilim.


Horgle Ironstrike is kinda bad because he can’t take Bombers.

Obviously the newest Trollblood release is disappointing, this is Trollbloods we’re talking about here, but the bit that makes no sense is that he can only take Pyre Trolls and Slag Trolls. Being restricted to two Warbeasts that nobody ever includes in competitive lists makes him borderline worthless and probably only suitable for casual play. He should have been allowed to take Bombers, that way he would actually be competitive. It’s not like Hot Shot on Bombers would have been OP or anything. Broadsides Bart can already take Mules and put Hot Shot on them and we don’t see him sweeping tournaments or anything. Sure the comparison isn’t perfect but I think it’s pretty accurate. Bombers only have one more shot and the Fury system…plus convenient access to Snipe and buffs from other Warlocks due to Horgle being a lesser but they don’t have Critical Devastation, which we all know is the most reliable and best ability in the game. Horgle isn’t even as good as Fyanna the Lash! How ridiculous is that? The 3 point combat solo that Legion got that isn’t a lesser warlock is still better than Horgle at being a combat solo! Man I’m doing really great at these reasonable and sensible comparisons between models this week! Nailed it!

Don’t even get me started on Mariners. These guys make Bombers look like Cannoneers.

Butcher3 has been solved, Khador is now bad again.

Khador didn’t qualify for Masters at Adepticon, an event so easy that Mercs managed to win it, which should tell you all you need to know about Khador on the current competitive scene. Sure Khador managed to win the Warmachine Weekend Invitational but that was months ago when Butcher3 was still new and scary. Now everyone knows what he does and has a solution to what he brings to the table. That makes him hardly a viable competitive option for the faction so Khador is back to just being a shit faction that can’t compete with the big boys. It’s really unfortunate that Khador’s time in the spotlight was so brief but I suppose it was inevitable. Now people will just have to play mediocre ‘casters like the Sorschas, Vlads, other Butchers and Irusks. Whoa is them for having to play with such a big pile of suck. It’s not like anyone could win a Masters event without Butcher3, that kind of miracle would take some sort of crazed beardless viking and we all know they don’t exist.


Hero Thread: Mercs at Adepticon Masters by Nachsville

You may or may not be aware that Jordan Nach won Adepticon Masters playing Mercs this past weekend. This was obviously very exciting for Merc players and he wrote some brief but informative battle reports on the forums for us to read! There is also a bit of a Q&A in the thread about his lists and decisions when it came to picking lists for match ups. Definitely give it a read if you’re interested in competitive Mercs.


That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 48

  1. In your beautifully sarcastic frying on dorf players that think they are being persecuted, you are ironically persecuting them. LOL!

  2. I’d write something witty here, but I’m definitely still hung over from the 1 year party.

    And that dog. I don’t even understand how that happened. How did it even get UP there? And with that thing? And the deal? And then, bam, cats. Just, wow.

    Leprechauns, man. Crazy.

  3. I think the word you were looking for is “Woe” 😉

    Too bad people don’t see that any given Masters / event have no say on the state of things AT LARGE, because they’re simply demonstrating the state of factions/players /at that very tournament/.

    • I am terrible at writing anything without revisions….just terrible. Oh well, misspellings and grammatical errors are part of my charm right? Right!?

      • They sure are.

        Now would kindly get on with making this typed show into a regular ranty podcast? 😉
        I think the sanity of mankind would be very appreciative. 😀

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