Warmachine Vengeance Review: Cygnar

Vengeance is nearly upon us, and with everything spoiled it seems like a good time to take a look at what the book is going to bring to The Swans. What tools will they be receiving to continue the good fight, to hold back the undead masses, the fire-obsessed religious zealots and the inexorable march of of the big red machine?

Also Skorne, Trolls, Legion, Circle, Ret, Minions, Convergence and Mercs…

And, more importantly, how effective are these new tools gonna be?

Lord General Coleman Stryker


Lord General Coleman Stryker will lead the charge, as Cygnar’s second warcaster to get his third incarnation, and Warmachine’s 487th warcaster on a horse.  Stats wise, he’s solid but not spectacular. He’s fast at speed 8, hits reasonably accurately with MAT 7 (and don’t forget the +2 to hit on charge attacks on account of him being a cavalry model). RAT 6, DEF 15 and ARM 16 round out his relevant stats. He is, as in previous incarnations, focus 6 and has 18 damage boxes. Quicksilver Mk. 3 is a reach P&S 14 weapon, that also comes with built in range 8 POW 14 gun, that is also magical. This Stryker won’t be able to singlehandedly kill colossals like Stryker2 could, but what he does bring to the table is something new.

Stryker 3 brings the furiousness, and he brings it fast. With a spell list that makes your warjacks faster (Escort), more accurate and focus efficient (Iron Aggression) and with the added bonus of a strong damage buff (Fury), this Stryker seems geared heavily towards making his warjacks get up the field quickly and hit like trucks when they get there. Add to this his Field Marshall [Assault] ability, giving his warjacks extra efficiency by way of an additional attack on their charges.

His feat, Lightning Charge, gives models in his control area an additional damage dice on charge and mount attacks, and makes those attacks automatically hit. Combined with Assault and spells like Escort, Fury and Iron Aggression, Lord General Stryker is all about the big alpha stryke.

But it’s not all about cracking the big ARM numbers open though, as the ginger behorse’d one does come with some consideration for the little folk. Chain Blast is a cost 3, range 10 spell that puts out two 3″ AOEs, and his horse has hooves made of real lightning which arc to D3 additional models, doing POW 10 electrical damage.

To round it all off, he has Elite Cadre[Stormlances], granting them Reform. Extra speed and movement shenanigans are rarely bad for cav, and with his feat affecting their mount attacks I imagine the electro-horsies will be making an appearance in many Stryker3 lists.

All in all, Stryker3 is a fun, new warcaster for Cygnar, with the potential to really deliver devestating alpha strikes to the enemy from a potentially big distance. Sort of like a Cygnar Doomie 2, but without Mulg.

Tempest Blazers

tempest blazers

Tempest Blazers are Cygnar’s new unit for Vengeance, and this particular Swan couldn’t be happier. They are speed 9, RAT 7 and DEF 15 with ARM 13 and five boxes each. While relatively expensive at 10 points for a full unit, what they bring to the table is versatility.

Need a bunch of dudes dead? Shoot electro-leap bullets at them.

Need a light warjack, warbeast or objective killed? Brutal damage bullets it is.

Need Iron Flesh’d Kayazy shot off the table? Blessed bullets are your friend here, my friend.

Add to this pathfinder, and their ridiculous speed, and the Blazers can get where you need them to be to kill what you need them to kill, and then scoot away to safety with their 5″ Light Cavalry move. Oh, and all those shots are magical, making incorporeal models very sad indeed.

In a faction with Snipe, Deadeye and Blur, these ponies are worth every single one of their ten points.



The Reliant is the new warjack on the Stormclad chassis. With the same basic statline it boasts the good offensive stats of MAT 7, RAT 6 and the so-so defensive stats of DEF12, ARM18. In place of the Stormclad’s honkin’ big sword, the Reliant holds a P&S 17 Pulse Hammer and in place of his other hand he has a Stormbringer. The Stormbringer is a range 12, POW13,  AOE 3 gun that leaves a 3″ area of POW 10s to anyone wandering into it for a round.

The Pulse Hammer also has an interesting critical effect. On a critical hit the hammer creates a 4″ AOE that renders everyone under it not immune to electricity stationary.

Beyond that, there’s not much to the Reliant. It has a decent gun, and a decent melee weapon, but to be honest, it doesn’t have much to make it a must-have beyond it’s 8 point price tag.

Stormblade Captain

stormblade captain

The Stormblade Captain is probably the best Stormblade model in the faction that’s not actually a Stormblade. Only slightly different from the Stormblade UA’s stats, he boasts a great MAT of 8, a decent RAT of 6 and a slightly higher ARM of 16. His sword has reach, and also acts as a range 8 POW 14 gun.

Importantly though, he is a P&S 13 weaponmaster, and has quickwork allowing him the capability of making back his points and then some.

On top of this he gives friendly Stormknight models (so ‘blades, ‘guard and ‘lances) in his command range of 9″ both Tactician and Relentless Charge, allowing them the luxury of moving through each other and charging without impediment through rough terrain.

It’s not the speed buff or DEF buff that everyone was crying for when word of the model first emerged, but having seen him on the table several times, I think it’s safe to say that the Stormblade Captain is both a good stand-alone solo and effectively supports the stormnoun branch of Cygnar infantry.

He’s also a jack marshall, but I don’t think that’s gonna come up.

Lieutenant Allison Jakes


And now on to the new shiny thing. the new character journeymen warcaster models have been discussed at length almost everywhere the words ‘war’ and ‘machine’ are stapled together on the internet, so I won’t go on too much about LT-Alli-J here, but suffice to say that she is as good as her points cost and sweet model would make you hope she is.

With Sprint and Parry she can zip around the board surprisingly well, and with her signature spell Sidekick up, she can safely sit out on the fringes of the battle with her attached Hunter (it’s probably going to be a Hunter), harrassing the enemies flanks with magical mellee weapons and armour piercing guns, and then sitting at DEF17 and immune to knockdown, pushes, slams and place effects.

So that’s it for Cygnar models in Vengeance. It has been/is going to be a decent release cycle for the boys in blue, with basically all of the new models having at least some application, and a new caster that has potential to really shake things up. The new warjack is probably the weakest new addition, but it’s not like we’re short of good ‘jacks.

And with that, I’m off.

I’ll be seeing you out on the flanks, where I’ll be chilling with my new friend Alli-J and the AP Crew,



2 thoughts on “Warmachine Vengeance Review: Cygnar

  1. I think the main problem of Reliant is only one and is the same of other Cygnar warjack.His name is Stormwall.
    Think to Reliant in a Cygnar without Stormy and you can see a lot of uses for him. He isn’t the best faction jack but a cross over between Cyclone and a Defender (with more power) for 8 point isn’t really bad. Relian is a jack that start to shine when you decide to play more than one, think two of this boys under Kara feat, they shoot up to 4 3″ AOE on feat turn and that a lot.

    Then you think but for slighty more point I can have 2 Defender one Cyclone with POW 20 fist and pods.

    • It’s definitely an issue. But it’s really more of a combination of things, in my opinion.

      His defensive stats are uninspiring, and even though Arcane Shield exists on a stick, then you’re not ASing something that would probably make more use of it (Centurions, or an entire unit of Boomies, both of which are only a single point more).

      Covering fire templates are great, but single ones are much less good than the multiple ones offered by the Cyclone (again, just one more point) and the Stormwall (many more points, but many more guns and damage boxes).

      His hammer is good but focus hungry and for a point less you get an Ironclad which has the same threat range and a higher P&S, as well as an effective crit effect and a special attack which can do similar things to the Reliant’s crit effect.

      I think Kara does help with this, and Fire Group lets you put those templates out 14″ away, which is -great-, she makes them more accurate too, which really helps.

      Interestingly though, I think Sturges might actually run the Reliant very well. He has Snipe, letting you throw that template out really far. he has Arcane Shield, so with Junior in the list you can AS your Reliant -and- something else. On top of this his feat has multiple ways of helping the Reliant. You can either throw out the template, fry some dudes, and then feat to pull more dudes into it, thus getting double effectiveness out of it, or it can effectively provide a threat range buff by pulling your target closer.

      Thanks for the reply!

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