Warmachine: Vengeance – Ret Rundown.

So, we’re back from Smogcon!

Let me start by saying that this weekend was probably the best I’ve had in terms of gaming. Great fun, great people, great location and great games! Huge props to Norbert and the rest of the Smogcon crew for putting on a hugely enjoyable event. If you’re wavering as to whether to go next year, just do it, it’s awesome.

That aside, we had some more excitement shortly afterwards with Bell of Lost Souls posting up a storm of Vegeance spoilers, rounding out the releases for each faction with details about the remaining releases. As a resident ex-Rettite, I’ll be doing a quick (ha!) rundown of the Ret releases, to be followed by Khador, my thoughts on them and what they mean for the faction.

Let’s get started!

Mage Hunter Infiltrators

Tech ninjas! Like ninjas, but with TECH.

Mage Hunter Infiltrators are Ret’s new unit in Vengeance, but were released back in 2013. There’s not a huge amount to be said about them that hasn’t already been said, but they’re a fast and deadly unit that combines Gang, Arcane Assassin and 2 attacks to really punish infantry and threaten medium targets and debuffed heavies. Their Mage Killer rule makes them absolutely terrifying versus most casters and locks as two of them on the charge will generally spell death as they casually ignore all Focus, all Buffs and become weapon masters, matching Bane Knights in hitting power, but with two attacks. All for the same cost as a Strike Force.

Their defense statline is the standard Ret Ninja line, 14/11 with Stealth, meaning it won’t take a huge amount to remove them – they die to POW 6 blasts easily and instantly to POW 10 shooting. Keep them away from Gunmages! Awesomely, they come with Pathfinder, which is something Ret has been sorely lacking in a melee unit.

Possible synergies involve Quicken with Ossyan, putting them to a respectable DEF 16 vs shooting, and SPD 9, which is pretty awesome on a unit that munches infantry. Issyria extends their threat as well, as does their UA, 3Eiryss.

Final Thoughts: Overall a solid, if unexciting, addition to the Ret line up.

Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander

It sure is lucky that Iosan stomachs are made of impenetrable wizardyguff or she’d be proper fucked.

So there were lots of rumours flying about regarding 3Eiryss, the newest incarnation of everyone’s least favourite Merc. Misinformation abounded, causing consternation and excitement in equal measure. She’d be a sweet Ret solo that removed Stealth! She’d be on a horse! She’d fire lazer beams out of her eyes and fireballs from her… midriff?

Turns out she’s a character UA for the Strike Force and Infiltrators. Cool. She keeps the same price point as her previous versions.

She’s got 2 base melee attacks at predictably low POW, and her same old Crossbow. Seems she suddenly learned how to fight though, gaining weapon master on all 3. She’s got a slew of special rules:

Arcane Assassin, seems fitting, considering both of the units she can attach to have it. She grants her unit Fearless and Reform, as long as she remains in play. Fearless is great, as Ret had, until Vengeance, a near-total lack of command fixing available. Reform is also very solid on either unit. On the Infiltrators it lets you kill and jam, same as Halbs. On the Strike Force, it lets you mimic Legion Striders, turning your MHSF into a unit able to hit and run but at the heavy loss of Phantom Seeker. Whether it’s worth it or not.. well, that’s a difficult question to answer. A lot of it depends on the matchup. Arcane Assassin will help you take out buffed models not in terrain, but without Phantom Seeker any sort of terrain leaves your RAT 6, non-CRA Strike Force in the doldrums.

She also gives the unit she’s attached to Advance Deploy, which is pretty sweet for the Infiltrators and standard for the Strike Force.

She also has Quick Work, which lets her charge with the Infiltrators, kill and fire a shot. Notable she doesn’t have Gunfighter, so if you’re still engaged you don’t get to shoot.

What could be considered her defining ability is a new one, Arcane Hemorrhage. When she hits another model with any attack, melee or ranged, that model loses any focus or fury points and upkeep spells it has cast immediately expire. Basically it’s like pEiryss’ and eEiryss’ abilities had a baby and created this. The most obvious use is to land a shot on the Warnoun prior to an assassination, dropping focus, fury and upkeeps. Being able to strip Fury from a Warlock is pretty mental! Also, she can use it on Beasts, to cause some real fury issues for your opponents.

Final Thoughts: She’s fun, a great model (she comes with a hooded or un-hooded head and anyone choosing hooded is officially wrong) and a really interesting attachment. I foresee her seeing much more use with the Infiltrators, but maybe we’ll see some Strider-esque shoot and scoot from MHSF in the future. Especially good with Snipe from Ravyn, letting you Aim at 16″ and scoot back 3.

Houseguard Thane


His knife looks like it wants to be a gun.

Oh boy. This guy was a surprise and a half. We knew he was coming but, in the immortal words of that guy eating a burger, “Daayum! Daayum! Daayum!”

Stats first. Standard Houseguard stats, which means wholly uninspiring, but with typical solo +1 in MAT, and a bump in ARM. Nothing to write home about, which also applies to his weapons. A wholly unimpressive gun on a RAT 5 model, and a Low POW, albeit Weapon Master, Sword. Iron Fang Kovnik this guy is not, though his points cost matches.

But wait! There’s more. He’s a Command 10 Commander. That’ll help, Ret does have problems with morale. He’s Fearless, that’s cool. He’s also packing Inspiration [Houseguard]. This package basically means he’s a badass and everyone knows it.

Now we get to the good shit. Desperate Pace [Houseguard]. Oh yes, +2″ movement on Ret’s Base 6 units. Halbs walk  11″ in Shieldwall, 13″ with Quicken, thanks to Reform. Talking of Quicken, they threaten an obscene 15″ on the charge. Most players should be familiar by now with the Halbs’ ability to power through heavies with their minifeat, now you can do it from 15″ away. Issyria, Ret’s new caster, also bumps their threat, both through her Feat and her spell list. +2″ isn’t terrible on the Riflemen either, letting them extend their threat further at the cost of the aiming bonus.

Next, we have Firing Solution [Houseguard]. Did this guy go to the Houseguard School that was subsequently destroyed in an ensuing explosion or something? He’s got ALL the shit Ret’s been wanting on a single guy. Come on Scyrah, diversify your skill sets throughout your employee base. Jaysus it’s like you never even completed basic army management 101. This gives your Riflemen the ability to ignore Stealth and Camouflage for a turn. There’s not a lot I can say that shouldn’t immediately come to mind. We have Casters with accuracy buffs, a great Caster with a damage buff, and now the much maligned Riflemen can get their day in the sun.

Final thoughts: Wowsers. 10/10 would go on a mandate with. Probably play some gamecube, have a few Appletinis.


DJ Thunder looks like a bitch.

Just look at that model. That is what a Myrmidon looks like. Man, what a badass.

Let’s talk about him. MAT 7, ARM 18, DEF 13 (this is awesome). Standard Shyeel across the rest of the board including the Phoenix Field for some sweet D6 Regen. Two Thermal Blades and everything that comes with them, so Reach, POW 17 and auto-fire. He’s got a “Halation Cannon”, which is basically a fancy word for “Halo” so while the exact numbers haven’t been spoiled yet, it’s likely to be RNG 10. It’s POW 14 with no AOE, so it’s possible there’s some hidden rules we’ve not seen, rumours suggest Flame Burst, but rumours are just that.

Onto the special rules. He’s got Field Dependent like every other Shyeel chassis and once his Generator is crippled, he loses Phoenix Field and his Gun. Offensively, he’s got Side Step, which when you think about it is really, really awesome on a reach model. Instant fireworks popping in my idea cave include Sidestepping Synergy Imperatus from eVyros, getting nice and deep, and of course Ossyan/Issyria extending his threat for extra penetration (sexy).

Defensively, we’ve got his signature ability. Called “Phoenix Protocol”, this allows him, once per game, during your maintenance phase or when disabled to remove 1 damage point from each System and fully heal his force field. This basically equates to a 15+ Boxes heal on being disabled. The + comes from the fact that any “Overkill” your opponent does is lost, meaning your opponent has to, guaranteed, spend 1 more attack to finish him. Most likely 2-3.

I’m not going to go into the Maths, as someone has already done it. Yay for lazy writing!

Credit to captainspud on the PP forums.

You can find the full discussion here. It’s pretty detailed, but really goes to show just how resilient this big guy is.

Final Thoughts: Give me him now. Ret really has a problem in the current scene (they’re getting way better!) in that they lack resilience in what is quickly becoming a game of zone control and threat projection. Now they’ve got the most resilient heavy in the game available to one list. I see him with Issyria (+2 ARM and Crusader’s call? Woop!) doing great things. 11/10 would spend a steamy evening with.


She’s like one of those guys you see in Covent Garden pretended to fly. There’s really a very thin chair in her cloak.

Issyria is Ret’s new caster. Unlike the other real factions, Retribution players don’t get an Epic Caster this time around, instead being given Issyria, Sibyl of the Dawn.

I’ll keep this short and sweet, as I’ve already done a bit about her here. She’s good, Ret’s second best Caster in my opinion (Ossyan so strong!), and makes a great combined arms support caster, or heavy melee support caster. Pagani’s already won a big event with her (though that’s more Pagani than Issyria). In a 2-list format, I’d go Issyria + Ossyan. 3-List it’d be Issyria, Ossyan and either 3Vyros or Rahn.

Final Thoughts: She’s really solid and a great addition to Ret’s stable of casters. Just don’t let her get shot, for the love of Scyrah.

Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber (Really PP? Scraping the bottom of the title barrel are we?)

Fast-elf special!

Last and sadly least is Elara, the Journeyman Warcaster from the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter campaign.

She’s wholly average. Like, in almost every way. Average SPD, MAT, ARM. 4 Focus. Two pretty weak magical weapons that have “Extraction: Kill a living model, at a Focus to a Warjack”. She’s Fearless and has Side Step, which is cool. She doesn’t have a gun, which is really sad.

Defensively, she’s so killable it’s sad, DEF 15 ARM 14 with 5 boxes just straight up dies to a lot of boostable guns.

Spell list… She has Battle Charged, which is quite a nice spell actually. Giving her models in her Battlegroup Counter Charge is nice, I can see it seeing some play with a Griffon or two as a back or mid-line reaction force. Her second spell is Convection, which is literally the worst spell in the game but becomes even more incredibly bad on a Focus 4 Caster. 3 focus to cast the spell and boost the hit, still needing 8s on a DEF 12 model, then hope you kill it so you can allocate a single focus to a ‘jack you could of just given the focus to in the first place? That’s what I like to call efficient!

Final Thoughts: I can see her potentially having some game running Hyperion. Especially with Rahn and Issyria, because it lets them just run Arc Nodes and hammer out more spells without having to feed a hungry hungry Hypo. Overall though, she’s underwhelming compared to most of the others (Khador, Menoth), and flat out terrible compared to one other (Gastonne, you weaselly little bastard). She does have a pretty sweet model, and the best Artwork though!


Wooo, that’s Ret sewed up for another book. Some great models, some average models and one disappointing model. Overall, Ret have done exceptionally well in this book. Imperatus, Issyria and the Thane are great additions to their stable and really help round out the Faction. The Infiltrators and 3Eyriss are fine add-ons as well, upping the Arcane Assassin threat Ret’s now toting in spades. Then there’s Elara who I guess kinda looks cool.

Tune in next time for Khador.. if I get it done before the Masters this week.




One thought on “Warmachine: Vengeance – Ret Rundown.

  1. All right, except for one thing: Convection is not the worst nuke in the game. That’ll be arcane bolt or razor wind! 😉

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