What I Learned on the Forums This Week 42


It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks! Some of the post Templecon stupidity appears to have died down although we’re still coasting a bit on the sheer volume that had already spewed forth. That’s not to say that everything was wonderful this week, there were spoilers so of course there were people complaining about those spoilers. Also some truly terrible tactical suggestions which feels like a new theme on the Forums at the moment. People who seem to have no idea how to play the game giving tactical advice is a little amazing to read. I actually saw a guy say that we shouldn’t ignore someone’s advice just because they were bad at the game. Anyway, without further ado let’s get started!

Reznik2 is Awful!

If you can still read this article I will assume you haven’t seen Reznik2’s spoilers yet because if you had you would have torn your eyes from their sockets in anguish at how terrible he is. We’re not even going to talk about his stats and how SPD 7 is a literal slap in the face to players everywhere. He’s got 4 upkeeps that he can definitely have in play all at the same time which means he’s doing nothing else with his Focus! The first Focus bump since Superiority brought us Skarre2 and it’s on a steaming pile of crap like this. I really wanted him to be a ‘jack caster so that Menoth could finally play more Warjacks but instead he’s clearly 100% about the Infantry which is just bland boring in a faction with limited support for their ‘jacks. Seriously PP is just shitting all over Menoth lately with these terrible unplayable models. It’s a rough time to be a Menoth player and PP clearly loathes the Menoth player base. If you look up Sucker in the rulebook you’ll see a picture of Menoth players. Seriously PP another infantry heavy warcaster for Menoth? I hate Reznik2 so much I’m just going to give up on him and go back to playing Vindictus. He’ll offer me all the ‘jack-loving goodness I could want in a warcaster. Let’s not even go into how PP lied to us about what Reznik2 did during a throw away comment on a podcast by someone who had probably been playing a playtest version of the model! That sort of shit is unforgivable!

Time Bomb is a bad spell and Haley2 never casts it.

Everyone knows that Haley2 is amazing, you won’t hear anyone saying otherwise round these parts but she does have a few dud spells on her spell list. Arcane Bolt is her generic shitty nuke and Domination is super situational but the real shit spell on her list is Time Bomb. Cost 4, RNG 10 AOE 4 POW 14 that causes models hit to suffer -2 SPD and DEF? God it’s awful. Seriously, what dies to a POW 14 these days? Probably just high DEF stuff you wanted the DEF debuff on anyway. What a load of skornergy. The worst part about this spell though? It only works on the models that it hits. Seriously, what’s with spells on affecting models they hit? Why isn’t his spell Models/Units hit? Why can’t Haley2 debuff entire units’ SPD/DEF by just tagging one model? This spell is so bad because of that one obvious failure in its wording. It sits on that narrow line between good and shitty and because of that wording error it is decidedly shitty. Only bad Haley2 players would ever cast Time Bomb. Seriously this spell should be ditched for literally anything else because Haley2 will never cast it it sucks so bad. Even Arcane Bolt is occasionally useful for spot removal and sometimes people play non-character non-colossal warjacks so you can use Domination but Time Bomb? If you ever cast that you should just fucking quit the game you’re so bad.

I think we can all agree that Haley2's spell list could use a buff.

I think we can all agree that Haley2’s spell list could use a buff.

Just Feat turn one with Kreuger2, it will be fine.

Kreuger2’s Feat a scenario monster great for pushing enemy models out of zones/off of flags and stopping them from getting back into being relevant easily? Sure I guess you could do that every once in a while but the real tech is to Feat on turn one. Just double teleport Kreuger forward via your shifting stones then have him Telekinesis himself forward, cast Stormwall and Feat. The Feat will reach a couple inches into your opponents deployment zone directly in front of Kreuger2. This will immediately put your opponent on the back foot as you debuff the speed of the front rank of the center of his army. You might even push a few models back assuming he didn’t have a second wave behind his army that will stop the pushes almost immediately. You could even score a few Killbox points if the other ‘caster wasn’t deployed at the front of their deployment zone or is only SPD 4, got pushed back by the Feat and unwilling to run on one of their turns. That seems like a great use of a Feat. Also you won’t be leaving Krueger2 out hanging in the wind or anything, I’m sure it will be fine. If you didn’t win the roll to go first this tactic is still viable as the second player. Feating to slightly inconvenience your opponent and gain little to no scenario advantage is a whole new way to play Kreuger2!

Excarnate Bile Thrall isn’t so great.

I’m sure you being some lowly internet pleb and not an amazing Adonis like myself are unaware that the Excarnate Bile Thrall purge isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. You see people will tell you stuff like 22” threat range and basically unstoppable but that’s all just nonsense. Firstly, let’s talk a bit about how this plays with Lich2 and how it works so that the other plebs understand what I’m talking about. EXCUSE ME WHILE AN UNINFORMED MORON INTERJECTS A LOT WITH POINTS NOT EVEN REMOTELY RELATED TO THIS DISCUSSION. BILES ARE FINE, LICH2 IS THE PROBLEM AND YOU’RE ALL WRONG ABOUT BILES EVEN THOUGH WHAT THIS THREAD IS ABOUT IS NERFING LICH2 TO MAKE EXCARNATE WITH HIM LESS UNFAIR. I MISUNDERSTOOD THE POINT OF THIS THREAD BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG AND STUPID. Sorry about that, I hope he’s gone now. Lets take a faction at random, say Mercs, and see how they handle this. Well Mercs have no problem with this tactic because they have loads of counters. Primed, Typhoon, Roth’s Mercy assuming no Blood Hag, Orin Midwinter assuming no Arc Node…well that’s basically it but I’m sure two spells, a feat and sort of a solo is enough. It’s pretty easy though so long as you do the following you can totally handle Lich2: deny him souls, have a good long ranged assassination, be assassination proof, bring a lot of anti-magic, deny him Excarnate targets, and bring a great selection of flanking units with guns. That’s pretty straightforward. No biggy, if you get Excarnate purged and lose the game you’re just a terrible player. Lich2 isn’t so hard to deal with, it’s not like he’s Haley2.

This thread also the most discussion Scaverous has gotten in Months, too bad it’s mostly pointing out how he’s worse than Lich2.

Hero Thread: Angelic Termins WIP by I-am-robot

I’m a sucker for cool conversion ideas and I have a deep love for the aesthetic of angels in the Diablo universe so this conversion really appealed to me. It’s not complete as of the time of writing but the work so far looks really good and I’m very excited to see how it turns out. Definitely one to check out.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 42

  1. How was the “Bust” threads in the painting section not a second hero thread? I am disappoint 🙂

    I can’t believe anyone on the internet hates Reznik2. Our local Menoth players are all in the hospital after ODing on excitement from him!

  2. Shout out to the Pile of Crap, woot!
    RE:Excarnate+Bile: It just seems PP doesn’t know what to do with eGaspy. It’s been suggested from the beginning that either excarnate needs to change or eGaspy… eGaspy has been ‘changed’ 3 times and all of them are heavily focused on his feat and not the collection of abilities which keeps him safe AND excarnating biles. PP is unwilling to FAQ excarnate to tone it down…so I guess every faction out there has to suffer through it.

  3. What always interests me about this discussion is how no one ever simply points to bile thralls and says “Obviously fucking broken. Fix.” Excarnate without bile thralls is neat but situational. Bile thralls without Excarnate are still <1 pt models that ignore defense, armor (Corrosion? Sure.), and positioning on the majority of single-wound infantry in the game.

    When I say these things, the response I always get is, "They were worse in Mk1." Excellent, problem solved!

    As always, thanks for your efforts in the trenches, Stu!

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