VagrantPoet goes to SmogCon – 1: They came from the Valleys…

Tomorrow morning at 6 (AM!) me and some of my local WarmaHorde comrades are setting off to drive, ferry, then drive across Wales and England in order to arrive at sunny (unlikely) Guildford where the coolest event in the Isles is kicking off. Possibly the coolest event in Europe, SmogCon is a convention designed to emulate the big Warmachine events in America at the likes of TempleCon, Warmachine Weekend, etc.

There are many tournaments, rarely more than 4 rounds, each providing the undefeated players a space in Masters on Sunday. This is not typical of European Masters which are huge, everyone shows up on the day and plays events, often creating 128 player, 7 round events like the UK Masters. You may have noticed that Europeans are way more opposed to dropping out of tourneys, this is why.

I’m tremendously excited to play lots of different smaller tournaments, constantly and desperately fighting for a place in Masters. My hope of the weekend is that at least one Irish person qualifies for the Masters event, just to represent that we’re not a bunch of muck savages… Well we are… But I wan’t to show off the not bad at Warmachine aspect of our culture!

I am currently signed up for a 50 pt Steamroller event on Friday, starting at 9. I’m probably going to try to join the Midnight Madness Highlander event at the obvious time. On Saturday around midday (and probably 4-5 hours sleep) I’m going to play in a 65 point event, using 50 minute deathclock. Fair warning! If I lose my first two games, I’m going to drop that and go nap/drinking! Then those of us who don’t qualify for Masters are going to try and run totally legit Scrambles on Sunday in the SmogPit (the open play area with its own fun scenarios and wackiness).

She may be included in my cunning plan…

I’m packing the following models:-
Kromac (and Beast Form)

Warpwolf stalker
Warpwolf (Feral or stalker)
Warpwolf (Feral or stalker)

Viktor Pendrake
Alten Ashley
Gallows Grove x2
War Wolf x3
Gatorman Witch Doctor

Woldstalkers x2
Cylena & Nyss Hunters
Swamp Gobbers
Shifting Stones x2
-Stone Keeper

I’ll mostly be playing Morvahna and Kromac, but I may play Krueger2 in Highlander and probably lot’s on Sunday in either Masters/SmogPit.

I’ll be trying to keep updates from the Irish crew on Twitter, find us at @OverloadOnline.

Wish me luck! And tell me how to build the best list for 35 point Highlander!

Scales to Hit Chart

Dice alteration… That’s my only plan…

Stay Classy!

3 thoughts on “VagrantPoet goes to SmogCon – 1: They came from the Valleys…

  1. Hopefully see you there then, sounds like the same tournaments that I will be in with Mohsar and Grayle 🙂

    Will be nice to meet some other people, especially you irish guys.

    (flight leaves 07:00 so you are not alone with an early morning, arriving with a bunch of other swedes tomorrow around lunchtime)

    • Awesome! I was thinking we might run into each other when I saw your most recent Grayle/Mohsar Battle reports!

      Have to try and figure out why you like Grayle! :p

      • Beacause he is awesome? 😀

        No I dont really know, his mobility and stealth are two big factors I guess and stormrager turns LotF up to 10. Hopefully ill not just make a fool of myself during the tournaments, havent played timed turns since SR 2012 released so a bit rusty on that…

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