What I Learned on the Forums This Week 41


Holy crap there was a lot of shit this week! I’ve written two articles and I still have enough content for a third! I suppose it’s nice to know that I have a steady supply of content but if next week is even half as crazy as this one I’m not sure what I’ll do. This has actually made me scared to think of what the last round of Vengeance spoilers are going to look like. When the book is finally spoiled and the Forums react in their usual manner my brain might just melt and pour out of my ears. If you don’t hear from me around then please send help…and whiskey.

Shield Guard should be changed because I lack imagination!

How does a tiny Ogrun Bokur get in the way of a shot intended for a Colossal? That makes no sense? What, doe she kung fu jump 20 feet in the air to block it? How can he know it’s trajectory? Bullets move super fast anyway there’s no way he’d get in the way! This is all nonsense! At the very least Shield Guard should be changed so you can’t Shield Guard models that are on a larger base than you are. That way Shield Guard models will see even less play which will be good for the game. It’s obviously perfectly feasible that Gorman di Wulfe can throw a blind grenade in such a way as to shut down a Colossal but the fact that an Ogrun could get in the way of that? Please, I know this is a game about wizards controlling giant robots with their minds to fight giant monsters but that’s just ridiculous.

Trollbloods get all the worst releases!

It sucks so much being a Trollblood player because Trolls haven’t gotten a single good release since Mark II started. Sure they’ve gotten mediocre releases like the Sons of Bragg, Fennblade Kithkar, Scattergunner UA, Hunter’s Grim, Warders, and the Storm Troll but none of those see regular play in competitive lists so who cares? What’s really important is that Trolls go the Skinner, Night Troll and Mountain King. These terrible releases completely negate any of the ok-ness of the earlier releases. They’re the epitome of terrible and are representative of how PP has no idea what they’re doing with Trollblood design. They’re just flailing around like idiots releasing mediocre and terrible models for the faction. We haven’t gotten a single good unit since Mark II, what’s up with that? The most unfair part about this is how it only affects Trollbloods. There is no evidence to suggest that every release has a few lemons for each faction. That would be nonsense. I mean, can you imagine if Legion got a Character Warbeast that was just bad and never saw play? Or if Skorne had actually gotten an absolutely dreadful Battle Engine? What if Circle got a whole new type of light warbeast all of which were basically terrible? Well then Trolls might look fine in comparison but unfortunately none of those things happened so Trollbloods are just a crappy faction with crappy releases.

Let’s play a little game called Name This Bitch. Bet you can’t do it can you?

Why play Theme Forces if Mark III will just take them away?

So you may have been considering buying into Runes of War so you can actually compete with your Trollbloods instead of whining and sucking like the faction is obviously meant to do. This seems like a good idea but you just realized that Mark III is just around the corner! It could be happening any minute now! What if during the Mark III change over all the Theme Forces change and negate all of your extra Runeshapers? What a waste! This is a very dire concern especially given how close that new edition has to be. Everyone on the Forums seems to think it’s coming pretty soon although maybe you should just relax, it’s probably not for another two or three years. It’s definitely coming though. Maybe when it does PP will finally admit that Colossals were a mistake and restrict them to games of 50 points or greater. That points-size based restriction really worked well for Mark I Epic Warcasters. As it stands right now Colossals are always the correct choice at 35 points so that change would be appreciated. What does this weird tangent have to do with the threads original topic? Nothing? Huh…weird… Well at least no one is butting in with their delusional ‘Mark III will never happen’ lies, those people need to sort their shit out.

Ranged Units are undercosted all points costs should be changed!

I watched a bunch of games online and came to the well reasoned conclusion that there are too many ranged units in lists these days. Okay, it may actually have been like the four games PP has live streamed but that’s a pretty representative sample I think. We should do something about this crazy imbalance by radically adjusting the points costs of all units in the game. I think a simple minus two to the cost of all melee units or plus two to the cost of ranged units should suffice. That seems like it would fix these problems without imbalancing the game at all. I mean look at a simple and totally fair comparison: Gun Mages versus Man o War. Gun Mages are clearly better right? Comparing one of the best units in the game to one of the worst shouldn’t matter because all units should probably be perfectly balanced and the same anyway. The game is a mess at the moment anyway just look at the top level of play! Lists that win events have at most one melee unit in them! This applies to all lists! You can ignore these warnings if you want but you won’t win any 50 point tournaments if you do. The only way to win in the game is with gunlines. Just look at Cryx and Trolls two of the worst factions in the game. They lose because they don’t play enough guns in their lists. Retribution winning Templecon will obviously support this as proof that they’re super OP and Cryx needs a buff. This game needs 8 point Bane Knights to be balanced!

We would only cost one point! That seems fine!

Hero Thread: Mercs win Vienna Masters by shakespeare

Mercs won a Masters event! It’s been a crazy week with Ret winning Templecon but I’d like to jump slightly further back in time this week to look at a win by an even less successful faction! It’s also nice to see more reporting on Masters events from across Europe to mix up some of the omnipresent US meta reporting. The original poster in this thread won the event and shares his lists as well as talking about his match ups. Worth checking out.

Hero Thread: Model & List Usage in SR2014 Masters by Markleberry

This thread is cataloging all Skorne lists being used in top tier competitive events, mostly Masters, and breaking them down by model to see what is getting played and what isn’t. It only has a few data points right now due to 2014 having only just begun but it already has a handful of events and promises to become increasingly interesting as the year progresses. It would be cool to see these for other factions as well. I especially like how he has kept a record of every list that’s being used and grouped them up by warlock. Definitely a thread to watch.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 41

  1. I read that “Ranged units are dominating/undercosted/OP” thread and my brain just went into meltdown. My favourite bit was when he equated ‘has a gun’ with ‘ranged unit’, and used Man-O-War shocktroopers as a melee unit example (um, what?). I’m still not convinced that it’s not just a very good troll thread.

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