What I Learned on the Forums This Week 39


Hello dear reader! My introduction this week comes with ill tidings as I have been struck down in my prime with the dreaded Con Lurgy! Don’t weep for me friends for I go to a better place! A place of sitting on the couch reading what stupid people have to say on the internet for hours at a time. A place where I can engage in an argument on the internet and win in as much a way as anyone can win an argument on the internet. Which is to say that I have lost but even more than that I am lost. Lost in the waves of misinterpreting what people said and petty insults. With any luck and a healthy dose of ibuprofen I will emerge stronger than I was before. Or at least not sick anymore.

Battle Groups are holding the game back.

The restriction on tons of spells to only affecting battle group models is holding back dozens of models from seeing regular play! Dozens! This core mechanic of the game is causing ‘jack marshals to be less than stellar choices with certain more ‘jack focused warcasters and that’s obviously bad. All battle group restricted spells should clearly affect all ‘jacks in a warcaster’s control area. Having to deal with actually weighing the pros and cons of spending focus for spells or allocating them to your warjacks is so hard. It would be much easier if you could put those warjacks on a novice warcaster or ‘jack marshal and still get all the benefits from your spells! It’s not like any of these spells are balanced around being battle group only anyway. This is obviously a brilliant idea and if anyone disagrees the burden of proving it to be wrong is on them! Why wouldn’t this be the best rules change ever in Warmachine? Changing core mechanics that are intrinsically linked to the theme and fluff of the game will be fine, no need to worry. There definitely aren’t any unforeseen interactions involving Lesser Warlocks that could cause weird problems here.

Playing Shae outside of Theme Force is always a terrible decision!

Shae’s Theme Force is probably the best in the game, you’ll hear no argument about that from me. You won’t hear me object because if you consider running Shae outside of Theme you’ll get knifed buddy, through internet. Internet knives are a thing, look em up, but make sure you do it in a book lest you get yourself stabbed! There is no reason you would want to take Gastone with Vanguards or Dougal MacNaile for your Galleon with Shae. Why would you want Aiyanna and Holt or Rocinante in your list? These are all clearly terrible choices. Re-deploying all your solos? Psh, like that’s any use. You have to justify to yourself whether these advantages are worth the 5 extra points you have to pay for your Pirate solos, assuming you still take all of them. Let me answer that for you. They never are! There is never in any way a time when Shae should be played as part of Talion Charter. Now get back to writing sweet Freebooter based tech/fanfic!

That is all to say nothing of the awkward love triangle that is Shae, Aiyanna and Bloody Bradigan.

Morvahna2 presents zero problems for Cygnar

Just shoot her in the face. Done. No problem at all. Apply bullets all up in her face region and you don’t have to worry about her at all. There is really nothing else to say here. Shoot. Her. In. The. Face. You want advice on how to deal with her army? Why aren’t you shooting her in the face? Assassinating a 15/15 with always on concealment and 4 or 5 transfers is super easy even when she’s hiding behind a Gargantuan. Line of sight is for chumps anyway. Drop Caine2, make sure Taryn doesn’t get shot off the table, get Taryn within ten inches of the Woldwrath and shoot it so it doesn’t block LOS and then use Caine to kill Morvahna. It’s pretty easy really. Morvahna2 definitely doesn’t have a longer range assassination threat than Caine2, SPD 8 and a 14” control area only sort of means she can hit Caine with spells from 22” away after feating an Gallows Grove next to him. I don’t know why we’re even talking about the tactics of this match up. She’s a total pushover and you should just table her by shooting her with your guns. Actual in depth analysis of match ups or considering tactics of the game are for lesser factions. Factions that don’t have guns. Those guys worry about things Cygnar shoots things. If you lose to Morvahna2 you’re clearly a bad player.

Warjack Bonds are actually pretty terrible.

A few warcasters have Warjack bonds with special abilities attached but general consensus on most of them seems to be that the best benefit of them is being able to allocate 4 Focus to the bonded ‘jack. The problem with this is that only two warcasters have enough focus to actually make any use out of this: the Witch Coven and Harbinger. It’s obviously irrelevant to this discussion that neither of those warcasters actually has a warjack bond. If you don’t have 9+ Focus how can you allocate 4 Focus to your warjack and still expect to accomplish anything on your turn? It’s not like a 4 Focus ‘jack gets a ton of work done and upkeeping a spell or two hardly counts as accomplishing anything. One second, I’m real happy for you and imma let you finish but Vindictus Feat is the worst Feat of all time! Of all time! If you’re warcaster isn’t personally doing a bunch of things you’re obviously losing. Why they would even give warjack bonds out is frankly baffling especially since they’ve so obviously neglected the only two ‘casters who would make use of it. For this reason we’d better hope Reznik2 doesn’t have a warjack bond, that would be utterly useless on him.

Above: A warcaster who is unable to take advantage of allocating 4 Focus to a warjack.

Hero Thread: Vienna Masters Table – City Square by Alpha

It’s been a while since I wandered into the terrain building forums which is unfortunate since there are some really awesome tables being documented there. I’m a real sucker for urban tables and this one is an amazing example. It’s not quite done but it’s getting pretty close and I’m really excited to see what the final product looks like. Definitely check this out if you like pretty things.

That’s all for this week, Thanks for reading.


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