Warpcon 2014 – Game three.

I’m 2-0 after Round 2 and going into the last round of the day, I’d really like to finish with a perfect spread. I’m drawn against Dan, who has some lovely yellow and blue Cygnar. He’s packing eCaine with a Hunter and ALL the solos, and eHaley with a Stormwall and Ol’ Rowdy.

I figure he’s probably going to drop eCaine because of Conquest, but I can’t take Vlad2 because Caine can kill basically all of my Doomreavers on Turn 1, and I really don’t want that, so it’s eSorscha vs eCaine.

Dan’s list:

Captain Allister Caine (*5pts)
* Hunter (6pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer (2pts)
Greygore Boomhowler & Co. (Boomhowler and 9 Grunts) (9pts)
Horgenhold Forge Guard (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts)
Rangers (5pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist (2pts)
Journeyman Warcaster (3pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (2pts)
Taryn di la Rovissi (2pts)

So many solos! Obviously this list was designed to try and eliminate a Colossal in one round, and it certainly has the tools to do it. With Taryn on the table, I’d need to be especially careful with Sorscha’s positioning to watch for her disappearing Conquest trick.

Prepare your diddly-hole, says Dan.

Prepare your diddly-hole, says Dan.

Scenario: Close Quarters.

Well… shit. Kill box and a scenario where I can’t dominate from safety behind Conquest because of Caine. I’d have to slog it out, which is never fun against a caster that can kill upwards of 6 Winterguard a turn without breaking a sweat.

My opponent wins the roll to go first and chooses to do so. The terrain is set up so there’s a hill on both sides of the table, on his side it’s on my left, on my side on my right. By his hill, about 5 inches from his Flag is a wall, still on his side of the table. Opposite his hill is a nice big wall on my side of the table.


I put Conquest smack dab in the middle of the table. Funny that. He deploys his Boomhowlers in the centre, liberally seasoned with Forgeguard. Rhupert deploys near them. Caine and his boat of Solos go opposite the Hill/Wall on his side, which isn’t surprising, it’s exactly where I expected him to go. Eyriss and the Gun Mages go on the same side as the hill, so he can run onto it first turn. The Hunter AD’s in the middle, the Rangers go by his wall, in front of the Gunmages.

Standard deployment for me, the Bears and the Boomies are going to be tustling with the Evil Clone Boomhowlers and the Forgeguard. Sorscha starts to the left of Conquest, but will move soon enough. The Winterguard go opposite the Funmages, as I want their rockets going that way. Eyriss AD’s on the far right, on my hill, so she can knock the buffs off the Boomhowlers and Forgeguard while remaining miles away from where I expect Caine to go. Aiyana and Holt go on the same side as the Bears.

Turn 1 – Cygnar:

HunterBoomies get 4+ Tough and run. Forgeguard get Rhupert tough and run. Junior Arcane Shields the Forgeguard. Caine puts Heightened Reflexes on the Boomhowlers and moves to the wall. His solo boat advances towards the wall as well. The Funmages run onto the hill, as does Eyriss. The Hunter moves forward under speed to get to the middle of the table. The Rangers do the same.

Turn 1 – Khador:

Standard stuff! Conquest gets 1 focus. Boomhowlers run, Winterguard get Tough and run towards their wall. Conquest runs into the Boomhowler bubble. Sorscha gives Iron Flesh to the Winterguard and advances. Her buddies (Reinholdt and Sylys) come with her. The bears run onto the hill on my right. Eyriss advances on the same hill.

Turn 2 – Cygnar:

The Hunter gets a single focus. Caine and his entourage of groupies make it to the wall. Caine puts out a Magic Bullet on a Ranger and himself. Rhupert gives +1 DEF and Terror to the Boomies. They get 4+ Tough and run more, preparing for a charge from my Boomhowlers. The Forgeguard run up behind them. The Hunter advances and puts a shot into Conquest, doing a few points after Armour Peircing comes in.

Dan starts advances Eyriss, shooting off Iron Flesh and toughing a Winterguard. The Rangers then advance and shoot a few down, forcing some tough rolls and killing a couple. The Magic Bulleted Ranger puts a shot into Conquest and bounces it into Sylys, then fails to kill with a 3 on dice. The Funmages turn up and continue shooting the Winterguard, but my tough rolls are really working in my favour.


Turn 2 – Khador:

There comes a time in every player’s tournament when the Dice God reaches down, places his six-sided hand upon his brow and says: “May the dice be with you”. It appears that this was that time for me.

I start by allocating 3 to Conquest. Caine is sitting behind a wall with 13 points of solos arrayed around him, as well as a couple of Funmages (including The Dude) and they’re all in range of Conquest’s Big Gun. Eyriss advances on the left, removes Heightened Reflexes and kills a Boomhowler. Aiyana moves forward and kisses the Boomhowlers, and Holt shoots another dead.

My Boomhowlers get 4+ Tough and charge, smashing into his in the middle of the table. It’s like a big troll Disco, blue guys nervously shuffling and bumping into each other trying to stick their mates with the pointy end. My opponent spectacularly fails at rolling Tough, and I kill 3-4 Boomhowlers. 3 of my Boomhowlers get into the Hunter and a massive damage roll sees me knock out his Axe. The bears run onto the Hill by Eyriss, ready to cover her if needed.

Now it’s time for that Dice Intervention I mentioned earlier. Joe gives Boosted Attack Rolls to the Winterguard and picks off a Ranger with his Hand Cannon. The Winterguard Bob and Weave and advance and start bringing the pain. Between 3 rockets and about 8 Sprays, they kill: Eyriss, every Ranger and 4/7 Funmages. Those 4 Funmages were on a hill… as was Eyriss. Now with the number of attacks, this may not seem excessive, but my opponent had cleverly spread his models so I couldn’t spray more than one at a time. Each individual attack hit and killed its target. Eyriss was killed by the first spray, a casual roll of a 13 on 3 dice.

We’re not done yet! Conquest advances and fires a shot at Caine. He’s sitting on DEF 21 behind the wall, so there’s no way for me to hit, but the scatter is kind and it only goes an inch. I boost and kill Gormon, I boost and put 6 on Caine, and I boost and put 4 on Taryn (Ugh, I’m so unlucky!). The rest of the unboosted blast kills the Funmage UA and another Funmage. The nipple guns lay down Creeping Barrage, because POW 8 blast on Boomhowlers might stop a single charge, and I apparently am an idiot (I should’ve just lobbed the shots at the Solos).

At the end of Turn 2 my opponent has no Eyriss, no Rangers, no Gormon and 2 normal Funmages left. What a turn.

In order to prevent the crazy Assassination, Sorscha activates and runs all the way to the hill on my side of the table, about 24″ from Caine, and camps her 3.

Turn 3 – Cygnar:

Welp, Dan seems a little tilted, which is understandable, my Dice were absolute fire that turn and I’ve cut his shooting threat off at the knees. Getting Gormon is huge, because it vastly reduces the chance of Caine one-rounding Conquest. He pulls one from the Squire and gets his turn going.

Evil Aiyana puckers up and lays one on my Boomhowlers. The Boomhowlers pile in, I think I knock one down from the Barrage and continue the slap-fight that’s going on in the centre of the table. He knocks down a few and kills a few more, but my Tough rolls are consistently above average. The Forgeguard pile in after getting Tough from Rhupert, and my dice continue. One knocked down Boomhowler of mine takes 4 Weapon Master charges and toughs 4 times in a row. The Hunter swings at the 3 Boomhowlers engaging him with his gimpy arm, but does nothing.

Caine gets reloaded and kills a whole load of Winterguard. He needs to camp a few because of the blast from Conquest. The remaining Funmages do a few more away, but they pass their check. The Winterguard are holding, likely knowing that Sorscha won’t invite them to the after-party if they break.

Turn 3 – Khador:

Time to consolidate my lead. Sorscha gives two to Conquest. Eyriss aims and removes Arcane Shield from the Forgeguard. Sorscha gets Lucky Charm and Arcane Secrets, advances slowly while checking control and Freezing Grips the Forgeguard. Yay! 8 points of stunty lawn ornaments. I debate using the few inches I have left to go for my flag, but it’s a needless risk. I’m so far ahead on attrition that I just need to keep Sorscha safe and whittle away his forces.

Aiyana kisses the Forgeguard, and my Boomhowlers kill a few of them. The Bears charge in and get a few more Boomies and Forgeguard between them. Conquest aims and gets a Crit Devastation on a clump of 4 Forgeguard, knocking them down and killing a couple more. Knockdown and Stationary is horrible on infantry. They can’t activate to forfeit the turn after, because they’re stationary, then next turn they forfeit… if they don’t get Freezing Gripped again.

The remaining Winterguard finish off the Gunmages and a single baller Rocketeer takes out Reinholdt. Probably by firing his rocket in a sideways grip. Someone promote that man from “Cannon Fodder” to “Redshirt”.

Turn 4 – Cygnar:

Reinholdt and Gorman being dead has vastly reduced the power of Caine’s feat and Dan’s Forgeguard aren’t going to get to activate for the rest of the game. Conquest is pretty safe now. Dan uses Caine to wipe out a load more Winterguard, the Boomhowlers slap a few more of mine down, the Hunter does not do very much. Aiyana and Holt advance and Holt shoots a Bear to death. Taryn goes hunting for Eyriss.

Turn 4 – Khador:

Conquest gets 2. Aiyana and Holt advance, Aiyana kisses the Forgeguard again and Holt shoots gets a bead on Junior, who had advanced to try and Handcannon my Greygore Boomhowler and takes her out. Sorscha gets the double ghetto boost again and the Forgeguard get another turn of not doing anything, followed by 3 dying to her Quad Iron. The Boomhowlers clear up Dan’s Trolls, finally, the 3 in melee with the Hunter batter it down some more leaving it on a few boxes. The Bears clear up the remaining Forgeguard. Eyriss advances and finishes Taryn.

My last few remaining Winterguard combine to off Rhupert, with the one remaining rocket firing limply at Caine. Conquest shuffles a bit and floats a shot at Aiyana and Holt, killing both with the blast. I then roll Boxcars on Squire, killing him outright. Conquest is a boss.

Turn 5 – Cygnar:

It’s end game now. My opponent has two models left on the table, Caine with no support and a Hunter with no arms. He finishes off the Winterguard and Joe and passes.

Turn 5 – Khador:

Conquest gets three, advances, picks up the Hunter (1 to 2-handed throw, 1 to boost hit) and throws it at Caine (boost to hit again). The collateral damage is enough to kill both outright.


My turn 2 was so brutal it really swung the game in my favour. Removing all of the Rangers is something I aim to do whenever I play Cygnar. If you’re a Cygnarite I strongly advise leaving one behind with your Caster, so you can run it into position when needed.

Dan’s biggest mistake was putting all his Solos in one spot. When fighting Caine, there’s three priority solos you have to remove: Reinholdt, Squire and Gorman. Being able to get Gorman turn 2, and then Reinholdt in turn 3 meant that Conquest was safe from a one-round Feat. Knocking off Aiyana and Holt in 4 really meant he had little chance to retaliate.

Sorscha’s Freezing Grip really shined in this game, being able to remove his hardest hitting unit every turn meant that I won the attrition in the centre and by the time they were all gone, Dan had little chance to swing it back.

End of Round 3 and I’m 3-0. Big news ripples through the hall as it’s discovered that Pat has dropped his third game after being paired down. That means there’s 3 of us on 3-0 and I’m on track for the finals.

Drawings are made and I’m against Stusan, otherwise known as Valkine, and he’s bringing some Troll pain. He’s got Runes of War as one of his lists, which means it’s time for Vlad to come out to play.

The other 3-0 player, Jason (Cryx) is paired down to face Dave “Bronzeback” Burlison, a member of our gaming club. If he can take out Jason and I can take out Stu, I should have it in the bag!

Tune in tomorrow for Game 4, where we learn just how much work Hand of Fate can do when your dice are rolling fire.

Cheers for reading!

– Pete.

One thought on “Warpcon 2014 – Game three.

  1. Ugh. Freezing grip. So awful. Sounds like a good game, smart move with the “stay calm, continue winning!” When the game starts swinging in your favor it’s easy to get too aggressive and lose, especially to Caine.

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