Warpcon 2014 – Game two.

After a solid 5-1 Scenario victory in Round 1, I’m drawn against another Khador player, Killian, who received the Bye in Round 1.

He’s got Butcher3 and Karchev, which means Sorscha is getting another run out. I’m not sure Vlad can deal with either list, as there’s a lot of armour in both lists.

Killian’s List:

Kommander Zoktavir, The Butcher Unleashed (*4pts)
* Conquest (19pts)
* Kodiak (8pts)
* Kodiak (8pts)
* War dog (1pts)
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Tactical Arcanist Corps (4pts)
Goblin Tinker (1pts)
Iron Fang Kovnik (2pts)
Ragman (2pts)

I’m not sure about the 3 heavies, and I’ve never been a fan of Shocktroopers. I definitely have a threat advantage with Boundless Charging Conquest, which means I can force him to approach me on my terms. My concern is that once I remove Conquest, there’s very little stopping him from using Butcher to kill mine, leaving me with few options for dealing with two Kodiaks and an angry Orsus once my heavy hitter has dropped. I’ll have to play a careful game of threat management to make sure my Alpha is big enough to swing the game in my favour.

Scenario: Balance of Power.

So we get to play the crazy new SR2014 Scenario that heavily rewards fast lists and control casters. Not really sure what to think of the Scenario itself, I’ll need more games with it to really get to grips with it, but most games I’ve seen on it tend to end up as a big old fight in the middle with no-one scoring.


I win the roll to go first and choose to do so. I set up with my Conquest in the centre, opposite Killian’s, then standard deployment, Boomhowlers surrounding it, Winterguard on the left, Bears on the right. Eyriss AD’s towards a hill.

Killian matches with Conquest in the Centre, then arrays his forces with Butcher next to the Conquest, Kodiaks on either side, the ManoWars opposite my Bears, and the TAC opposite my WGI.

Turn 1 – Good Khador:

I allocate one to Conquest, everything runs forward. The Boomhowlers spread out in front of Conquest, WGI run up on the left with Eyriss, Bears run towards the Men-O-War.


The forces of the evil Mirror Khador-verse also run up. This game is going to be slow.

Turn 2 – Righteous Khador:

So looking at the list, there’s no way that his Conquest can out-threat mine, which means I have a free kill on his Conquest whenever I want it. That means I need to force him to commit it so I can take it out, preferably without my feat. I allocate one to Conquest, run my Boomhowlers in the zone, run Conquest into the zone behind them (about 10″ from his Conquest) and move the Winterguard and Eyriss more flankily on the left. The WGI fire some rockets and fail at everything. The Bears continue towards the Man-O-Wars. End of my Turn 2 and no casualties on either side.


Killian allocates none, which means Butcher may be doing some work this turn. He gives a Shield March order to his Men-O-War who advance and shoot a Bear down with their Gun-shields (whoever invented gun-shields should be given a medal). He kills the Steady Bear, but should’ve really targeted the Relentless Bear, because there’s a big wall they’ll have to climb over next turn and not having Pathfinder would’ve ruined their day.

Conquest advances to contest the zone, and punches a couple of Boomhowlers. He has to contest the zone now, and has to do it with something I can’t kill while keeping my feat (namely, Conquest, though that’s debatable if rolls go my way). Our Conquests are now staring at each other about 5″ apart.

The TAC lob some bombs at the WGI but scatters are not favourable and they all survive. Ragman advances next to them behind a wall, to be ready for next turn.

My opponent puts Silence of Death on Butcher and advances, casts Impending Doom and sucks in 6 Boomhowlers. One flashing blade later and I’ve got a fleeing unit of Trolls.



He feats to go back up to full focus and energizers back to the Flag. The Kodiaks walk up and Vent Steam on him (kinky) to give him some cloud cover.

Turn 3 – Glorious Armies of Sorscha Khador:

Man, Butcher hurts. It was a pretty cool move by Killian but I fear I’m going to have to demonstrate one of the dangers of being Warcaster Unit.

I start by allocating two to Conquest. Reinholdt lends Sorscha his Lucky Charm, Sylys whispers those dirty Arcane Secrets in her ear and she advances and Freezing Grips a Dog, making the whole unit Stationary. She then pops her feat and puts a few shots into Butcher, but fails to break armour. Lady Aiyana walks up and kisses the same Doggy. Eyriss advances and shoots the focus off the now DEF 7 Butcher.

Winterguard Rocket 1 does 4 damage. Winterguard Rocket 2 does another 4 damage. Winterguard Rocket 3 fails to break armour. 10-man CRA from the remaining Winterguard finish him off. I still had Conquest ready with a boosted POW 15 shot if that didn’t do it. Butcher down, about 8 models killed total.


Killian was aggressive with Butcher, which is fine, but he was a little too aggressive, a little too early. Once I could levy all 3 of the kill conditions (Feat, Kiss, Stationary) it was only going to go one way. We spoke after the game, as is my normal routine, and I let him know that he had me really worried at the start. My concern was that he’d trade his Conquest to draw mine in to Butcher, kill it with a Ragman buffed Butcher/Kodiaks, and leave me without any real answer to his armour beyond stalling and scenario. He really needed to use something to threaten Eyriss, as she had the freedom to threaten the the entire zone.

Up next:

Third and last round of the day is drawn and I’m up against Cygnar. It’s not my Nemesis, Pat, thankfully, but another Cygnar player, Dan, who’s brought eHaley and eCaine. Tune in tomorrow for that one!


– Pete.


2 thoughts on “Warpcon 2014 – Game two.

  1. Lol, Good Khador vs. Evil Khador. That’s amusing for some silly reason. Good battle report, sounds like one of those games with lots of thinking and then sortof an anticlimatic finish.

    • Clearly I represented the forces of Good in this case, even though Kilian’s Conquest (Painted by his brother, Alan) is absolutely stunning. Pretty sure Butcher is always the badguy 😛

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