Tales from The Testing Cycle: Bought and Soul’d.

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And we’re back! And better than ever!

Well, we’re back anyway.

With the holiday period over and my being in the harsh grasp of Doing More Better Things Because An Arbitrary Time Marker Has Been Reached (i.e. New Year’s Resolutions), I aim to return to my previous weekly article on a Monday, while also resurrecting Storytime with I_Avian at the weekends. The research says you’re more likely to keep a commitment if you announce it publicly, so here it is! Please make with the hectoring if I fail!

This week, I’m going to speak some more about the Terminus list I’ve been playtesting

I’ve managed to get a good number of games in with the list, and it’s held up much longer than any of the others that passed through my mind during the “out of the box” phase of Masters playtesting that I’m going through. The list (as last played) is:

Terminus (-4)
– Kraken (19)
Wrongeye & Snapjaw (9)
Min. Blood Witches + UA (6)
Min. Bile Thralls (5)
Withershadow Combine (5)
Daragh Wrathe (4)
Madelyn Corbeau (2)
Gorman Di Wulfe (2)
Ragman (2)

As I said in the previous article, this list is intended to confound the average anti-Cryx drop, in particular those of the blue swan variety. When people build their “Cryx drop” they tend to skew towards removing swathes of infantry, and this list presents very few of those, instead bringing heavies that are very difficult to shoot off the table with most anti-Cryx builds. These heavies tend to play aggressively with an eye towards taking out those models which can threaten Terminus, at which point he can bully the table without fear.

When last we spoke, I wasn’t sure about how effective it was on those points. Now, I’ve tested it a lot more, including a tournament run out yesterday. I went undefeated in that tournament (coming second because we didn’t have time for a 4th round and I won the pair down. Curse you Vagrantpoet and your 1 more CP!) with Terminus bringing me two of the three wins.

And it’s still there in contention.

I’m not willing to say it’s a lock yet. There’s still some time to find out it doesn’t work that reliably. But thus far, its win/loss record has been really solid. It’s won by both scenario and assassination – though rarely (once) by grinding down the opposing force to nothing. It’s a terror in Killbox scenarios. And no-one’s figured out how to play against it yet, because it’s really damn weird (I don’t expect that to last, at least locally).

There’s one thing that isn’t sitting right – the Bile Thralls.

Because its intended target is anti-Cryx drops, they almost never get to do any work. Because of course an anti Cryx list can pick out 6 Bile Thralls. Sure, they have Tough, but knocking them down is usually enough to stop them being terribly effective.

And I’m not sure exactly how to replace them. A min unit of Bane Thralls does seem like the obvious drop in, and that would probably free up the two points invested in Ragman to Max the Blood Witches. It also adds more Stealthed Sac Pawns, which is always a good thing.

Another option is a Max Unit of Mechanithralls, which would let me take up more space on the board, or Min + Surgeon. I am, however, veering towards the Bane Thralls as the first test option.

This change is a perfect example of one of those hard-to-make changes that shouldn’t be. The evidence says that the Biles aren’t doing work clearing swathes of infantry, but my Jerkbrain keeps insisting I need to keep them in to do just that. “But the Banes won’t be as good at clearing infantry” … well, Jerkbrain, they’re more likely to be alive, so they probably will do better at clearing infantry if needs be. “But… But…”

The rules we make for ourselves, eh? Evidence be damned.

I don’t have a conclusion on this one. The testing cycle articles are not terribly likely to do so. (Until the Masters reports, I suppose).

So yeah. That’s it. Next week, I’ll talk a bit about Lists 1 and 2, as I’ll mostly be playing them this week. Happy Monday, and may your 2014 continue to be increasingly more better.


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One thought on “Tales from The Testing Cycle: Bought and Soul’d.

  1. Not a Cryx player, but from a Cygnar/Mercs perspective if I come up against Terminus, more or less my only assassination option is getting a jack (or flanking Steelhead heavy cavalry) into him when he doesn’t have too many souls on him. And usually jacks need to trample to get to him. So what about a minimum unit of Bloodgorgers? They can’t be trampled, are native tough and gang can make them fairly hitty. Two attacks means they’re not bad against things like shieldwalled infantry, where they can bunch up for gang at P+S 13 and usually hit two models each. They’re a bit of anti-assassination tech mixed with some anti-infantry. They also give souls if they die on Terminus’ feat turn.

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