What I Learned on the Forums This Week 35


Hey everybody! It’s almost Christmas time, and do you know what that means? A slight interruption in your regularly scheduled ranting! I know it’s not exactly a Christmas present but unfortunately for you, dearest reader, I will be visiting family over the holidays and spending time with them is slightly more important than reading what morons have to say on the internet. I will still try to get an article up every so often between now and early January but you will not be getting my punctual weekly fair. I will return in the new year, however, and with Vengeance’s release coming ever so much closer I can just feel the Forum rage building.

Melee Ossyan is the Future.

So we’ve all tried out Ossyan as a shooting heavy warcaster since he came out and he’s consistently underperformed. Maybe the problem is that we’re approaching him the wrong way. Maybe what Ossyan needs is to be built with a melee heavy list. Sure his Feat and spell list seem to push heavily towards a ranged heavy army and Retribution is an army that excels in shooting but that’s just limiting our options. By far the better strategy would be to build a list with only a dozen or so shooting models for his Feat and then cram three or more full melee units in a list. Sure his only support is Quicken and cycling that is super expensive but it’s definitely better than shooting a colossal off the table with his Feat. While you’re at it maybe throw in a unit of Battle Mages. Sure they have no synergy with him at all but that’s okay. Synergy is for factions Retribution is all about anti-Synergy. Why is that we don’t win major events ever again?

Seriously, I don’t even look for threads about this guy. They just pop up every week…

Skorne desperately needs broken anti-Purification tech.

Skorne basically auto-loses to Purification, I think we can all agree to that. They rely on the Krea animus so badly that losing it loses them the entire game. All of their warlocks are super upkeep reliant as well. It’s especially unfair because Skorne has reliable access to Shield Guard to deal with Eiryss2 so Purification is even more of a problem for them because it’s the only thing they can’t ignore! Clearly the only solution to this problem is to give Skorne some anti-Purification tech. What about a two point solo that makes it impossible to remove spell effects within command? That would be totally fair and not at all screw with the mechanics of the game. Now, obviously, this glorious Skorne dominated world would only last until PP, like the jerks they are, gave the ability to another faction and then nerfed it with an errata like they nerfed the Cyclops Shaman’s animus. That example is applicable in all situations regardless of whether it makes sense! The only answer to Purification Skorne has at the moment is Mordikaar with a Mammoth going for an all out assassination on Turn 3.

Bloodrunners are pointless.

Bloodrunners are not Hex Hunters or Satyxis and they have shitty P+S! They don’t have any noteworthy abilities of those units that Skorne can totally take and are great to compare with. What’s even worse is that some people apparently thing you should put buffs on them to make them do things! Can you imagine the stupidity of those morons? Why would you make a unit better to have it do something useful? Ashen Veil on them? Are you mad? Why not just Ashen Veil your Nihilators instead. Sure they’re completely different units with a completely different set of abilities but that’s irrelevant. Even when people do give them amazing buffs, like Bushwhack from the Drake, it doesn’t do anything because it doesn’t interact well with Shadow Play. Clearly you’re always better off spending points on a unit that does a completely different thing than Bloodrunners since they have no use at all. Making your list do more of one thing is better than adding diversity or options to your list.

Obligatory ninjas vs. pirates joke. Haha internet!

Menoth is the easiest faction to play.

Menoth may be one of the strongest factions around at the moment but it is also clearly the easiest faction to kick teeth in with. When you compare them to Cryx Menoth are just a point and click faction that requires very little skill to succeed with. When you actually have skill Menoth becomes nearly broken in it’s level of ass-kickingness. You could just borrow a Menoth army from a friend and kick that same friends teeth in with it they’re so easy to play. Sure your friend might be playing a Cryx army they’re not familiar with either so it’s more like an inexperienced slap fight than a proper test of the faction but what’s important is that Menoth won and Cryx is a Rube Goldberg-esque skill faction. I’m not sure what that last bit means…

Hero Thread: Who Has Custom-Made IKRPG Minis by randomtrollkin212

A collected conversion thread! Yay! While not every conversion in this thread is mind-blowingly amazing, although there are a few great ones, the simpler ones are actually somewhat more appealing to me. Cards on the table I’m terrible at conversions and I know I’m not alone. This thread gives some great ideas for converting adventurers or warjacks for the IKRPG that could be useful to crappy converters the world over, not just me. There are also some really nice conversions for people who are better at converting than I am or for people to aspire to. At the very least there are some cool minis to admire and at least one character back story.

That’s all for this week, I hope you found it enjoyable. Until we meet again I’ll leave you with a sage piece of advice I’ve chosen to ignore entirely: Don’t read forums, they’ll make you actively dumber.

4 thoughts on “What I Learned on the Forums This Week 35

  1. Holy fucking shit, when the Skorne forums start raging about Purification I want to light people on fire! And while I don’t consider Bloodrunners one of our better units, they aren’t shit by any means and serve useful purposes. Crap, now I have to trundle over there and give myself an ulcer typing at morons. Or, I might start a thread about how awesome the Mammoth is, because I like yelling into the face of stupidity.

    As always, love this series, it may be my favorite.

  2. Get over Ossyan already! You’ve talked about him in what, like 6 of the last 8 WILotFTW? He’s just the kind of caster that you either totally love or totally hate, there’s not much middle ground. Doesn’t make either side of the argument idiots.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy reading these articles, but seeing that Ossyan pic every week kinda gets old 😉

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