What I Learned on the Forums This Week 33


This was a strange week. Usually when the Forums are flooded with spoilers there’s more wailing and gnashing of teeth but overall most of the models spoiled at WMW have been received in a very positive manner. That’s not to say that it’s been a week of sunshine and rainbows. People will always find something, or someone, to complain about on the internet. Read on for a mix of new weird complaints and the return of some old comforting stupidity.

Hero Worship is for Fascists!

So some balding Texan won some tiny sixteen player tournament in the middle of nowhere USA and we’re supposed to worship him as the new god king of Khador? I don’t demand hero worship because I won some tournament at my LGS and at least my LGS is in a major European city. This is obviously nonsense. Not to mention that everyone knew about Assault Kommandos with Vlad1. That’s not new or interesting tech, it’s totally been around for ages. Everyone knew about it and was playing all the time. Vlad1 sees so much play I’m amazed anyone could claim credit for inventing this strategy by playing it at an event, since playing a list at a major tournament is the same as taking sole credit for its invention. Hopefully the Khador forums don’t give in to worshiping the ground at this charlatan’s feat like the Circle forums have been for ages. Thankfully the Khador forums have always been fiercely independent and not prone to hero worship in the past. What’s that about some pretty English guy with amazing fringe? You’re obviously thinking of Justin Bieber. If anybody like that did exist and played Khador they’d obviously just betray you for some dragon based faction in the end and you’d burn all their letters and tear down your life sized poster of them…not that any of that happened of course because Khador players don’t believe in hero worship.

Banes are getting actively worse!

Bane Thralls, being the original bane models back in Mark I when the rules were different, are obviously the bar by which we measure all other Bane models. The next Bane release, Knights, lost Stealth, Dark Shroud, and the possibility of a UA in exchange for Vengeance, Ghostly and Reach. That’s obviously a trade down. Now we get the Bane Riders who lose Stealth, Weapon Master, Vengeance, Dark Shroud, and attachments in exchange for Curse and Brutal Charge? That’s obviously terrible! +2 Speed and cavalry rules? What are those? Probably not important, Cryx is a super fast faction that always gets the alpha especially when running Banes. Is it fair to count the Bane Riders as losing abilities from both units rather than just picking one? Obviously, all Bane units are an attempt to mimick the Platonic Idea of Baneness and Bane Riders come up well short. This new Bane unit is a disgrace because it does different things to other Bane units which were already pretty iffy to begin with.. Now, this isn’t to actually say that Bane Riders are bad. We’re just trying to start up a healthy debate about whether Banes are getting worse or not with every release. The provocative thread title and ridiculous phrasing of the OP are a result of your misunderstanding my intentions. Can’t we just debate this pointless topic of perceived progression of power between releases in peace?

Pictured: why Bane Riders are bad.

More than 25% of your list had better not be Merc models!

So you’ve sat down and decided to write yourself a nice little Cygnar list and you were thinking ‘Cygnar sure does have a great selection of Merc models to pick from, I wonder which ones I should use in my list.’ This is fine, but be careful not to tread too far down this road. If you find that you’ve written a list where more than 25% of the models are Mercenary you’ve just written a Mercenary list! You’ve just stopped playing Cygnar altogether and switched to being a Merc player. You might as well swap the warcaster and warjacks now as well. Mercenaries are an infectious disease and once they’ve spread to a quarter of your army you should either cut off that limb or give in to the sickness they’re causing within you. Will you be a weakling who is oozes Mercnar from your every pore or will you be a proper Cygnaran who proves their skill by playing on the hard mode that is Cygnar purism! Making your games harder for yourself intentionally is a sign of skill and dedication not a sign that you’re shitty at building lists!

Arc Nodes in Khador would be fine.

So obviously Khador should get an arc node even though Freezing Grip exists. Freezing Grip is pretty overrated really. It only shuts down a unit for an entire turn denying them their activation. If you compare it to Crippling Grasp or Parasite it’s not that big a deal. When you cast those spells you then just kill the unit automatically and a dead unit is basically the same as a stationary unit, even if the latter is a little bit better. Sure you’ll have to spend attacks killing those models and people can purify those spells off but that hardly makes a difference. Even if you gave the Sorscha’s access to an arc node they’d have to include that in their lists and probably Sylys just to make use of Freezing Grip. Think of all of the points they’re spending just to be able to cause a unit to be Stationary from really far away and with no risk of dying in retaliation. Freezing Grip isn’t the reason Khador isn’t getting an arc node, instead it’s PP’s arbitrary decision that Khador shouldn’t get an arc node. Game balance has nothing to do with it.

Remember, PP will never give Khador an arc node because they’ve decided it wouldn’t make sense in the faction.

Hero Thread: Consolidated List of Warcaster Synergies by The Key of E

Alright Ret Forums, you done good. I’m a sucker for newbie friendly game aids and tacticas and so this thread really appealed to me. The author has taken every warcaster in Retribution and classified models into having either lots of synergy or some synergy with that warcaster. Those models then have a sentence or two explaining what that synergy is. It’s hardly in depth ground breaking stuff but it’s a really useful resource. It’s also always nice to see a little optimism and productivity coming out of the Retribution forums. Worth a look.

That’s all for this week, tune in next week when all of our topics will be about food! (because it’s Thanksgiving you see).


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